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  1. I am a qualified nominator. I officially nominate Goon. His contributions to saving the planet from Antifa are unmatched. Selfless heroism.
  2. That’s just a convenient way to justify corruption. Politics, just like hockey, isn't called by the book; players can be sneaky dirty. But there still exists a difference between a love-tap and checking from behind. Whatever though, I think most people on the Right have reached the "so, what?” stage at this point.
  3. Now you’re coming around. Good to know at least some of the cult are aware they’re as corrupt as the swamp they said they’d drain. I wouldnt repeat that too many times though. You’ll be thrown into the Never Trumper category. Wouldnt want that.
  4. So what? Legit or not, not a dollar of taxpayer money should be going to help Trump mount a legal defense against one of his accusers. The DoJ isn't his personal law firm. There once was a day when conservatives wouldn't stand for stuff like that.
  5. Why would heads explode? There’s like 300+ nominations every year.
  6. Sweet jesus..... The DOJ is seeking to defend President Trump (instead of his personal attorneys) in a defamation civil suit regarding an alleged rape in the 1990s. They’re justifying this by claiming Trump was acting “within the scope” of his job duties when he made the allegation denial. This assures 1) any embarrassing disclosures will not be released until after the election; 2) taxpayer money will foot the bill; and 3) taxpayer money will pay for all potential damages. Trump and Barr sure are draining the swamp!!
  7. Hmmm… I think reality would eventually trump idealism on the right-wing though. If California goes, eventually so too would the NW and NE. The economic implications would be disastrous for the rest of the country. I mean most southern red states are economically dependent on the federal government.
  8. Why? Without California the remaining country shifts considerably more to the Right.
  9. Ironically, the Democrats would be staunchly against California's succession.
  10. What a convenient time to say as such. Meanwhile....
  11. Good lord. Trump just publicly bad-mouthed military leadership today. Any coincidence considering the sources for that Atlantic Magazine article reportedly came from the Pentagon? The guy just can’t help himself.
  12. You couldn't make this **** up if you tried. The maga hat is the best part.
  13. It's amusing. Most Trump supporters I know will reluctantly acquiesce to the negative things they hear about him pre-Presidency...."Well, ya, that sound like him". On the contrary, anything of the same since the election is met with a vociferous response about fake news and hoaxes.
  14. Not to mention Jesus also went to a place of government/worship/commerce and started wrecking property in protest. lol
  15. Seriously? Policies aside, were Republican stalwarts like HWB and Reagan pieces of crap;? What about Lincoln? Sure politics is sleazy, but that doesn't preclude ethical people from jumping on the wheel in an attempt to steer it in the right direction for the better good. Thing with Trump is, he has a trail a mile long of being a POS in his personal and professional life and now he's engaging the shady business of politics. Poor mixture. A tiger doesn't change its stripes at his age. But I suppose that's why his staunch supporters love him. The Trump Trash see themselves in his depravity; it's evident from his rallies. They relate to his unfiltered mouth and furtive racism. He ‘keeps it real’.
  16. Yikes, Do you really want to go there? You do realize Trump and Epstein were extremely close back in the day. Trump even wished Ghislaine Maxwell well after she was recently arrested for sex trafficking children.
  17. Fox News corespondent refusing to back down. Apparently Fox is now part of the liberal hoax.
  18. The Trump Trash probably think Antifa’s Navy sank those boats.
  19. Speaking of comedy writing itself. Wow, just wow.
  20. Ha! To discredit the report, Trump is now claiming he never called McCain a ‘loser’. Riiiiiight. Poor, poor, Trump and his cult followers. All these hoaxes are soooo unfair. My god the comedy just writes itself.
  21. Perhaps you’re taking this too seriously. This board is a fun give/take a few times a day, with at least some nominal exchange of ideas. That much of ND is still quite insular actually adds to it all. But whatever, if you think this is serious business, go nuts.
  22. Wow, great. Militia members just arrested for conspiring and attempting to aid Hamas.
  23. Bolton isnt even denying Trump said as these things. Only that he, himself didn't hear it. He explicitly says Trump could've said it when he wasn't around. https://www.nytimes.com/2020/09/04/us/politics/trump-veterans-losers.html
  24. Where the hell were these sources when it happened 2 years ago? Seriously? From all accounts they were working in the Pentagon. You think active top military brass are gonna personally criticize a president? Yea ok, just don't break anything else while you’re looking around.
  25. In addition to Kelly, it wouldn't surprise if these sources were Mattis, Neller, Dunford, etc.
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