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  1. And they shall call the ban, the “Schlossman rule”. Way to ruin it for everyone with your top-notch reporting, Brad! Couldn’t just let the NCAA continue operating under cloak and dagger... Guess that proves Brad had an inside source, re: “how do we see who’s in the portal?”!
  2. Hard to believe whatever secret sauce UMD has been relying on for years just suddenly disappeared so abruptly. OT against UND my brain kept saying UND was the better team and something would go, but I knew UMD would somehow make it happen. Felt the same way tonight, but good for UMASS! The streak of UMD not even being a top conference team (mediocre this year) but somehow finding ways to win, ends. Go Huskies, I’ll root for you this year and this year only!
  3. That was rough, especially in attendance. I remember them zooming in on that pic on the broadcast and it did appear it was likely offsides. Definitively? I’m not sure they could say that. Add the huge amount of time it took with remaining uncertainty, and the fact that did one inch really change the play in any way? Heck no. I call screwjob. Good thing they changed the ruling the following year as a result that defensive team gaining possession - as BU did - would negate offsides, so the next time it would be a good goal! (Sarcasm). I’m against goal reviews for offsides in
  4. Same thing here on my FIRETV, booted out and different UI when I finally got back in. All period it would only play from the same pre-game commentary spot, can’t actually get to the game or watch it live even when fast forwarding. Wound up casting from my phone to my tv. Still not working as of right now.
  5. Same. Restarted the FireTv and working now.
  6. I would expect most resellers would honor the transaction and just take no action so the tix remain valid for next year unless contacted... while there’s some bad seeds out there most of them are honest. For the ones that aren’t who request a refund and leave someone with the check, and there probably will be a few, I’m sorry but I don’t know what protections the major resellers offer. I’d hope they’d have solid policies for recourse, there’s certainly a ton of other events in the same situation? Good luck!!
  7. Agreed completely. I found myself thinking Weatherby just couldn’t finish because he always seemed to be “right there” and have a ton of grade A in-tight chances that didn’t go. I eventually changed my opinion as he still put up really strong numbers 10g) and just puts himself in great scoring position a lot. Bold prediction but If he can buy himself a split second more time and improve his net front finishing this year (thinking Gregoire or Malone), I wouldn’t be shocked to see him pot 15+ goals - maybe more if he’s in top 6 on a dedicated scoring line and first PP. Of course, could be
  8. Honestly if I’m a voter who hasn’t watched the teams much, I probably vote Perunovich. Plenty of people had good things to say about him and likely a deserving candidate. While we know Kawaguchi was incredibly deserving, he admittedly had a relatively quiet monster year that wasn’t as flashy for casual observers. His 15 goals weren’t at the normal bar for a forward to win. His GPA wasn’t sterling and his community service listed by UND was pretty generic. The stats didn’t represent how good he really was. Perunovich was a 3x championship participant and his offensive numbers and flashiness wer
  9. Now that things for the 2020/21 season are at least starting to come into focus, and I was bored, I started looking at the team's known scoring losses and what would be necessary to make those up to be on-par with this year's team. Probably no surprise to this group, but for those who don't follow as close, there are some pretty strong stats from the departing players, with obviously large impacts from Michaud and Smith. Overall, the departing group averaged more Pts/G than the remaining group, had a higher shooting %, and accounted for 28% of points, 32% of goals, and 31% of PPGs. All in all,
  10. Big series to open the season. Two of the top teams from the season that never ended...odds that some fans from whichever team wins the series will be re-crowning themselves the de facto champs?
  11. Schlossman just started following Maddox Fleming on the Twitter machine and Maddox is following Berry and Osiecki. If Twitter conjecturing is an indication, he may be a potential recruiting battle between the good guys and UW (so far), and one to watch.
  12. So...two own-goals. Does that mean Mavericks shutout against streak is still alive?
  13. Well said. Yes, media is doing what they do and sensationalizing. Yes, people going into mass hysteria is an overreaction (I should know, living in Seattle where the city is now sold out of TP...proving there ARE very real risks to public welfare, even if not directly virus related). But there’s also a reason the experts are concerned. Whether overreaction or not, the public is going to try to receive medical care for every cold, along with the serious cases, overrunning our hospitals, etc. who aren’t prepared and have no treatment, even therapeutic. Combine that with virus viability, contagio
  14. I’m not strongly on one side or the other, but Berry has stated multiple times that they needed to hold themselves accountable and look in the mirror over the offseason along with the players. Changes were necessary and they implemented them. Were they slow to make those necessary changes to stay on top and deserving of some scrutiny for the years prior? Possibly. Had they not turned the corner this year, most folks would likely still have the same opinion they did before and we’d never really know this team had the capability of being #1. Could they have been really good last year had coaches
  15. Couple observations FWIW: 1) Pleasantly surprised for most part with the Duluth broadcast crew. Didn’t make me cringe or whine the whole time, all I’d ask for. Thankful I had NCHC.tv so didn’t miss the Midco debacle. 2) Team definitely struggled with having no space or time. Adapted to it better by tonight. Impressive how structured and detailed UMD is in their systems year after year, with middling talent. Critical experience for this team, I think these are the games that prepare the NCHC so well for other conferences/post season. 3) Sandy sure gets the most out of his teams. Fa
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