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  1. Which is weird, because Budy was the guy who filled in for Mismash on the top line when he was often injured last year. And Budy was at least somewhat adequate.
  2. Nah, Evers' playing politics set the stage for this to occur. We need better from our represented leaders. But, ultimately, people are responsible for their own actions. Nobody forced these dirtbags to riot and chase down a kid with an AR-15, or force the dumbass kid Rittenhouse to cross state lines to play cosplay warrior. Nobody with an ounce of common sense was there that night. Everybody willfully put themselves in the middle of a tinderbox that was ready to explode. And when it did.... None of them get sympathy from me.
  3. Of course Rittenhouse was defending himself, per the courts ruling. But that doesn't mean he wasn't there as a vigilante. He even claimed he was "protecting businesses" he had no ownership of, or connection to. The two aren't mutually exclusive. Hell, there's even video depicting the leader of Rittenhouse's vigilantes turning against the police later in the riot. It was a collection of society's lowest of the low. All around. vig·i·lan·te noun a member of a self-appointed group of citizens who undertake law enforcement in their community without legal authority, typically because the legal agencies are thought to be inadequate. Like someone said, had Evers sent in the National Guard this wouldn't have occurred. Much of this is on him. It left the door open for idiots like Rittenhouse and the people he shot to run wild.
  4. Nah, that's just virtue signalling. Most protesters who seek out violent protests (even if they themselves remain peaceful) could claim the same thing. "It was a stupid decision to go there, but at least we were there for the right reasons!!" Nothing good happens in situations like this. Stay away. This city doesn't need dirtbag violent protesters, or toothless vigilantes. Like you said, stupid decision by a 17 year old. But this begs the question, where the hell are his parents? Crap doesn't fall far from the tree I guess.
  5. I live just outside Kenosha. Everybody who partook in 'festivities' that night is a piece of garbage. All of them. Every one of those dipshits were part of the problem - none of them the solution. . Sadly Rittenhouse is being used as a political tool by both sides. In reality, he's a dumbass kid who got invloved in something way over his head and had to defend himself by shooting people. Like I said, human trash, the whole lot of them out that night.
  6. Senden is probably just a placeholder on that line until Budy is healthy. Who else could we temporarily put on that line at the moment? Hain maybe? Other than Schmaltz none of the freshman are ready for top 6 duty. When Budy returns I imagine we'll see a third line of 10-27-19.
  7. I'm guessing Senden will be moved up to the 2nd line, at least to start with. Jamernik takes over the 3rd. Will be interesting if Bubs keeps Hain-Senden together. Maybe something like this: Gaber-Ford-Caulfield Hain-Senden-Calder Ness-Jamernik-Budy Kunz-Schmaltz-Portz
  8. UNDlaw80


    Oh cmon. This entire topic is predicated on political hackery. Hell, most people I know who are anti-vaxxers were oddly ultra supportive of things like the Patriot Act - aka "What's the big deal? If you're doing nothing wrong you have nothing to worry about! We need to keep America safe!" There are several billion people on this planet who would kill to have the luxuries we do; to be inoculated against disease/ability to spend income on entertainment. And here we are complaining about inconveniences, or that if we give into vaccination mandates it'll set a precedent whereby the gov will be empowered to use 5G to brainwash the populace into getting microchipped by the Reptilians. Get the damn shot, go support the Sioux!!!
  9. UNDlaw80


    My larger point was there are tons of things we do and accept in our daily lives that intrude on our personal well being, yet nobody complains, fights against it, nor gives it a second thought. Hell, if you want to attend any sporting event you’ve likely been required to show ID or give out your CC number (to purchase ticket). These are de facto “ID cards to enter” - except they have far, far more personal info attached to them than the standard Covid vaccination card. Either way, this is nothing new. This country’s history is littered with vaccine mandates, banning of public events, school and businesses closings, vaccination requirements, etc. George Washington even demanded his troops be immunized against smallpox; even against their will. With so many other ‘anti-freedom’, ‘slippery slope’ restrictions in life that nobody says crap about, the hardcore anti-covid/vaccination stance just seems like selective political outrage; and people are willing to miss Sioux games because of it. It’s a shame. Each to their own I suppose. It’s their right too.
  10. UNDlaw80


    Polio was rarer than Covid. Could you imagine a parent in the 50's denying their kid the polio vaccination because of 'reasons'? Neither can I. And nobody did because, unlike today with Covid, the situation wasn't politicized. It still isn't. Every state in the US requires kids to be vaccinated before going to school, and nobody objects, or says anything even though contracting polio is rarer than getting Covid. Unfortunately, unlike polio, Covid has become the center of a culture war.
  11. Hopefully Cooper Moore. If he reaches his potential we'll have a really solid top 4.
  12. I see no reason to separate Gaber-Caulfield and Senden-Hain. They worked well last year. An all freshman 4th line could work given sheltered minutes; at least starting out. . Gaber - Ford - Caulfield Hain - Senden - Calder Ness - Jamernik - Budy Schmaltz - Kunz - Portz Sanderson - Frisch Kleven - Moore Jandric - Johnson Driscoll Hellsten
  13. Not surprising his teammates are more understanding than a bunch of butthurt fans. Those guys know the score. They come to UND, first and foremost, to develop for the next level. They know, well, that when the time is right and the situation presents itself, by god you take it. Hockey at this level (and above) is a cutthroat business. Frankly, I bet some guys are jumping for joy because a prime first-line roster spot was just opened up.
  14. Perhaps prospect camp revealed he was more advanced/developed than he thought he was. Either way, sucks for us fans but Sioux hockey is only entertainment for us. This is Weatherby's career. Like Gino used to say - nobody has a right to stand in front of a man's right to make a living. Good luck to him!
  15. Ugh. Shaugabay to Duluth stings.
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