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  1. Here’s a hilarious story about FOX News...... I lived in Madison WI during those protests against Gov. Walker’s union busting in 2011. The Protests were huge, but very peaceful. As expected FOX needed to portray it as a “violent liberal protest’’, so they used doctored footage in their broadcast. But they got caught. Those imbeciles used footage of a scuffle at some other protest, however palm trees were clearly visible in the background. Haha! Stephen Colbert was the first person to catch it. It’s still on youtube.
  2. You would be correct If he did, in fact, interview people. But he didn't. Video that surfaced as part of a lawsuit clearly shows as such. He hung around this particular hate group, laughing, while they planned an assault on antifa members. He then filmed the attack, and edited the footage to appear like Antifa were the instigators. it’s why he’s pretty much been dropped by respectable right wing outlets.
  3. Says someone who continuously posts content from this guy: Andy Ngo, the right-wing journalist who was embraced by mainstream republicans may suddenly be persona non grata among conservatives. Nearly all mentions of Ngo were scrubbed from the upscale right-wing publication Quillette after a newly-released video showed him acting friendly with members of Patriot Prayer, a far-right hate group. https://www.salon.com/2019/08/28/right-wing-journalist-andy-ngo-outed-video-shows-him-hanging-out-with-far-right-hate-group/
  4. This country is in such peril, it's the only talking point the GOP has remaining. Sweet Jesus, if you read certain right-wing outlets you'd think violent liberals are invading the entire country. Run for the hills everybody, Antifa is coming! Trump knows this very well. It's why he advocates a law and order platform yet frequently provokes civic discord.
  5. Let me guess. They’re probably mostly idealistic kids….20 somethings. As long as they’re not hurting anybody, who gives a crap what they do. Most of them will grow out of it; like the majority of people involved in the radical elements 60s generation did. They’re essentially the equivalent of these folks on the other side of the isle, who, unfortunately, are collectively much older and will not outgrow their naivety. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NzDhm808oU4 Like I usually say… same stick, different end.
  6. Perhaps a more applicable photo would resemble what this great nation has been reduced to under Trump's Presidency; with juxtaposed pictures of people out of work, Covid dead, protests in the streets, bread lines, rioters vs police, paramilitaries in capitol buildings, a citizenry completely divided, other countries laughing at us, Trump waiving a ****ing bible in the air. Yea, this is us. Quick question. Has the swamp been drained? Is America great again yet? Asking for a friend.
  7. Being a successful President in a time of crisis entails more than just understanding the problem. Unfortunately Carson a very intelligent lunatic who has claimed, among other things, that ObamaCare is worse than Sept 11th, Jews could've prevented the Holocaust if only they had guns, Joseph built the pyramids, prisons turn inmates gay, Muslims should be banned from running for President, etc. etc. Thank you, but no thank you.
  8. Oh c'mon. At least Fauci had the good nature to throw a pitch. Good on him. Unlike Mr. 'you know who' who is the only President in 110 years not to do as such; likely because his throw would resemble Fauci's yet he's too insecure to attempt it in front of people.
  9. How is that even possible? What, did Reagan not read the bill? Reagan: "Huh huh huh, hey Beavis, those sneaky Dems told me immigration reform was in the bill, but it really wasn't, huh huh." Gimme a freakin break. Reagan had full authority to enforce that piece of legislation, so did Bush after him. Illegal immigration continued to skyrocket because the Republicans let it occur, as did the Democrats after them. This isn't rocket surgery.
  10. What are you talking about? Reagan supported the bill completely. What I described was the back-end of that legislation that made hiring illegals non-legal. But like I said earlier, this stuff is never ever enforced.....and for obvious economic reasons. You think Reagan was oblivious to this? Yea right. It was a smart political move for him, but, in practice, it was a giant gift to illegals.
  11. Nope. Trump talks a good game (i.e. illegals used as a scapegoat) but he's utterly complicit as it pertains to illegals in this country. Notice how, even with sky-high unemployment, Trump expanded the H2A program (which is absurdly easy for mexican nationals and their employers to abuse). In fact, the Trump Admin enacted legislation that made it easier for employers to fire domestic workers in favor of H2A workers. At the end of the day it's all about the economy. You're buying the BS hook line and sinker.
  12. Many of Trump and Reagan’s economic philosophies are similar. But foreign policy? Couldn't be further apart. Free trade? Not similar in any capacity. Immigration? Reagan actually enacted several pieces of legislation promoting the rights of illegals; one of which was granting amnesty to every illegal in the country previous to 1982. 'Not a dimes worth of difference'? Yea ok champ.
  13. I've done immigration law. Politicians talk a big 'we need to control our borders' game, but it's a scam. All of it. Both parties involved. Illegals drive the agriculture, dairy and canning industries. Eliminate this cheap workforce and we're screwed. Government agencies turn a blind eye to all of it.....human trafficking, H2A regulations never adhered to, fake social security cards, etc. etc. It's a song and dance show. If we really wanted to quell illegal immigration, the answer is simple. Crack down mercilessly on companies hiring illegals; make the risk not worth their while. With no employment options available, it would cut illegal immigration by at least 90%, and for a fraction of the cost of building a wall. But for obvious reasons this will never occur.
