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  1. So we’re already declaring that Sanderson is getting wrongly snubbed this year? IMO, he doesn’t even deserve the Hobey yet based on traditional criteria - top 5-10 likely, and hopefully he puts together a Hobey worthy second half - but maybe we should wait for him to earn it and then see how the vote goes before we play the victim/bias card. It got me curious though, and I hate to challenge the persistent “east coast bias” narrative but a quick count shows 15 of the last 20 hobey baker winners come from “western” schools/conferences. Sanderson is a great player and may put together a Hobey worthy year, but if he doesn’t win, there are a lot of non-conspiracy reasons for it. Let’s see how it plays out first…
  2. Nevermind, first time on this FireTv and it had the start from beginning setting on instead of start live. Stupid!
  3. Is everyone else getting some HS basketball game on their NCHC feed instead of the UND game? Seriously, how have they not figured out how to put the right game on yet?
  4. Amazing how many fans on here are crucifying Weatherby for this decision. Things change. The assumption that because he was interested in helping to move forward the BLM movement, whether anyone agrees or not, confirms this two-time captain selection didn’t have character and we’re better off without him is genuinely surprising to me. His teammates voted him in, but I guess we all know better than any of them what his character was, despite a coaching staff who values character as much as any school in the country…and linking this to his support of minority activism in any way? I’ll assume the best, wish him the best, and give him the benefit of the doubt. For all we know, this was the hardest decision in his life and coaches / teammates encouraged him to take the offer after camp which was undoubtedly a lifelong dream. Until I see indications to confirm he handled this poorly (team is mad at him, credible evidence he was a locker room problem, etc), who are we to judge? It sucks to lose him and the timing is awful, but he may have done everything right here and had best intentions throughout. If that’s not good enough and you would have honestly put your college team’s interests ahead of a lifelong dream no matter the situation, I respect that…but I personally don’t expect blind loyalty from the players.
  5. Random question for the experts…or at least those with a better memory than me…we purchased two Nashville tickets under original season ticket holder allotment years ago. Does anyone happen to recall the details for how they were going to be delivered? It’s been so long I honestly don’t remember and don’t have any tix sitting in my ticketmaster account, and didn’t get physical stubs?
  6. And they shall call the ban, the “Schlossman rule”. Way to ruin it for everyone with your top-notch reporting, Brad! Couldn’t just let the NCAA continue operating under cloak and dagger... Guess that proves Brad had an inside source, re: “how do we see who’s in the portal?”!
  7. Hard to believe whatever secret sauce UMD has been relying on for years just suddenly disappeared so abruptly. OT against UND my brain kept saying UND was the better team and something would go, but I knew UMD would somehow make it happen. Felt the same way tonight, but good for UMASS! The streak of UMD not even being a top conference team (mediocre this year) but somehow finding ways to win, ends. Go Huskies, I’ll root for you this year and this year only!
  8. That was rough, especially in attendance. I remember them zooming in on that pic on the broadcast and it did appear it was likely offsides. Definitively? I’m not sure they could say that. Add the huge amount of time it took with remaining uncertainty, and the fact that did one inch really change the play in any way? Heck no. I call screwjob. Good thing they changed the ruling the following year as a result that defensive team gaining possession - as BU did - would negate offsides, so the next time it would be a good goal! (Sarcasm). I’m against goal reviews for offsides in all cases though. If the linesman can’t tell, it wasn’t important enough to be integral to the play so why does it matter? They don’t review face off infractions or the million other variables that are far more likely to give a team an advantage and scoring opp vs an inch or two. Takes the fun out too when you can’t even celebrate goals.
  9. Same thing here on my FIRETV, booted out and different UI when I finally got back in. All period it would only play from the same pre-game commentary spot, can’t actually get to the game or watch it live even when fast forwarding. Wound up casting from my phone to my tv. Still not working as of right now.
  10. Same. Restarted the FireTv and working now.
  11. I would expect most resellers would honor the transaction and just take no action so the tix remain valid for next year unless contacted... while there’s some bad seeds out there most of them are honest. For the ones that aren’t who request a refund and leave someone with the check, and there probably will be a few, I’m sorry but I don’t know what protections the major resellers offer. I’d hope they’d have solid policies for recourse, there’s certainly a ton of other events in the same situation? Good luck!!
  12. Agreed completely. I found myself thinking Weatherby just couldn’t finish because he always seemed to be “right there” and have a ton of grade A in-tight chances that didn’t go. I eventually changed my opinion as he still put up really strong numbers 10g) and just puts himself in great scoring position a lot. Bold prediction but If he can buy himself a split second more time and improve his net front finishing this year (thinking Gregoire or Malone), I wouldn’t be shocked to see him pot 15+ goals - maybe more if he’s in top 6 on a dedicated scoring line and first PP. Of course, could be wishful thinking since 16g’s led the team this year.
