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  1. Here's a really cool link. The conservative Heritage Foundation maintains a database of allegations and convictions of voter fraud. There have been 204 fraud allegations and 143 fraud convictions involving mail-in voting over the past 2 decades spanning 250 million mail-in ballots cast. https://www.heritage.org/voterfraud
  2. The coordinated effort to potentially de-legitimize the election is in full swing. In real time. Trump is setting the tone and his minions are all parroting the same talking points; none of which were significant issues for conservatives in past elections.
  3. This isn’t difficult. 1. Colorado is an all-mail ballot state, meaning that all registered voters will automatically be sent a ballot. 2. If you're NOT currently registered you'll need to register by Oct. 26 in order to receive a ballot in the mail. https://www.9news.com/amp/article/news/politics/voter-guide/colorado-november-election-voter-questions/73-d15a2201-fa37-4d18-9cda-65414d456fbe
  4. This should come as no surprise. It's been Trump’s mode of operation his entire life. He's a fighter. He never accepts defeat and uses any and all unscrupulous methods to fight back (usually it entailed beating people down with daddy's money). And when he is defeated, he still claims victory. It served him well in the shady and unethical business world, especially on the public relations front...which is his specialty. A tiger doesn't change his stripes. That said, ****ing around with citizens' right to vote is an entirely different ballgame. We'll see what happens.
  5. Well that's the million dollar question..... To what extent are these numbers a reaction to covid and not covid?. Perhaps if someone has the time to do some research we could obtain a clearer picture; at least in a general sense. Some thoughts: 1. For a variety of reasons death rates almost always drop during economic downturns. 2. To what extent is the lockdown saving lives via traffic accidents? 3. What are the raw numbers (estimated) of people dying due to avoiding necessary treatments? I just looked up homicides. The rate is exponentially high this year, but in terms of raw numbers the increase is rather negligible. <1,000
  6. Compared to the 3 previous years, excess deaths are already over 200,000 this year. The number of deaths through July 2020 is 8 percent to 12 percent higher than it would have been if the coronavirus pandemic had never happened. https://www.sciencealert.com/2020-has-killed-up-to-200-000-extra-people-in-the-us-so-far
  7. They all had Covid. 6% of deaths didn't have underlying conditions.
  8. Ok, this is where I draw the line. Send Trump to the gallows! Americans will no longer be allowed to buy Cuban cigars, Cuban rum, or to stay in Cuban hotels, President Trump announced in a White House speech today. https://www.cigaraficionado.com/article/president-trump-tightens-sanctions-on-cuba-no-cigars-no-rum-and-no-hotel-lodging-for-americans
  9. Right, but that’s a further testament to my point. Everyone lined up in Biden’s corner, not Sanders/AOC’s.
  10. The democratic party is certainly shifting left. However if the current party reflected AOC’s worldview in its entirety, Bernie Sanders would have won the nomination; quite handedly. He didn't. Old school traditional workhorse Biden did.
  11. Nice strawman, never said it represented all 60 million voters. I was mocking the cult followers. And rightfully so. Looks the they want to revert back to Jim Crow. Yeehaw Johnny Reb!
  12. Lawyers are no different than anybody else who finds humor in people’s ignorance. That the NCGOP is sending out flyers (like the one posted) to people is a testament to how stupid they think their constituency is. What's next, a flyer about the cannibal pedophiles invading government? Jesus H Christ, all you can do is laugh at these people. .
  13. That’s right, I forgot. The ‘media’ is some uniform and all-encompassing entity controlled by the deep state with a political agenda. Poor, poor Trump. I think I heard Trump say Slender Man is in on it too. You people ought to look in on that. Dangerous stuff!! Meanwhile, in the real world, Stay classy cultists......
  14. Freakin hilarious. The evil MEDIA!!!!
  15. We've officially entered bizarro-world when moderate conservatives and liberals are chastised and deemed 'never Trumpers' and/or 'no longer part of the party'; on both sides of the isle. . People like you are part of the problem, not the solution. Congrats.
  16. Being 100% upfront with the American public has nothing to do with a government mandate.
  17. This 100% The most exasperating aspect of politics nowadays (as reflected on this board) is blind adherence. Any criticism towards a party is interpret as an attack from the opposing party. We've become a party over country entity.
  18. So taking precautions against Covid is 'living in fear'. Yet arming yourself against something that probably wont ever occur (especially in out-of-the-way North Dakota) is deemed completely fine.
  19. Absolutely not. Anybody espousing violence is not a protester. They are thugs. The far-right, for obvious political reasons, always attempts to conflate the two. Coincidently, from what I've read, around 93% of all protests up to this point have been peaceful.
  20. It's the MEDIA!!!!!! To the ramparts everybody!!
  21. No fake news, no conspiracy. Simple mistake on my part. Now if you'd only hold Trump as accountable for mistakes as you do some random guy on the internet. But of course Cult followers don't do that. You should wear this to your next broomball game.
  22. Ah, another Trump talking point. It's a conspiracy! Thanks for again proving my point. Jesus christ.
  23. I'd hope most Conservatives were fully aware Trump was a sleazy and immoral POS, disapproved of his antics and rhetoric, but voted for him based on his politics; especially considering Hillary was the alternative. I dunno. Maybe you can tell me if those fine citizens at Trump rallies cheering his extracurricular juvenile BS are reflective of the typical conservative voter. If they are, Jesus Christ the Right-wing is more backwards than I thought.
  24. This further proves my point. Either Trump is stupid, or he's trolling. And if he's trolling, why would you troll about something like that? Just to "own the libs"? And let me guess, all the rally goers cheered when he said it. Stupid white trash. lol Unfortunately, this is what Trump has transformed US politics into; a 'nothing matters' reality TV show where trolling your opponent at every turn is deemed acceptable.
  25. Sure he is; hence his cult following. Even if one agrees with his political positions, it's easy to see through Trump's shtick if one’s not a complete idiot. Unfortunately we have the mental midgets who can’t. Cult followers. This is the LCD of society who believe, regurgitate and promote Trump's reality TV BS.
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