  14. It certainly puts many traditional conservatives in a predicament come November. Temporarily acquiesce to democratic policy in order to install some normalcy in the White House, or keep Trump in office and hope the country doesn't burn to the ground. As we're seeing, many are jumping off the Trump train already. McConnell has reportedly told governors to ditch Trump if it helps re-election chances. How it all plays out, who knows. Either way, it should be interesting where the party goes post-Trump.
  15. The biggest unintended consequences of the internet is it allows people the opportunity to marinate themselves in a political echo-chamber that just validates their pre-existing biases. Unlike in years past where people obtained info/news from the same sources, we no longer have a common starting point for disagreement.
  16. Speaking of Reagan, he'd be considered a leftist 'never Trumper' in today's political climate. Reagan Foundation recently went as far as to tell the RNC to stop using his likeness next to Trump.
  17. As it pertains to Covid? Yea I agree. Trump royally ****-ed up but I'm not confident the Democrats have the competency to do any better. As it pertains to race riots/violence? Trump is part of the problem. You know his game-plan is to fan the flames when he threatened to send the Feds into cities where there was little or no violence, nor federal buildings being harmed. But that's this Administration's shtick, it's predicated entirely on dividing this country. I mean we're in historical times and, unlike any other President, not once has Trump articulated an all-encompassing collective unifying message to the nation. He gets in front of a mic and spews personal grievances. I suppose this appeals to some people. Whatever.
  18. Sensationalism and distraction. Of course the actions of some idiots in Portland and some other cities are worry-some, but the vast majority of protests are peaceful, nor is 99.9% of America even experiencing violence at protests right now. Yet it's still the Right's 'go-to' talking point; like ad nauseum. "The violence and lawlessness of Antifa and liberal protesters will be the death of this country!" Seriously, **** off. You know what is affecting people? Our economy is in the toilet, unemployment is rampant and Covid-19 has spread everywhere.
  19. Never in our history, has everyone had the same access to opportunity, wealth, healthcare, etc. In fact, despite the right-wing's aversion to the term 'social justice', Trump was elected, in part, due to the conservatives' own push for it. He appealed to the blue-collar family whose opportunity and hope were/are diminishing in modern America. See populist/tea party movement. I respectfully understand where these folks are coming from; unfortunately, (as Bison06 detailed) implementation often manifests itself as discrimination. In Trump’s case, it's nationalism, anti-'elite', anti-foreigner, anti-minority. Same stick, different end.
  20. At its core, social justice entails equal opportunity and access for all; which doesn't exist in this country. That said, how we go about achieving it is where it gets tricky. I like your hockey analogy though, but that too should be predicated on opportunity. Just like Gasparini used to always say .. “hard work produces results and everyone must receive a square deal.”
  21. Well yea. Bunker mentality. The ethos of Trumpism is predicated on scapegoating to cover for your own failures. Never before have we had a President who espouses a “i’m treated so unfairly, poor poor me” platform, nor a constituency who eats it up like candy. Not that they don't have some legitimacy here and there, but with Trump and his minions it’s all- encompassing. Not a chance goes by where they don’t play the victim card over literally anything. Let’s see who else can we blame...... The establishment, illegals, the ‘fake news’, Obama, the liberals, the deep state, ‘never Trumpers’, political correctness, government watchdogs, Antifa, scientists, liberal governors, protesters, foreigners, China, Fauci, BLM,
  22. Could you imagine if this dude was in Antifa? Trump and his worshipers would lose their $hit. But since he’s a white supremacist, its either a conspiracy or, meh, who cares. Kinda like when those cops were murdered by far right-wing militants a month or so ago. The response from conservatives? Crickets. Only Antifa, the darkies, and protesters are causing problems. Racist bastards.
  23. Looks like Minneapolis police now believe the genesis of the Minneapolis riots came from the actions of, you guessed it, a white supremacist looking to incite violence and racial tension. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.chicagotribune.com/nation-world/ct-nw-george-floyd-unrest-umbrella-man-20200728-j5dwkcthcfg7djdsctcvr7thcq-story.html%3foutputType=amp
  24. Nobody intelligent says he legally can't send in federal agents to protect courthouses, etc. However, like Hayduke1 pointed out, the issue is regarding reasonable necessity in attacking protesters not engaged in such activities. Furthermore, Trump is threatening to send federal agents to cities where no federal buildings are being attacked. .....and here I thought the Republican party was all about state rights, political freedom, individualism, autonomy, freedom of choice and association. I guess not anymore under Trumpism.
  25. That's there for copyright purposes. When citing an untitled photo, a detailed description of the photo is usually required.
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