  13. Honestly if I’m a voter who hasn’t watched the teams much, I probably vote Perunovich. Plenty of people had good things to say about him and likely a deserving candidate. While we know Kawaguchi was incredibly deserving, he admittedly had a relatively quiet monster year that wasn’t as flashy for casual observers. His 15 goals weren’t at the normal bar for a forward to win. His GPA wasn’t sterling and his community service listed by UND was pretty generic. The stats didn’t represent how good he really was. Perunovich was a 3x championship participant and his offensive numbers and flashiness were on display every night. And no one voting cares he was soft in his own end. Add to that the ballots I’ve seen from UND hating media folks had Kawaguchi at five or later which is a killer when it comes to aggregate vote count, just shows how much of a joke it is to have essentially glorified and petty fans voting the best player vs qualified and objective experts. The salty side of me is glad that while completely political, at least we aren’t seeing smear campaigns like Frattin experienced. Imagine a montage of Perunovich’s DQ’s, shoulda been suspension, and repeated march to the penalty box for the voters to consider (you know, what UND fans saw all year). Throw in UMD’s diving greatest hits and maybe the playing field is leveled against the persistent dislike by many of all things UND. That said, saltiness and hyperbole aside, congrats to Perunovich on a great (deserving) year that will likely transition into an impact in the NHL, congrats on a NCHC winner, and good luck to Jordan next year!
  14. Now that things for the 2020/21 season are at least starting to come into focus, and I was bored, I started looking at the team's known scoring losses and what would be necessary to make those up to be on-par with this year's team. Probably no surprise to this group, but for those who don't follow as close, there are some pretty strong stats from the departing players, with obviously large impacts from Michaud and Smith. Overall, the departing group averaged more Pts/G than the remaining group, had a higher shooting %, and accounted for 28% of points, 32% of goals, and 31% of PPGs. All in all, that leaves the team in pretty good shape compared to a lot of years, especially with a talented group incoming and a number of talented players who should be ready to take a step. In good news, the team returns 81% of it's GWG. All of this assumes JBD and Pinto's return, which would significantly hurt if not, of course. I didn't bother to do any conjecture of what these numbers would look like without Guch, Kierstad, and some of the other potential departures though, which would have likely meant rebuilding vs reloading. Enjoy and happy Sunday! GP G A P Pts/G Shots Shot % PM GWG PPG SHG +/- Jordan Kawaguchi, F, Jr 33 15 30 45 1.36 71 21.1 8 5 2 0 21 Matt Kiersted, D, Jr 33 6 23 29 0.88 54 11.1 50 1 2 0 22 Shane Pinto, F, Fr 33 16 12 28 0.85 91 17.6 46 3 5 0 19 Collin Adams, F, Jr 35 12 16 28 0.8 92 13 18 6 1 0 25 Jacob Bernard-Docker, D, So 32 7 18 25 0.78 55 12.7 12 0 4 0 21 Grant Mismash, F, Jr 35 8 12 20 0.57 83 9.6 18 1 0 0 17 Jasper Weatherby, F, So 35 10 8 18 0.51 88 11.4 20 1 4 0 9 Judd Caulfield, F, Fr 29 4 8 12 0.41 28 14.3 7 1 1 0 13 Harrison Blaisdell, F, Fr 32 2 10 12 0.38 31 6.5 16 0 0 0 10 Mark Senden, F, So 35 5 6 11 0.31 53 9.4 10 1 0 0 4 Gavin Hain, F, So 28 2 8 10 0.36 36 5.6 13 1 0 0 3 Jackson Keane, F, So 19 1 4 5 0.26 11 9.1 0 0 0 0 -3 Gabe Bast, D, Jr 22 2 3 5 0.23 28 7.1 18 0 1 0 1 Ethan Frisch, D, Fr 31 1 4 5 0.16 22 4.5 17 0 0 0 9 Adam Scheel, G, So 26 0 2 2 0.08 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 Josh Rieger, D, Jr 9 1 0 1 0.11 9 11.1 6 1 0 0 0 Peter Thome, G, Jr 11 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 ***Not Returning*** Westin Michaud, F, Sr 35 16 12 28 0.8 101 15.8 14 3 4 1 19 Cole Smith, F, Sr 34 11 7 18 0.53 68 16.2 37 1 3 1 6 Colton Poolman, D, Sr 31 4 13 17 0.55 37 10.8 4 0 1 1 15 Jonny Tychonick, D, So 24 4 7 11 0.46 12 33.3 14 1 0 0 20 Dixon Bowen, F, Sr 33 6 4 10 0.3 35 17.1 10 0 1 0 7 Andrew Peski, D, Sr 35 1 9 10 0.29 25 4 12 0 0 0 17 Zach Yon, F, Sr 16 0 4 4 0.25 14 0 0 0 0 0 2 Casey Johnson, F/D, Sr 16 1 0 1 0.06 12 8.3 2 0 0 0 0 2019/2020 Team Totals 28.1 135 220 355 10.14 1056 12.8 352 26 29 3 257 2020/2021 Returning Totals 28.1 92 164 256 8.05 752 9.7 259 21 20 0 171 % Returning 68% 75% 72% 79% 71% 75% 74% 81% 69% 0% 67%
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