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  1. Brett0909

    UND @ CC -- Friday Gameday

    I’d love to be optimistic about next year’s forwards suddenly changing the story line and blame this tailspin on a few misses or lack of forward talent but in sports or business, this is very reminiscent of classic signs of mediocre/poor leadership we’ve watched from so many other teams. Mike Eaves, York post-Cavanaugh, Lucia, late era Berenson and Parker, etc. In every case, coaches had success but admins waited until the hole was so deep and obvious that it was too late for anything but a complete overhaul, fan interest and revenue were shot, etc. Sears was once a premier store too but didn’t evolve when things stagnated. And yes, if you look at objective outputs, this team is trending similarly to UW, UMN, etc. of recent years whether we want to believe it or not. UND has been so successful for so long that it feels like it’s just assumed they always will and these major warning signs can be ignored and somehow things will just return to normal. My fear is Berry isn’t making the adjustments necessary to right the ship and possibly not even owning the issues. Like a poor workplace culture, strong performers come in and proceed to actually regress over time instead of improving in attitude, consistency, and performance. This is on the leadership in my opinion and why I don’t think bringing in talent alone is going to solve it as some seem to think. UMN always had plenty of talent but Hakstol knew how to put everything together (O actually think he was a better GM mind than game coach). I certainly hope I’m wrong and am no coach, but I’ve led many teams and have seen these same signs many times in business and the red flags are all there. Now I’ve gotten to the point that I just leave games frustrated most nights instead of enjoying it. I was concerned when they hired internally with Berry instead of a nation wide search but ate crow after the NC year. I just hope they figure it out before it all falls apart and/or can make the hard decisions they need to to get back on top, because plenty of other teams are with far less. Maybe next year, right?? Hope everyone one has a great weekend!
  2. Brett0909

    North Dakota at Canisius January 4-5, 2019

    Just me or is it unwatchable for others as well? Constant freezes/buffering...
  3. Brett0909

    North Dakota at Canisius January 4-5, 2019

    Haha. Now it went from nothing to site warning “we have reached out to staff on site about the stream...”
  4. Brett0909

    North Dakota at Canisius January 4-5, 2019

    I got the native playback error on my iPhone, had to try to stream it from google chrome to my TVs chromecast but no feed yet..
  5. Brett0909

    North Dakota at Canisius January 4-5, 2019

    Hopefully the feed just isn’t up. I purchased through Atlantic hockey portal but nothing streaming yet...on my end at least.
  6. Brett0909

    COMMITTED Sioux Recruits

    Apparently! And just for enjoyment (while it lasts at least), they’re a combined 0-8 now...0-9 if you add Harvard in there. Still early, but Quinn’s departure likely being felt and definitely will longer term on the recruiting side. Also seems BC hasn’t been the same level since Cavanaugh’s departure, think a lot of people underestimated him and gave York all the credit. Hopefully there will be a few more top recruits out there for some other teams now.
  7. Brett0909


    Had same issue. Go to the email link (fightinghawks.com/tickets). It brings you to page with hockey, football, etc. options to buy. Don’t click them like I did. instead look for small easy to miss “My North Dakota Account”. Sign in. Click small “Buy Packages/Tickets” toward top. 2019 West Regional package should be on your options and then it’s just cross your fingers on Ticketmaster working. Good luck.
  8. Brett0909


    Agree, mine spun for a good 45 minutes but was just now able to get good tix, still lots available!
  9. Brett0909

    2018-19 Non-UND College Hockey

    Any word on the street if this is expected to impact any specific recruits commitments? With the seeming end to the gentleman's agreement, I'm sure coaches across the country are busy. It's obviously late in the game (unfortunate for both schools and recruits) but I have to imagine some high-end kids had specifically chosen BU and DU because they had NHL-caliber head coaches. I'm going to optimistically read way more than is warranted into UND not announcing final 2018 roster yet and just assume we have a late first rounder addition coming to UND to ease all of our concerns about reloading some finishers onto this team..
  10. Brett0909

    Far too early, but what the hell...Bracketology

    In fairness, I don’t recall offhand what the other bids were but it sounds like other venues aren’t interested in hosting in the “west”? So SCSU may have had to go out east anyway if UND didn’t win this regional. Don’t like the outcome, then bid to host. If you don’t, you’re stuck with the results no matter who you are, at least it’s 100% objectively laid out.
  11. Brett0909

    NORTH DAKOTA @ Miami - FRIDAY Gameday

    I’m definitely having issues with the nchc.tv feed tonight, it’s borderline unwatchable on my end. Worst it’s been all year by a long shot but I’m using the embedded casting option. Probably been frozen 20-30% of the game. Glad it’s working for some of y’all.
  12. Brett0909

    If Not Us, Then Who?

    Definitely wish I had the video editing capability to put together a "highlights" of UMD from this game. Dirty hits, diving, and soap-opera worthy drama, oh my! Duluth fans can try to argue one or two of the videos away but if you captured all of it through the game, the trend is laughable and why Sandy is getting so much flack. There's no way a senior heavy team acts like that top to bottom without coaches not only allowing it for years but at least subtly condoning if not flat out endorsing. I finished the game equally frustrated for UND and deeply embarrassed for UMD fans and thankful we'll never have to be on the wrong side of a tainted win like that. Makes you wonder if that crap is why UMD has very few "good fans". They figure it out and don't stay fans for long. That said, can't wait to see us get the chance for payback in Fargo!!
  13. Brett0909

    NORTH DAKOTA @ St. Cloud State

    Hey all - I have two tickets to both nights games (Fri: Sec 204 Row 7 Seat 15/16 & Sat: Sec 204 Row 7 Seat 1/2). My wife had an uncle pass away up north so we won't be able to make it (second year running, last year was ACL surgery...starting to think the SCSU trip is bad luck). Looking for $25 ($35 face value). Please PM or text me at 701.610.6735 if interested. I can dropoff the physical tickets if you're in the Forks area or get you the reprint/scan tickets from SCSU if you live elsewhere. Unfortunately SCSU is in the stone age so I can't just relist them on ticketmaster.
  14. Try here? http://www.btn2go.com/michigan-state/home I had the same thing when navigating...
  15. Brett0909

    Madison Square Garden here we come - vs BC in 2016

    Tough time for me and the Mrs. to to travel (work) and I agree it should be played at the Ralph, but since we hope to make the trip out there, I won't complain too much. NYC is on her bucket list anyway, so this could be win-win. And I agree - hope Tyson Jost, Fabbro and others are taking note -- in case getting a chance to play for UND at the Ralph regularly and getting ready for the pro's isn't enough, playing in a spotlight game in Madison Square Garden certainly can't hurt when they think about the overall experience UND can offer these young kids.