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  1. The Wild tweeted this earlier today:
  2. I've always thought part of the issue with the logo as it relates to being on a jersey is that the general shape of the logo is rectangular rather than square and for whatever reason it looks weird to me in the context of a jersey (like the mock-up done in the initial SME presentation that Gage was unhappy with).
  3. Fair point. That would be a solid look too, actually (and a way to incorporate the new nickname without having the logo front and center on the jerseys).
  4. I think it would be cool to have an alternate without the number on the front, either with North Dakota in a script similar to St. Cloud's alternates (or like the women's jerseys) or diagonal N O D A K down the front like those jerseys that said S I O U X.
  5. Wasn't there something about Notre Dame's existing deal with NBCSN that impacted that? It's not really apples and oranges if that's the case. I agree with you, though. If there are BTN revenues involved its at least worth considering. It's just unclear to me whether the Big Ten said "No way" or Notre Dame didn't want it.
  6. Got it. I agree completely with that sentiment.
  7. So are you of the opinion that it's not possible to both support the new nickname and still wear Fighting Sioux gear? Are we supposed to burn it all? I'm all for moving forward with the way our teams are marketed and branded, but I will also always wear my Sioux gear with pride as a nod to the past. If the new hockey jerseys look nice I'll buy one. I never felt the need to replace my Sioux jersey with a North Dakota one.
  8. FYP
  9. Yes. Thanks for clarifying!
  10. 3-2 now. There are an estimated 13 people in attendance. Edited to say 3-2
  11. Anyone have a picture of the new logo at the Alerus yet?
  12. There's a joke to be made here about putting the flame in the D, but I'll leave that to someone else.
  13. Two Hearted is my standard order at JL Beers if i'm not in the mood to try something new.
  14. Anybody else a fan of Bell's Hopslam? It's a double IPA that is very good. They only brew it once a year and it is usually released in February. As of yesterday, JL Beers still has some on tap. Give it a try if you're an IPA fan.
  15. They also were wearing them during the game Mark got hurt during that season. I remember the Ralph roaring during a 5 on 3 PK when he blocked the shot that injured his leg. EDIT: Worn because they could clinch the Penrose that night.