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  1. What planet are you on? Trump's inability to do anything is gonna get him slaughtered at the polls. He’s so incompetent he can’t stop putting his foot in his mouth. The Dems are loving it, they don’t have to do anything other than stash decrepit Biden away and let Trump self-destruct. Buy, scratch, win!
  2. You're describing cancel culture. Yea it's out of control. Once the ball gets rolling where does it stop? I dunno. But there's no slippery slope if people use common sense, rationality, intellectual honesty. Any educated person can disseminate the difference between the Redskins and the Fighting Sioux, Fighting Irish, Seminoles, Padres, Deacons, Friars, Vikings, whatever. The latter are humanoid nicknames, the former is a contemporary derogatory ethnic slur. Go up to some random native fella and call him a redskin. See how far you get with that. Native nicknames have been incorporated into the sporting lexicon so people don't seem to notice anymore. Yet nobody in their right mind would consider a similar name for a different ethnicity appropriate (the coons, the yellowmen, the pakis).
  3. Cancel culture is out of control, it's ridiculous. But unlike other native nicknames (which should stay), the Redskin name change is long overdue. There's no need to be called that. Might as well be called the Washington Coloreds, Wetbacks or Wops.
  4. Trump is the quintessential snowflake. He's the right-wing embodiment of everything he hates on the left. He's constantly playing the victim card and he's swamped in political correctness (right-wing). Worst of all, he can dish it out with the best of them...but he can't take it. His skin is paper thin. When you feel the need to prove to your followers you can drink a glass of water properly, yea, you've some serious insecurity issues.
  5. Trump is the perpetual victim. His time-tested tactic of playing the victim card is on full display. Deep state, the biased media, the establishment, China flu, Obama......anything else to add to the list? "Poor us, look what they're doing to our country!" Meanwhile, rarely, if ever, does he give an all-encompassing unifying message to the nation, or a detailed description of a policy plan that will help to improve people's lives. He opens his mouth and its time for the whambulance to arrive.
  6. Yea it's not difficult to see what kept Kidd out of the NHL. For the style of defense he played his mobility wasn't the greatest.
  7. Watching these games gives me a renewed appreciation for Kidd. He pretty much was the 1987 d-core. Not that Baron, Benson, Parent. etc. weren't solid but Kidd was in a class of his own. He must've been on the ice for upwards of 30 minutes a night.
  8. Republicans are already on the case....
  9. No chance. The people of the center (both left and right) will, first and foremost, vote establishment given the option. It's the populist movement that's responsible for the wacko fringe elements gaining influence. See Tea Party/Trumpism on the right, Sanders supporters on the left.
  10. You realize this is option #1 in Trumps playbook, right? Never in the history of our country has a President ridiculed people like Trump has. OK I get it....people are attracted to the fight in him, especially when it's aimed at the 'lib-tards'. He’s the perfect showman who gives his supporters the performance they want in today's reality TV world mentality. But underneath all the bluster there's very little content. Sure, he can ride that wave when things are going well. But in difficult times such as these his incompetence is glaring. The act doesn't work. I mean look at that recent Hannity interview. Hannity lobbed softball questions about his plans for the country moving forward. Trump had no clue how to answer. He spent the entire interview ripping other people, praising himself, and saying "don’t blame me" for the current situation we're in. When in Tulsa instead of addressing how he can better people's lives he spent 90% of his speech airing personal grievances, even to the extent of showing his cult followers he could properly drink a glass of water and walk down a ramp.
  11. Traditional conservatives are starting to break rank. It was only a matter of time. Hundreds of GWB administration officials to form a PAC backing Biden. https://www.reuters.com/article/us-usa-election-biden-republicans-exclus/exclusive-hundreds-of-george-w-bush-administration-officials-to-back-biden-group-says-idUSKBN24253R
  12. The media's responsibility is an entirely different topic than how official casual numbers are counted. In any event, when your in the eye of the storm of a pandemic numbers tend to be under-reported. We're not gonna have the true scope of this until years after the fact.
  13. The point of the shut-down wasn't to flatten the curve forever. That's impossible. The shut-down is a holding pattern. It 'flattens the curve' while you come up with a solution to the problem. We as a country chose to shut down (taking a drastic economic hit) but instead of uniformly moving forward to a solution, half the country complained about shutting down and rebelled against precautionary opening up policies. Actually, nobody followed CDC guidelines outright. .....and here we are. An economy in the toilet and (unlike tons of other countries) covid running wild.
  14. Why do we keep going over this? Covid casualty figures are no less accurate than those of H1N1’s, or the flu. The CDC by and large calculates them the same way; all of them littered with 'probably' old deaths added after the fact. Is it 100% accurate? Of course not. But, at the very least, we have a uniform platform whereby to measure the seriousness of each disease relative to each other.
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