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  1. No, just routine traitorous activities. The Senate Intelligence Committee report states that former Trump campaign manager Paul Manafort worked with a Russian intelligence officer “on narratives that sought to undermine evidence that Russia interfered in the 2016 U.S. election,” including the idea that Ukrainian election interference was of greater concern. https://www.washingtonpost.com/context/read-the-senate-intelligence-committee-s-report-on-russian-interference-in-the-2016-election/ca706d82-5df2-4af0-81a5-72f792b9f5f4/?itid=lk_inline_manual_4
  2. Everyone should be mad. Putin is playing our President like a fiddle. But I guess the cult members only care about “owning the libs”. Have the best day ever, Cletus.
  3. Elect a clown, expect a circus. "Russia and other countries took advantage of the Transition Team's inexperience, transparent opposition to Obama Administration policies, and Trump's desire to deepen ties with Russia, to pursue unofficial channels through which Russia could conduct diplomacy," the report said. "The lack of vetting of foreign interactions by Transition officials left the Transition open to influence and manipulation by foreign intelligence services, government leaders, and co-opted business executives." It added, "Russian officials, intelligence services, and others acting on the Kremlin's behalf were capable of exploiting the Transition's shortcomings for Russia's advantage. Based on available information it is possible — and even likely — that they did so."
  4. Color me shocked. And this even from the GOP led Senate. ****ing traitors. In a thousand-page bipartisan report released Tuesday, the Senate Intelligence Committee said the Trump administration obstructed its investigation with "novel claims" of executive privilege. It painted a portrait of a Trump campaign eager to accept help from a foreign power in 2016. The Senate report, the most detailed account to date of the Trump campaign's embrace of Russian election interference, also asserted that the allegations that Ukraine interfered in the election — which President Donald Trump perpetuated — originated with Russian intelligence agencies. https://www.nbcnews.com/politics/national-security/bipartisan-senate-report-describes-2016-trump-campaign-eager-accept-help-n1237002
  5. Looks like Goon took a trip to SD recently.
  6. Could you imagine the number of Lemmings willing to attend Trump rallies if he re-enacted this at every event? Even in times of covid his cult followers would show up in droves. Jesus H Christ, they would've scored 300k attendance in Tulsa instead of the 24 that showed up. Why am I not his campaign manager?
  7. It’s not Presidential. It’s a reality TV trash mentality that his base loves strictly because it's not Presidential. Doesn't matter the act is wearing thin on everyone else, he'll continue to talk as such because the cult likes it.
  8. This has already been discussed. Go back a few pages and read. You've made your point. We get it. Portland is in flames, Antifa and BLM are gonna take over the world, and the liberals are gonna let it happen. The only saving grace is Trump. I understand you for the 354,000th time.
  9. I’m inclined to say right-wing radio was the genesis of this country’s mass polarization. Obviously tons of other factors have brought us to this point and both parties are at fault; but the starting point was Rush. Previous to him I can’t think of any political figure or pundit on the news, radio, or TV who thoroughly demonized the opposing party on a daily basis. Sure politics has always been filthy but at least some mutual respect and common ground existed between everybody. Even in the tumultuous 60's this was the case. Limbaugh was something new. He was uncompromising, accusatory and full of vitriol 24/7. People loved it. Popularity soared. Unfortunately Limbaugh’s act has proven to be a disaster for national unification.
  10. I’m convinced Rush is an act; driven not by an ideology but wealth and influence. Wouldn't be the first, nor the last. How can you spend 30+ years staunchly promoting an ideology, vitriolically chastising anybody who doesn't agree with it, yet repeatedly not adhere to these ideologies in your own personal life. I don't think one realistically can.
  11. Wait, what? You do realize much of Trump's immigration policy is a scam. I’ve illustrated this earlier. Despite Trump’s ‘America for Americans’ and 'closed border' campaign promises, he’s flooding the country with non-citizens under the guestworker program. Tons of these workers then abuse the system and become undocumented when their visas expire because the government conveniently looks the other way. It’s a hilarious song and dance show. This is done because the agriculture, dairy and canning (and many other) industries are reliant on cheap undocumented labor. If we truly start eliminating illegals our economy is ****-ed. Of course Trump then throws his supporters a bone by detaining some illegals here and there, starts the ‘build the wall’ chant at rallies, threatens sanctuary cities, bans some Muslims from entering, etc and his racist cult followers eat it up like candy. Idiots.
  12. Forms of racism exist everywhere. But civilized America has collectively moved past internalized forms. The next step is tackling institutionalized and structural racism, which in some cases aren't even intentional. Wont happen over-night. It's like hammering away at a wall. Unfortunately places like in that video haven't even picked up the hammer and basic overt racism is still deemed acceptable. Goes a long way in explaining why Confederate statues are still standing. But I’m sure you already know this.
