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  1. Yep...and Happy Thanksgiving to every Hawk and their families ❤️ ....Gettin’ excited for Saturday... ... Big day for the program !!! Travel safe ...... Let’s “BRING IT” men !!!!!
  2. T-giving meal for teammates this morning in the dining hall (for the Hawks that couldn’t get home easily)..... ❤️
  3. And it’s on !! .... geaux_sioux with the flying drop kick sending cajuncolonel into the 2nd row !!! GO Hawks !!!
  4. Unfortunately OUR bid didn’t include fine print of $5,000 for “BYOT” (will bring our own tents credit) to beat their $80K... I checked weather... and luckily winds will be “mild” Sat..... #feelingdisrespected #BRING IT GO Hawks !!!!!
  5. Thinking this will be a money grab for hyenas.com (HS agents) to come out of woodwork and “educate” parents to the premium $ pathways for their kid....(buyer beware I guess) I’m sure ALL the drawbacks were considered by NCAA, but I always felt payment was already happening since their school & board + now COA was “comp”-ed and they graduate with no bills..... Confu$ing topic. GO HAWKS keep it going... beat Weber !!!!!!!!
  6. You really don’t get it do you.
  7. C’mon Hawks. 2nd Half rally... settle down and chisel back ... no other option .... Make a pitching change (BB) maybe... take the shackles off Griebel... get Cam touches. Force two turnovers and win a nail-biter. Lez-GO !!!! How bout a little faith in these players... I think y’all care a ton, but post too fast. They can’t read this til after but it would be nice for them to not feel ripped to shreds by the only ones who do care. ⚡️ GO HAWKS !!!!! ⚡️
  8. "GOOD LUCK" to our Hawks today ...... BRING IT !!!
  9. 8,500+.. combined career (RUSHING only) yds. (Griebel/Blubaugh) in Colo. largest classification.... not suggesting any moves cuz those two have settled in well where they are...but there's talent rostered here....if there is interest thinking outside the box a little it wouldn't be a stretch.... (Danny Woodhead - & a Brady/John hybrid....)
  10. Bruckman is a Stud....watched him in a blizzard semi-final last November.... Would be a really good get..... Blubaugh's HS...fyi.....
  11. Rookie out-of-state question, (MK understood), but who is KEM ?
  12. JJ ( maybe a bit lighter but still a big dude ) & London were among the very few not in pads....Both were pretty active & seemed not too far from being able to "go"....
  13. Witnessed practice this morning......crisp 2 hr. workout ..... Nothing truly live, so tough to assess us defensively, but we looked good to the point of attack in the team session...... Kettringham & the QB's looked sharp for the most part....worked a lot of mid and short pass game' and (besides a couple air mailed shotgun snaps) I would guess the staff was pleased with the day....As everyone expected, we look VERY different offensively from Rudyball....... multiple sets and diverse from play to play.....Hawk fans will REALLY enjoy this offense next fall..... Very few Hawks in shorts (injured), so it was nice to see us so healthy.... O-line numbers seemed a bit low, just seems like we should have a few more..... Overall, a nice mid-spring ball practice. GO HAWKS !
  14. Sioux/Hawk Nation...... Just wanted to add a positive comment following the tough series loss last night. I'm a Denver parent of a UND football player.....We put on our kelly green and attended Saturday night.... I'm not aware how well it came across on the streamed broadcast, but if you weren't there you'd have been SO very impressed with both the size and volume of the Dakota faithful...... On several occasions we "owned" the arena with the "LET'S GO SIOUX - LET'S GO SIOUX"..... It was our first UND hockey game.... and got goose bumps as we sat in the end section with that Sea of Green. Our hearts went out to the Seniors as we watched the finality of their last season set in (as they consoled each other on the ice at games end)..... The bar is set high with UND hockey...I get that, but there should be acknowledgement for how hard they battled last night. Guts and heart. We left disappointed but PROUD of where our son goes to school.....and SO excited for 2019 Fightin' Hawk football !!! Congrats to UND Hockey this season........... you have 2 new fans for life.
  15. Agree...He and Griebel were wasted last season and poorly utilized.... That foolishness is gone now..... Freund will utilize his weapons and make us tough to prepare for..... Biggest beneficiary will be our QB. GO HAWKS !!!
  16. Schools use multiple logos ....this could be a solid helmet logo..... I want it for myself on the front of some UND gear..... Sorry...wrong thread...but got in logo mode. I know.....won't happen....too feathery... but hey HAWKS have feathers.
  17. Bison sarcasm.......love it.
  18. Also..all HAWKS want for Christmas is....
  19. I will continue to enjoy the position group write ups in coming days.... I have a few thoughts/comments/questions for the regulars here on the HawkNation site.... Comment 1. Let's ENJOY the invasion trolling from the goat ranchers south of us....You all do a GREAT job of loyally defending the UND tradition...The more they post over here, indicates we are a growing threat to their reign....( if we sucked, they wouldn't bother and although it HAS been more than impressive - ALL dynasties do end ). Question 1. Has UND ever had a schedule that included the Natty champ AND the runner up on the same scheduled year ? (Nationally only ourselves and UCD can say that for next fall.... Ammo for the playoff committee..... & Love it ). Question 2. With a coming schedule that is SO challenging.... should we be trying to add that 12th game (VS. say a D-2) to help qualify....or does a rest week help us more ? Comment 2. We have ALOT returning......a fresh new offensive scheme......and our southern rival loses MANY key people on both sides + a new coach ....we catch the "herd" EARLY in that transition which is KEY..... How much fun would it be to "shock" the FCS on 9/7 ? !!!!!!!!!!! I do know this from talking with several players recently.....our 2019 squad respects what SU has done, but are in no way intimidated and can't wait for the renewed "annual" opportunity. I hope we don't look past Drake and struggle with them week 1 because of our biggie on week 2 tho...... And finally .... Question/Comment 3. Will one of you kind, generous and wealthy Hawk faithful PLEASE pony up and help get the HPC project finished ? I would do it but I only have $60 in the bank after Christmas shopping. :) Merry Christmas from Colorado !!!
  20. Large tailgate area ....in open lot ....up above the dome.... Was well attended when we were there.
  21. Griebel family making the trip from Colo. Flying in Sat. A.M. Go Hawks !!
  22. Both teams in DARK and in such similar uni's doesn't help defending them....Not sure why ISU isn't wearing white.... First time I've seen that in a while.....Cuz our front 7 will need every advantage locating - Dorian - Carlos - and "Turbo" .....they're 3 good backs......Also gotta keep Alexander's "escapes" from the pocket to a minimum..... He's a problem outside the hashes..... I don't think they'll be able to stop our offense, so this game may be up to Coach Schmidt's D, and I think they WILL -----> git 'er done.........Hold em to 28 and we win !!! GO Seniors !!! GO Hawks !!!
  23. You do recall correctly....by game over I was actually inferring to it more of a sure thing, than a situational game ender. As mentioned often on this board..it's the little things that might seem unnoticed with our team. .....personnel usage.... fixable details..... that can add up in a close game. We were good enough to win all 3 of our close losses, and "details" make a difference... (along with a break or 2 from the "zebras"). ....or not....... Let's win these last two. Go HAWKS !!
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