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  1. Sen. Ron Johnson (from my home state) is now insinuating that child porn is on Hunter’s laptop. As if the original story wasn't fishy enough. Man alive, the Trumpsters are sparing no expense no matter how outrageous it gets. Reeks of classic GRU activity. From 4 years ago: Foes of Russia Say Child Pornography Is Planted to Ruin Them https://www.nytimes.com/2016/12/09/world/europe/vladimir-putin-russia-fake-news-hacking-cybersecurity.html So this begs the question. How the hell would Ron Johnson know what's on this supposed 'laptop'? Oh wait, here he is with Andriy Telizhenko, one of Giuliani's shady pro-Kremlin Ukrainian contacts.
  2. Just looked up Rudy Giuliani's history. He was married to his second cousin. No wonder he finds commonality with the Trump Cult.
  3. What I find interesting regarding the Biden scandal.... .....and then Rudy comes out a few days ago and says this. And no, it's not an Onion headline.
  4. Nobody had significant issues with the format before; this includes Reagan, HWB, Dole, GWB, McCain and Romney. Hmmm.. funny that it's only become an issue now that "Call the Wambulance" Donny starts complaining. And, of course, the Cult follows the leader.
  5. Trump is already making excuses in the event he doesn't perform well. Ahh, pobrecito. Trump calls NBC's Kristen Welker 'terrible and unfair' before she moderates next debate https://www.foxnews.com/media/trump-calls-nbcs-kristen-welker-terrible-and-unfair-before-she-moderates-next-debate
  6. All those stories were reported in due course. The same will occur with Biden's scandal if/when more information surfaces to corroborate the initial sketchy accusations coming from the fringe right. Was news of Trump's piss tape splattered across outlets like AP and Reuters the minute the story broke, with sensationalized headlines? Of course not. As such, neither will the Bidens' ‘scandal’. Regardless, every President is crapped on by certain media outlets. Obama was eviscerated by right-leaning news. Did Obama incessantly complain about it? No, he went about his job instead. Trump should stop acting like a petulant manchild and do his job. That said, I'm fully aware that being the perpetual victim is part of Trump's appeal. It reinforces a sense of victimhood and resentment that is attractive to his supporters.....i.e. people who think America has left them behind. This is painfully evident at Trump rallies when he fosters this "we've been wronged" sentiment and then viciously lashes out at these perceived slights to thunderous applause.
  7. They're non-governmental entities. They can do what they want as it pertains to the 1st amendment. .
  8. So we're back to the "big mad media" "poor poor Trump" fallback?
  9. I voted for the Biden crime syndicate over the Trump crime syndicate. Lesser of two evils.
  10. If the FBI had it for a year and did nothing, it's likely a big nothing burger. Well, unless the FBI is part of the 'deep state'. Are the Trumpsters gonna go there again? Jesus Christ.
  11. I’m more of a Constitutionalist than a Dem. Freedom of speech/press should be unregulated by the government. However that doesn’t hold true outside of government. In terms of free speech/media, non-governmental entities should be able to do what they want. Do I ethically agree with how they act sometimes? Of course not. But they should have every right to do as such under the 1st Amendment.
  12. Playbooks and talking points? Your original point was the #1 Trump fallback "the media". Yes, we get it already. Poor poor Trump and the meanie media. Gimme a break. Instead of intelligently articulating a point, you're repeating the playbook.
  13. Who knows if Biden did this. I wouldn't put it past any politician nowadays. That said, this 'scandal' would be taken more seriously if it wasn't being used as Trump's October Surprise 2 weeks before the election. This, in and of itself, also screams dirty politics; not to mention all the info came to light via questionable sources. Should Biden be investigated? Without question. However any respectable media outlet isn't gonna jump the gun (aka "Worst scandal ever!!" "Biden and Obama are going down!!!) like fringe-right wing outlets are reporting for obvious political reasons. It reeks of desperation. C;mon, you guys aren't fooling anybody.
  14. Gimme a break. Trump is the biggest victim card player player around. And it's just not in regards to the media, he plays the victim with everything.
  15. So, basically, you guys are playing the 'poor Trump' victim card again.
  16. The political landscape is entirely different this year. I think the ‘scandal’ will help Trump shore up some of the Red vote. It’ll help in the south. Most importantly Florida. Nonetheless it will make no difference with the complacent democrat and minority vote; two demographics whose turn-out was low 4 years ago who look to be voting at high levels this time around. There are few undecided this year. It'll come down to turnout/motivation; hence why the GOP is doing everything it can to impede easy access to voting. We'll see.
  17. Well, now we know what the GOP’s ‘October Surprise’ is. They’re banking on 2016’s game-plan to work again. I wouldn’t be surprised if Biden is waist-high in ****. That said, the backstory of how Rudy obtained this info sounds questionable as hell too. Either way, until it’s verified/disproven the GOP will milk the crap out of this. "The worst scandal of all time!!!" "This makes Watergate look like kindergarten!!!" Has Trump started with the Lock Him Up chants yet?
  18. Anarchists can be both left and right. It’s the extreme position on the Y-axis of a political graph.
  19. From a legal perspective, the Manhattan DA’s investigation could get interesting considering (if he’s voted out) there exists little incentive for the GOP to protect Trump. Doing as such for his pre-presidential business dealings would be a liability at that point. That’s the big difference between the Trump Org and, say, the Clinton Foundation (which was intertwined with political mechanisms from the start). Trump obviously is showing trepidation. He has shielded his financial information since day 1 It’s now being kicked up to the SC. Plus he's relocated to FL, hence he doesn’t have to file income tax with NY that discloses all of this information. And now he's talking about leaving the country if he loses. That said, we're in unchartered waters considering he'd be an ex-President if/when this goes through.
  20. Nah, ratings will be predicated on entertainment value. They always are. As such I fully expect Trump’s ratings to be higher. His supporters will tune in to watch Trump ‘tell it like it is’; his detractors will tune in to witness the train-wreck in action. I know I will. Love or hate him, Trump is the constant showman.
  21. That was the scenario 4 years ago more so than today. Voter turnout was the lowest in decades and polls indicated a large contingent of ‘undecideds’ up to the end, of which most pundits mistakenly assumed would vote blue. The landscape is flipped upside down this year. So far early voting turnout is breaking records, and few undecideds exit. By and large, aggregated polling is relatively accurate. Interesting read out of the Smithsonian: Polls Are Still As Accurate As They Were 75 Years Ago https://www.smithsonianmag.com/smart-news/polls-are-still-accurate-they-were-75-years-ago-180968467/
  22. That's actually hilarious, but then again I'm not 90. But yeah, the cult followers will eat it up. But what about the elderly population (being ravaged by Covid) that Trump desperately needs? Trump's off his rocker, or on his meds.
  23. Whether the shooting was justified will be decided in court; same for Rittenhouse. But that doesn’t nullify that this dude dug his own grave by embracing needless violence. New video shows him initiating the confrontation. I guess he didn't like cameras. That's quite the upstanding 'patriot' you guys are defending.
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