  13. Unfortunately, a dumb-ass kid attacking someone, being restrained, then bystanders helping the injured is hardly an uncommon occurrence in large US cities; even safe larger cities. Good lord, just go to some populated college town when the roaring drunk kids get let out the bars and you'll frequently witness the same shenanigans. Doesn't mean these cities are innately unsafe. That FOX felt the need to publish this single incident to perpetuate the 'Portland is a lawless shithole' shtick shows they're running low on material. On the contrary, what you don’t see in America, unless you’re in the most decrepit and backwards of places, are numerous grown ass people screaming n*gger at someone.
  14. No doubt. That said, Trump's act has a limit. I don't think he realizes this yet; or he's willfully ignorant because he can't adapt. Sure the reality TV gimmick works with his ardent base, but I'm sensing this country is experiencing Trump fatigue insofar the population is yearning for some stability, professionalism and civility from the WH in a time of crisis. Republicans similarly appear to be growing tired of Trump's chaos. This was illustrated perfectly when his advisors smartly put a swift end to those ****show daily Covid briefings where Trump was allowed to be himself in full view of the country. Will it affect the overall Republican vote? Nah. But it certainly could play an enormous factor in the independent vote. I guess we'll see in November.
  15. All politicians lie. But Trump has brilliantly made lying part of his political strategy. He's effectively made 'trolling' a political tool, especially for distraction purposes. Everybody knows when he's spewing nonsense, yet everyone gets outraged for a few days and then moves on. Lather, rinse, repeat. In many ways the joke is on the media. No other politician can get away with lying like Trump does. As a political outsider he's made trolling something people expect from him. It's a brilliant double standard he's set himself up for.
  16. Whether you agree/disagree with Harris' political stance, you gotta admire her ambition in the face of hardship. Quite unlike Mr. *I won't mention who** who has probably never learned a valuable life lesson from making a mistake considering his luxury of throwing millions at every problem he's ever encountered his entire existence.
  17. And I've already answered your question twice. I want a huge death toll considering my reasoning has now been influenced by the deep state, the shadow government, Antifa, BLM, Obama, the Mexicans, NATO, the Muslims, the immigrants, liberals, the WHO, Hillary, the Chinese, the NFL, Hollywood and the aliens from planet X. Oh, and also ex-Trump advisors and cabinet members who are now apparently 'losers'.
  18. BS. If the SD governor trusted the citizens to do what's right she'd enact these same lax policies across the board. Yet restrictions in every walk of life remain enforced, however when it comes to Covid: "Er, uh, no restrictions because we value individual responsibility! Yeah that's it!" lol
  19. No, it is a conspiracy because the Sturgis Covid numbers will be inflated no matter what happens. The plan is in the works (in addition to hoping for a high death rate). Oh, I forgot to mention, Obama and Alyssa Milano are also in on this 'hoax'. So now is Bolton. Poor, poor Trump....it's all so unfair; nobody is treated worse than him! Again, shhh. keep this on the low.
  20. Totally! The more death the better, because it makes Trump look bad! I'm on the same page as the establishment, the deep state, the shadow people, the French and the yellow aliens (not the blue ones, they're on Trumps side). We're all in on this conspiracy together. Shhh... don't tell anyone.
  21. Trump is quite smart in this regard, in terms of promoting ridiculous conspiracy theories. He frequently doesn't completely validate or deny them, but puts them into the public conversation by saying "people are saying", "I've heard as such".....
  22. Gimme a break. That has nothing to do with personal responsibility. It's all politics based on the luxury of a rural population. But we'll see how much Sturgis ****s that up. If it was about valuing responsibility SD would have no road rules or driving safety requirements because, you know, "we South Dakotans value individual responsibility!".
  23. I was so disappointed when I realized it wasn't this dude. I mean considering the reality TV circus the Trump Trash have transformed the WH into, I was looking forward to him wrestling Pence at the debate.
  24. Surprising what? That I couldn't find info on on Swine Flu criteria? I didn't spent too much time looking. Either way, if it's not online I'm not surprised. I'm convinced its a big conspiracy by the deep state, the establishment, the stonemasons and the aliens to make Trump look bad. Liberal Bastards!!!!
  25. I fully understand people’s aversion to the Democrats; but I’m astounded it prevents certain people from admitting the Trump WH resembles an unstable reality TV clown show of the likes we’ve never-ever seen before (even if they agree with Trumps politics). Most of my Republican friends/acquaintances are fed up with the chaos and are yearning for normalcy; doesn’t mean they’ll vote for Biden though. A much smaller portion are the mental midgets who are still all-in on the “Trump is trolling the Dems and tells it like it is” shtick.
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