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  1. It was a tinderbox. Things erupted everywhere after Kent State. But, life goes on, and things eventually leveled-out within a few weeks. The difference between now and then? Nixon wasn't fanning the flames, nor 'trolling' protesters at every opportunity. Trump is doing so and it prolongs, eggs-on and exacerbates problems. Sweet Jesus, I can only imagine the 1960s if Johnson/Nixon acted like Trump. Wow.
  2. Policy has always been divisive. This is nothing new. In and of itself, our current state of divisiveness doesn't stem from policy. It stems from Trump's intentional use of rhetoric to fan the flames of pre-existing divisions. We have a reality TV star as president who doesn't even pretend to represent the entirety of the nation. He's pitting us against ourselves for his own benefit.
  3. How so? Gorsuch and Kavanaugh are typical republicans.
  4. Any other Republican would have done the same.
  5. That's all speculation at this point. Fact is, not since the civil war have we been this divided; and I lived through the turmoil of the 1960s. We at least had common ground as it pertained to discussion. We don't even have that anymore. This all blew-up tenfold under Trump, he set the tone. Unlike Obama, Bush, Clinton, Reagan, not once has he espoused anything resembling national unity.
  6. It wasn’t just the left; Trump repudiated the right as well. His attractiveness as a candidate stemmed from exposing the prepackaged commodity we call politicians. Unfortunately he’s shown himself to be the same as his predecessors. The only difference is his divisiveness is ripping this country apart. He’s a conman, pure and simple. He successfully swindled the stupid into believing a Hollywood playboy/child of privilege/shady businessman gives a crap about ‘everyday Joe’ and the direction of the country. I'd say his hardcore base still loves him because he hates the same people they hate.
  7. I'm willing to endure 4 years of Biden in order to bring stability back to the country. Trump preys on instability. From day 1 his entire presidency was predicated on fanning the flames of division, which has given a voice to the populists, racists and nationalists. And, in turn, radical elements on the left followed suit. He's exposing, magnifying and propagating the worst elements of our country. Trump is a conman who appeals to the LCD of society.
  8. How is Biden compromised by this? You DO realize this investment allegedly occurred in 2014; which was 4 years after Luzhkov went into exile for getting on Putin's bad-side. There's no ties to Putin whatsoever.
  9. His personal wealth stems from daddy's money. It's the only way he could've routinely run businesses into the ground his entire life, yet maintained his lifestyle. Sure he's wealthy, but he's not the successful self-made businessman he portrays. He is a master at PR though.
  10. I'm not gonna touch the legality of it all, but the very least, the optics are awful for Trump. This all but proves he's not the ‘ultra-successful business magnate’ he loves to portray. His companies are bleeding money and he owes $420 million soon. It validates his historical record and what anybody with a brain already knew; (other than his branding ventures) everything Trump touches turns to crap. It does beg the question though, was Trump’s presidential bid a ploy to bolster his flagging empire?
  11. Thing is, the potential for fraud is higher in instances like this. If someone claims huge losses to avoid paying taxes, yet inflates revenues for loan purposes...it’s fraud 101. And that begs the question, how the hell did Trump get those loans from Deutsche Bank? Edit: wow. Trump’s records show in 2017 he paid $747,622 to an unnamed consultant. That same year Ivanka’s disclosure forms show that she received $747,622 via a consulting company she co-owned.
  12. Just stumbled upon this article. Kuddos to this young man for fighting the good fight. Great story. He and his teammates mentioned in the article are doing our program proud.
  13. The writing is on the wall. This election will be decided by turn-out. This doesn’t bid well for Trump, especially considering so few swing-voters exist this time around due to the ultra-polarized political climate. Trump won in 2016 with the lowest turnout in 20 years; yet he still lost the popular vote to the most unlikeable candidate in the history of humanity. Dissuading people from voting and preemptively discrediting the integrity of the voting process is all Trump can do at this point.
  14. This occurred in Madison, the liberal haven of the mid-west. It's not like the Democrats are changing public opinion by doing this.
  15. Fraud/error ≠ number of steps. For example, 1 time events (in-person) present a whole host of problems not associated with mail voting. Like I said, Wisconsin GOP used in-person voting to massively manipulate voting in populated (left-leaning) areas of the state this past spring election. They did not postpone voting despite a major lack of resources at polls in many cities due to covid. My home city of Milwaukee had 5 polls open for a population of 600,000. But whatever, keep parading Trump’s talking points if you want. It's not my job to tell people to think for themselves.
  16. The same could be said for in-person voting. Why don't you focus on that as well? There are more occurrences of fraud with in-person voting.
  17. Speaking of fraudulent/unreliable voting, I was essentially denied the right to vote via in-person ballot recently. My registered home address is in Milwaukee; which was the epicenter of Wisconsin's Covid outbreak this past spring. As such, there existed few volunteers to work the polls for April's election. The national guard was called on but resources were still lacking. For obvious political reasons the GOP-led legislature wouldn’t delay the voting date. Milwaukee ended up with 5 polling sites open; normally it has 133. Voting was an overcrowded and ridiculous ****show. The same shenanigans occurred in Green Bay. They had 2 polling sites open compared to the 31 they normally have. Shame on me though. I should have requested an 'unreliable' absentee ballot.
  18. No evidence exists to verify that mail-in voting is more fraudulent than in-person voting. None. Study after study (by both right and left institutions) has documented this.
  19. It sucks being in the middle ground nowadays. The nutcases have gained control of the right, democrats have shifted further left and political discourse (at the highest levels) resembles a sleazy reality TV show.
  20. Interestingly, there's a good chance those 7 military ballots would have been invalidated either way. They reportedly weren't mailed in secrecy envelopes. According to the DOJ they were returned in envelopes similar to absentee ballot requests and that's what confused the temp worker election official. Ironically it was the GOP who recently won a lawsuit that required non-secrecy envelopes to not be counted.
  21. Here's a really cool link. The conservative Heritage Foundation maintains a database of allegations and convictions of voter fraud. There have been 204 fraud allegations and 143 fraud convictions involving mail-in voting over the past 2 decades spanning 250 million mail-in ballots cast. https://www.heritage.org/voterfraud
  22. The coordinated effort to potentially de-legitimize the election is in full swing. In real time. Trump is setting the tone and his minions are all parroting the same talking points; none of which were significant issues for conservatives in past elections.
  23. This isn’t difficult. 1. Colorado is an all-mail ballot state, meaning that all registered voters will automatically be sent a ballot. 2. If you're NOT currently registered you'll need to register by Oct. 26 in order to receive a ballot in the mail. https://www.9news.com/amp/article/news/politics/voter-guide/colorado-november-election-voter-questions/73-d15a2201-fa37-4d18-9cda-65414d456fbe
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