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  1. I read Powell's complaint. Her case will fall apart under answer/cross, easily. Just like the rest the frivolous election litigation Notice how her ‘smoking gun’ is nowhere in her legal complaint. Surely you remember the servers seized from Germany, right? Powell was crowing about that for weeks and you people were frothing at the mouth. You're getting played, ace. As long as Trump/lawyers are able to line their pockets with donations, a new conspiracy will always be around the corner. Perhaps your time would be better spent figuring this one out.
  2. If what you posted WAS legitimate, Republican judges would be jumping all over it; at every level. Yet here we sit with Trump at 1-39 in litigation. Think about that for a second. Right-leaning judges aren’t gonna rule for him in bad faith. If a concern exists, objectively investigate and analyze the data with reason and rationality. Then present a compelling case for it. Unfortunately Trump's ‘evidence’ (what you posted) isn’t evidence, it’s political skullduggery innuendo not rooted in realism. I mean it took me 3 seconds to find out #1 is false. And yes, some on this board ar
  3. It’s not the same. Trump is undermining the integrity and public trust in our innate voting process for political gain. The Dems never went this far; at least not to Trump’s 24/7 level. The Dems asserted Russia interfered via hacking and social media to alter opinion. Big difference. Foreign influence can always be mitigated. The fact that Trump is throwing everything at the wall (no matter how absurd), everywhere, to undermine the sanctity of our innate voting mechanisms will likely have far reaching consequences when all this is finished.
  4. First, accurate information is needed before any analysis can be done. It took a 5 second google search to find out that "Biden underperformed Clinton everywhere except Milwaukee, Detroit, Atlanta and Philly" it patently false. The info stemmed from Townhall. Erika Haas, a spokesperson for Townhall Media, told USA TODAY its story “jumped the gun” and has since been corrected. https://www.usatoday.com/story/news/factcheck/2020/11/20/fact-check-biden-outperformed-clinton-most-major-metro-areas/6349084002/ EDIT: Biden did better than Hillary in most major metro are
  5. It's certainly unique. But it fits in with this entire election cycle being nuts; in addition to Covid, race riots, economic hardship, an exceedingly divided citizenry, etc. I mean 4 years ago Trump shocked the world, unprecedently. But, in the following years, we made sense of why this occurred by actually embracing and studying anomalies. The same will occur with 2020's results. And we'll have a understanding of America because of it. If my opinion counts for anything, I think many of these anomalies stem from high turnout. Non-politically minded individuals, trad
  6. For sure, the Dems played ridiculous politics with Trump appointees. It was laughable. That said, every judge has a bias. But this bias reveals itself when actual evidence (or solid arguments) are presented. Few judges, no matter how biased, are gonna give Trump the time of day with the arguments he's presenting. It's why he's something like 1-40 in post election litigation. SCOTUS will act no differently. Just because it's Right-leaning does not mean they're so partial they'll overrule decisions based on such laughable arguments. I mean you actually need to make a c
  7. “Free, fair elections are the lifeblood of our democracy,” Bibas wrote. “Charges of unfairness are serious. But calling an election unfair does not make it so. Charges require specific allegations and then proof. We have neither here.” Today's ruling came from a Trump appointed judge. A Federalist Society member of all things. His quote illustrates Trumps legal challenges thus far to a T.
  8. This is because it’s the Republicans who are fishing for fraud. So of course every anomaly they bring to the public conversation will reflect their objective. The Democrats are not doing the same. That said, there have been plenty of instances of lost ballots, recounts, etc. that actually increased Biden’s lead.
  9. I’m skimming through it now. And wow, just wow.
  10. Powell's allegations won't affect the election in the short term; at least if she files what she's claiming she will. A criminal investigation will ensue and that will take forever. State authorities will investigate, the DA will then decide if evidence is sufficient to prosecute, etc., etc., etc. It's a good PR move if the intent is to have a long-term cloud over the election's legitimacy. Then again, her allegations are so outrageous even Trump's team distanced themselves from her. We'll see.
  11. Flynn's discretions with Kislyak also forced the Trump admin to publicly lie about his actions. He resigned only after info surfaced that he lied to Pence. The more I look into it, I do think his prosecution was steeped in pollical sleaze, but Flynn is also every bit political sleaze himself. 'Swamp' I think the Right refers to it as.
  12. Low scale fraud happens every election. But Trump has yet to present anything to the court resembling the fraud his side is publicly accusing entities of. Yet you people are still jumping up and down yelling "iFRAUD! If it looks like a skunk" Get real. BTW, just a heads up. the aliens are landing in Fargo at 3am tonight. It said so on twitter. I heard they have more info on Hunter Biden.
  13. Of course not everybody believes what I think. It's quite evident not everybody believes or inquires into the actual facts brought into court. But who needs that when Hugo Chavez is stealing our election, dead people are voting en masse, more votes than there are registered voters appear in every democratic state, and satanic pedophiles run our shadow government.
  14. So what. That said, if a perjury trap was used it's a completely different ballgame. But I'm not overly knowledgeable of the particulars.
  15. You're proving my point. Quit thinking that everybody acts or thinks like you. Not everybody adheres strictly to a 'team'. And yes, I;ve criticized Democrats quite often.
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