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  1. Probably. And I'm against a federal mask mandate. That should be a state's decision. That said, that has nothing to do with Trump manipulating the CDC in an attempt to deter citizens from getting tested. That's beyond immoral.
  2. Testing and 'living normally' aren't mutually exclusive.
  3. You can carry Covid despite having no symptoms. It's prudent to be regularly tested if you're in regular contact with 60+ year olds. But, for obvious reasons, this Admin doesn't want this. They want lower Covid numbers.
  4. Remember when Trump said “slow the testing down” and the CDC agreed; then Trump lauded them for it? Controversial CDC Guidelines Discouraging Covid-19 Testing Were Imposed On Agency By HHS And White House https://www.forbes.com/sites/mattperez/2020/09/17/report-controversial-cdc-guidelines-discouraging-covid-19-testing-were-imposed-on-agency-by-hhs-and-white-house/#fd9778831077
  5. What's interesting is that many Trump supporters assert that federal and state institutions are horribly corrupt and the 'deep state' is everywhere, yet the institution of law enforcement remains impeccably clean. The only bad actor is the rare unethical policeman. Hmmm.... In the real world, when a government is corrupt, its dept. of justice and law enforcement agencies are always one of the first entities compromised. This isn't rocket science.
  6. The state's top law enforcement officer under investigation by the highway patrol. I'm sure justice will be served.
  7. Nah, although we've made great strides, America has always been racist. You think a black candidate who acts like Trump would be allowed anywhere near Washington? Riiiight. White people would **** themselves. But of course Trump's antics are acceptable because he 'keeps it real'! Yea, real white. Reminds me of this.
  8. Grrrr. These 'biased snowflake studies' are ruining the entire talking point. Asian job applicants with “whitened” first names received a 7 percent higher callback rate than those with “ethnically Asian” first names. https://journals.sagepub.com/doi/pdf/10.1177/0001839216639577
  9. What double standard? Because a small sub-section of the black community has wealth/influence and works against the interests of the larger population it means white privilege doesn't exist? Get real. Going by your rationale, the Jews had no right to complain because the Association of German National Jews supported Hitler, right? "But, but, but, double standard! Wahhhh!!! " Please use your head before posting.
  10. When the topic of diversity comes up, the first thing that pops into everyone's head is a Trump rally, right? . White as a polar bear in a snowstorm. Low minority (especially black) turnout was a big reason why Trump won in 2016. Trump even admitted as such. If blacks turn-out like they did for Obama, Trump will have a rough going of it. Same for Latinos. The highest % of Latino votes in recent elections were for Obama and B. Clinton.
  11. Quit being obtuse. It just means minorities in a position of power are propagating white privilege in some ways.
  12. White on black crime receives more attention because of demographics. Racism negatively affects blacks more than it does whites. Tyranny of the majority. I mean, in the larger picture, we're not far removed from Jim Crow. But this will likely subside in the next 20+ years when demographics shift. We're seeing this with the Generation Z kids growing up in a more welcoming multi-cultural environment. But old habits die hard. The future America is what many Trumpsters are fighting against. The cultural implications of what a future America will look like isn't gonna resemble 'traditional cultural America' in the way many Rep's see it.
  13. I already answered that in an above post. But regardless, it's good to see you acknowledging that white privilege exists, because you're now justifying the reasons for it. So let me get this straight. Because whites are, on average, more educated and the perception exists that we're harder workers, whites therefore are entitled to white privilege? Sounds more like you're describing white power. But whatever.
  14. Quit being difficult. Show me where I said that. Everybody should be judged on their own individual merit. Blacks frequently aren't. They are judged on the stereotype of the whole. Hence why Sara McKenzie will receive more call backs than Shaneeka Jones despite having the exact same resume. White privilege.
  15. Now you're moving the goalposts. Why white privilege exists is a separate topic from the innate fact that it does exist. You initially denied the latter, but now you're talking about the former.
  16. From a cursory search, the government pursued cases against Trump but they were relatively intermediary infractions; so they didn't bring the hammer down. Looks like he pleaded guilty in a civil case and agreed to a few non-prosecution agreements. Interestingly, one was for Civil Rights Act violation for not renting to blacks.
  17. Doing as such is 100% illegal. But as that link detailed, even black employers are subject to hiring whites over blacks.
  18. This just further proves my point that a stigma is attached to the minority job applicant; across the board. As the link details, this is typically the result of an employer's perception that race signals lower productivity. Again, a fully credentialed black job applicant is fighting an uphill battle compared to his/her white counterpart as it pertains to obtaining wealth.
  19. Looks like I hit a nerve with the good ole boy contingent. Yeee Ha! Jokes aside, here's a good everyday example of white privilege. It has nothing to do with the government, or even how hard one works. It just highlights how ingrained prejudice is and how it skews access to wealth nowadays....... 2 resumes, with the same credentials, are sent out to numerous employers. One has the name Eric O'Neill, the other Darnell Jefferson. Eric O'Neill's resume will garner more callbacks. https://www.nber.org/digest/sep03/w9873.html This is the epitome of white privilege.
  20. Well yeah, wealth is power. 'Fortunate son' Trump is one in a billion though. The rest of us are required to earn our privilege and financial security. But this is where race privilege enters the picture because the playing field and opportunity platform to achieve wealth is quite slanted.
  21. Nah, the privilege is more like #daddygavememillions
  22. What are you guys talking about? Trump was sued several times by governmental entities before he was President, including the Justice Dept and City of NY. Trump has a long, long trail of shady business practices and lawsuits; most of which he had the luxury of settling out of court due to his wealth.
  23. What's wrong with that? Jack***es who step over the line should be disavowed. All of them, on both sides. Unfortunately Trump rarely does this - insofar as calling nazis “very fine people”, and recently that Patriot Prayer scumbag a "very fine gentleman". Yes, it's racism (from the highest position in the land) on down.
  24. Be careful with the Trump campaign app. Unlike other candidate's apps, Trump's is attempting to obtain personal information from not only the user, but also the user's contacts via software company Phunware. Very similar to Cambridge Analytica's mining on facebook. “To access the Trump app, users must share their cell-phone numbers with the campaign. “The most important, golden thing in politics is a cellphone number,” Parscale told Reuters. “When we receive cellphone numbers, it really allows us to identify them across the databases. Who are they, voting history, everything.” Michael Marinaccio, the chief operating officer of Data Trust, a private Republican data company, said recently that “what’s new this year, or at least a sense of urgency, is getting as many cell-phone numbers as we can in the voter file data.” An effective way to do that is to entice supporters to share not only their own cell-phone numbers with the campaign but those of their contacts as well. One estimate, by Eliran Sapir, the C.E.O. of Apptopia, a mobile-analytics company, is that 1.4 million app downloads could provide upward of a hundred million phone numbers. This will enable the Trump campaign to find and target people who have not consented to handing over their personal information. It’s not unlike how Cambridge Analytica was able to harvest the data of nearly ninety million unsuspecting Facebook users, only this time it is one’s friends, family, and acquaintances who are willfully handing over the data for a chance to get a twenty-five-dollar discount on a maga hat.” https://www.newyorker.com/news/campaign-chronicles/the-trump-campaigns-mobile-app-is-collecting-massive-amounts-of-voter-data
  25. What he said is extremely un-PC at a time like this, but he isn't wrong.
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