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  1. It’s interesting that Hellsten is NCAA eligible. This year he played in HockeyEttan, which, from what I’m reading, is a men’s professional league (Sweden’s div 3).
  2. Coaches gotta be looking at Charlie Stramel. The only uncommitted position player currently at the u-18s. Twin Cities kid who is monster big and sees the ice really well. Had an assist in yesterday's disgrace against Russia.
  3. You find that $hit everywhere, not just in North Dakota. That said, some places are so monolithic they generally espouse more of that $hit than other places. Not uncommon at all. You see it all over the world. All colors, all creeds.
  4. Interestingly, the defense’s main medical expert is now being investigated because his testimony was so crazy. Maryland to review ex-medical examiner's work after Chauvin trial testimony. Hundreds of doctors said all of Fowler's work should come into question because his testimony about George Floyd's death was so outside accepted forensic practice. https://www.kare11.com/article/news/nation-world/maryland-reviews-dr-david-fowler-cases-chauvin-defense-testimony-george-floyd-death/507-38f2aa67-f4f3-4b72-8163-c1114b10c47e
  5. Right, but the defense tried to argue this, but to no avail. The defense's 'experts' where thoroughly annihilated under cross. Basically, Floyd's breathing did not slow down enough for the painkiller to have been a factor in his total loss of oxygen. And the doctor whose laboratory tested Floyd's blood said there was evidence that some of the fentanyl had metabolised - he said an overdose was not likely.
  6. Floyd had low levels of both. The defense didnt even argue about the meth. Their laughable argument was the fentanyl caused Floyd to die. Schleicher pointed jurors toward the testimony of a forensic toxicologist who found fentanyl levels were “well below the ratio” of people who die from an overdose and a “very low” level of methamphetamine in blood taken from Floyd at the hospital https://apnews.com/article/trials-us-news-death-of-george-floyd-racial-injustice-a7c9b49984016908d0bdbb385db66ec1
  7. Anyone confident enough to walk around with that contraption on his head is alright in my book!
  8. The toxicologist, Dr. Daniel Isenschmid, works at N.M.S. Labs in Pennsylvania and testified on the ninth day of the trial against Mr. Chauvin, who has been charged with murder in Mr. Floyd’s death. Of more than 2,300 blood samples from intoxicated drivers that N.M.S. Labs tested last year — all of which were in cases where the driver survived and tested positive for fentanyl — about a quarter of the people had fentanyl levels that were the same or higher than Mr. Floyd’s, Dr. Isenschmid said.
  9. Nah, this case was a slam dunk. The best the defense was hoping for was 1 or 2 jury holdouts; that much was obvious. Although some people dislike change, we’re rightfully evolving from 1950’s Mississippi-like culture where Chauvin would be walking the street by now because of ‘reasons’. Justice was served in this case.
  10. Actually, Floyd didn't. The toxicology results indicated somewhat negligible levels in Floyd.
  11. Ok Chief. Like I said, Chauvin's position was static. No blunt force or significant movement of Chauvin's knee was applied - he applied even force and pressure. Not uncommon for non-bruising to occur. This is basic medical stuff. “This myth that you have to have bruises to prove strangulation, no you don’t. You can be strangled to death and have no bruises,” Dr Smock said, using his hands to demonstrate how someone chocked in a headlock might not get bruises because limbs are broad surfaces, while someone strangled with a thin cord might have acute marks to show for it. http
  12. I already detailed why no bruising existed.......as detailed by medical experts during the trial, with really no counterpoints from the defense.
  13. His knee was on both. That’s painfully obvious. No sane person continues to kneel on somebody’s neck/shoulders (for 4-5 minutes) well after the person has lost consciousness, stopped breathing and has no pulse. Said action can only lead to 1 outcome – death. Holy hell, he didn't even get off when paramedics arrived. That doesn’t even happen in bar fights. It shows blatant intent to kill. That's why he was convicted of murder, not manslaughter.
  14. This isn’t difficult. Floyd wasn’t "strangled" per se, but (in layman's terms) died of positional asphyxiation. This is what the vast majority of medical experts concluded, and why the 9 minutes of Chauvin on top of him played a huge part. Basically, for 9 minutes Floyd was put in a prone position that made it difficult to expand the chest cavity to obtain air. And, in addition, had the full weight of a grown man pressing down on his neck/shoulder for said time frame further exacerbating his inability to obtain oxygen. His positioning and Chauvin’s weight and unwillingn
  15. Every competent lawyer considers as such. So it’s actually telling that the defense decided not to allow Chauvin to testify considering their chances for acquittal already looked exceedingly slim. What’s there to lose? That tells me Chauvin had no answer for his actions, and/or was unapologetic (difficult to humanize him to the jury). His lawyers weren't stupid .
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