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  1. Looks like I hit a nerve with the good ole boy contingent. Yeee Ha! Jokes aside, here's a good everyday example of white privilege. It has nothing to do with the government, or even how hard one works. It just highlights how ingrained prejudice is and how it skews access to wealth nowadays....... 2 resumes, with the same credentials, are sent out to numerous employers. One has the name Eric O'Neill, the other Darnell Jefferson. Eric O'Neill's resume will garner more callbacks. https://www.nber.org/digest/sep03/w9873.html This is the epitome of white privilege.
  2. Well yeah, wealth is power. 'Fortunate son' Trump is one in a billion though. The rest of us are required to earn our privilege and financial security. But this is where race privilege enters the picture because the playing field and opportunity platform to achieve wealth is quite slanted.
  3. Nah, the privilege is more like #daddygavememillions
  4. What are you guys talking about? Trump was sued several times by governmental entities before he was President, including the Justice Dept and City of NY. Trump has a long, long trail of shady business practices and lawsuits; most of which he had the luxury of settling out of court due to his wealth.
  5. What's wrong with that? Jack***es who step over the line should be disavowed. All of them, on both sides. Unfortunately Trump rarely does this - insofar as calling nazis “very fine people”, and recently that Patriot Prayer scumbag a "very fine gentleman". Yes, it's racism (from the highest position in the land) on down.
  6. Be careful with the Trump campaign app. Unlike other candidate's apps, Trump's is attempting to obtain personal information from not only the user, but also the user's contacts via software company Phunware. Very similar to Cambridge Analytica's mining on facebook. “To access the Trump app, users must share their cell-phone numbers with the campaign. “The most important, golden thing in politics is a cellphone number,” Parscale told Reuters. “When we receive cellphone numbers, it really allows us to identify them across the databases. Who are they, voting history, everything.” Michael Marinaccio, the chief operating officer of Data Trust, a private Republican data company, said recently that “what’s new this year, or at least a sense of urgency, is getting as many cell-phone numbers as we can in the voter file data.” An effective way to do that is to entice supporters to share not only their own cell-phone numbers with the campaign but those of their contacts as well. One estimate, by Eliran Sapir, the C.E.O. of Apptopia, a mobile-analytics company, is that 1.4 million app downloads could provide upward of a hundred million phone numbers. This will enable the Trump campaign to find and target people who have not consented to handing over their personal information. It’s not unlike how Cambridge Analytica was able to harvest the data of nearly ninety million unsuspecting Facebook users, only this time it is one’s friends, family, and acquaintances who are willfully handing over the data for a chance to get a twenty-five-dollar discount on a maga hat.” https://www.newyorker.com/news/campaign-chronicles/the-trump-campaigns-mobile-app-is-collecting-massive-amounts-of-voter-data
  7. What he said is extremely un-PC at a time like this, but he isn't wrong.
  8. Who says these guys are representative of the movement?...just because they yelled BLM? Unfortunately BLM has evolved into a catch-all phrase (separate from the entity itself) that people with vastly different opinions and objectives use. But this suits the racist Trumpsters just fine. De-legitimizing demands for equality and justice is easier when you can conflate it with idiots who break things and scream "BLM!" EDIT: Looks like these dudes are from some obscure group called Africa Town Coalition.
  9. Sort of a misleading tweet in calling this a BLM protest. There's video of it. The 'protest' was 3 jerks showing up at the hospital and causing problems. But whatever fits the narrative I guess.
  10. The CDC screwed up to a degree, but not because it's 'anti-Trump' or 'deep state'. The CDC is just one element of the larger US response which was unprepared and underfunded from the get-go. Should checks and balances exist? Perhaps. But a communications political appointee with no background in medicine/science shouldnt be the entity doing it. I mean Caputo is a Republican strategist for crying out loud. That's political hackery to the extreme.
  11. Jeff Tweedy is amazing. My son turned me on to Wilco years ago.
  12. Quit trolling. Biden being touchy-feely is a world away from being a child predator. Let's not forget Trump's ex-BFF was a child rapist. While there's no indication Trump took part in 'activities', it's practically impossible he was unaware of what was occurring. Trump is mentioned in some of Epstein's accuser's depositions and is on record in old interviews admitting Epstein loves younger women. Trump also recently sent 'well wishes' to Ghislaine Maxwell after she was charged with sex trafficking minors. But whatever, Trump owns the libs so all is good.
  13. Local media here is picking up on complaints that police intentionally exacerbated the violence the night Kyle Rittenhouse shot those people. Here's a colorful account of the events from one of the ‘commanders’ of the militias. The guy's a Rambo wanna-be, but it's an interesting insight to multiple players involved in this mess. https://archive.li/Ipz3Y
  14. If it's so common, does it not illustrate how not-dangerous smoking and driving is?
  15. Right, but would other irresponsible drivers be held to the same standard? How about some ***hole joyriding going 50 miles over and kills someone? A driver who falls asleep at the wheel because he chooses to drive home after a 16 hour shift? Someone who drives a car not fit for the road? Gross negligence comes in many forms.
  16. I suppose that depends on what % of the cartel's profits come from weed. I have no idea.
  17. Well, that's the million dollar question we've been dealing with for ages. How to solve it? Perhaps we should treat the disease instead of throwing trillions at the symptom. All this violence/killing is a byproduct of our immense appetite for drugs. The root of the problem isn't in Mexico, it's here. At the end of the day, the answer lies in diminishing the demand for drugs. Until we do this, nothing is going to change.
  18. Not in any large capacity. Considering the cost, building a wall is a laughably inefficient way of dealing with the drug problem.
  19. A wall isn’t gonna stop drugs. Drug cartels are well-connected, wealthy and sophisticated organizations. They’re not shipping drugs via the desert on frickin' pick-up trucks or by backpack, at least not in large capacity. Doing as such is ridiculously inefficient. The vast majority of this stuff is entering the country by plane and boat, and by cars via ports of entry. Wanna stop drugs into this country? Wanna stop the violence? Quell the demand for drugs. Simple as that.
  20. Nobody but frightened white people want a wall.
  21. It begs the question. Why would Trump allow himself to be audio taped in interviews with Bob Woodward of all people? He can’t be that naive. And not only did he spill the beans about Covid........ Trump disclosed secret weapons system to Woodward: book https://thehill.com/policy/defense/515700-trump-disclosed-secret-weapons-system-to-woodward-book
  22. Draft documents from the Dept. of Homeland Security were just made public that detail the most “persistent and lethal threat” to the US through 2021. Wait for it…. White supremacist extremists C'mon protesters, Antifa and BLM, you're slacking! https://baltimore.cbslocal.com/2020/09/08/white-supremacy-is-most-lethal-threat-to-the-us-dhs-draft-assessment-says/
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