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  1. It’s a win-win for My Pillow. Is manufacturing pillows an essential business? Probably not. Switching production allows My Pillow to stay in business and keep workers employed during Minnesota's shut down. Plus their product goes to the medical workers. Good deal. That said, with states and the feds in a crazy bidding war for supplies, the My Pillow Guy is likely earning some serious $$$ from the price gouging occurring for tax dollars. Just another example of institutionalized and inefficient BS. Flushing tax money down the toilet while millions of Americans are losing their jobs and retirement savings is what we do best. I mean the reason Massachusetts needed to buy from China (via facilitation from the Patriot's owner) was because they couldn't compete on the open US market.
  2. UNDlaw80


    Sure they were in use during Bjorkman's dark ages, are ugly and would't sell to the public, but I'm amazed I haven't seen a single mid 70s edition floating around somewhere. Like ever. The forgotten jersey. That would be an incredible addition to any collection.
  3. UNDlaw80


    That's from the 1990-91 season. 100% certain. The front WCHA patch was added that year. The following year (91-92) the sleeve stripes were moved up closer to the numbers, but only on the green jerseys.
  4. Preparation is two-fold, 1. national, 2. global collective. Without both, pandemics are accidents waiting to happen. As we're witnessing, pandemics affect the global economy..big time. So we better learn from this hot mess. It should be evident this current administration is pathetically out of its league, and previous administrations never gave two craps to implement a viable comprehensive plan of action. Nor did anybody care to exert influence on the international community to get its act together. That said, every other nation is guilty of the same, sans a few. Politicization of the issues, institutional incompetency, greed, neglect and stupidity run amok. Meanwhile science is crying. Until the globe gets its fecal matter in order, finding creative ways to save lives will be a necessity. I never cared for the Pats, but what a wonderful example: New England Patriots team plane with 1.2 million N95 masks arrives from China to help ease shortages https://www.cnn.com/2020/04/02/us/coronavirus-patriots-plane-masks-spt-trnd/index.html
  5. Props Blackheart. This has been a trip down memory lane. Anyone know the rink dimensions of the old Ralph? I remember the surface being smaller than normal, but from those old videos...wow was that rink tight.
  6. I’d hope we learn lessons from this pandemic, insofar that ‘shutting down’ won't be necessary in the future. With the world population exploding and regional problems easily evolving into global problems, challenges like Covid will be more common. Systematic changes are needed on a global level. Investment in science, healthcare and preparedness will be imperative. The science community has been screaming about this exact scenario since forever. Yet, for numerous reasons, it’s fallen on deaf ears in all parts of the world. And here we are, caught with our pants down and the economy suffers because of it.
  7. Trump rallies aren’t political rallies, they’re identity rallies. Trumps base, older in age, is scared crapless of the liberal cultural shift this country is inevitably headed towards and, to their credit, have mobilized (the genesis being the tea party). It’s the elephant in the room, but these rallies resemble a polar bear in a snowstorm. Meanwhile, whites will be the minority in 25 years. Innate racism is low on the chart, differences stem from the discrepancies in political ideologies that are prevalent between ethnicities/generations. Trump is astute enough to sing these people’s greatest hits.
  8. Nothing but whataboutism. Left wing media also sucks. Tell me something new. The response from indoctrinated Trump followers is so predicable. Point out something negative about about the administration results in "Yea but look at the liberals"
  9. MAYBE the national media isn’t picking up on Walz’s guesstimates because he’s a GOVERNOR of a relatively insignificant state while TRUMP is PREZODENT and is using CDC and NIAID figures. Am I doing the twitter CAP THIS RIGHT?????? Sweet jesus. Quote a line from the Goonies, I feel like I'm babysitting and not getting paid.
  10. Good article. That said, I think we’ve come to a turning point. It will be interesting to see this situation develop considering Trump, with his most recent admission, is now thoroughly contradicting the traditionally held worldview of his hardcore base, at least for the time being. I mean the gradual shift in tone over at Fox News over the past 2 months has been beyond eye-catching. Obviously a pandemic can pose a political problem for a president; as such Trump appears to have reluctantly come to the realization that a virus isn’t a political opponent he can use his time-tested playbook against. Covid isn’t going away and is just getting worse.
  11. Jesus Christ. There exists huge vulnerable populations in the SE and only Louisiana is under a stay-at-home order. It's like watching a mass shooting in slow motion with some of these southern red states. Natural selection I guess.
  12. Depends if shutting down the economy would result in more actual deaths. What that exact number/ratio is, I don't pretend to know. But shutting down society to save a percentage of 80k flu victims isn't rational, nor do we do as such. It's immaterial. Locking down society to prevent coronavirus from potentially increasing the US death rate by 75%? Yes, we'll shut it down thank you very much. Or were you looking for a wacko left-wing response so you could "own the libs"?
  13. An idiotic argument to counter idiotic statements made by others. Well, ok then. Just don't break anything else while you're looking around.
  14. The common flu is apples/oranges Either way, yea, right now society has made the conscious decision to sacrifice the economy for a potential 2 million lives. Trump appears to have gotten wind of this, considering the overwhelming opposition from the states to his recent appetite to open up the economy, and he's undertaken an abrupt 180 from a week ago. But good on him, right decision made. Yes, SE states look to be next in line.
  15. Shows the importance of 'shutting things down'. As such we'd be on track to save many more lives had we acted sooner. But it is what it is. It's not a big necessity for places like North Dakota, relatively speaking, but for populated areas it's a must. Unfortunately I think Florida is gonna learn the hard way. It's going to be a shitshow there very soon.
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