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  1. UND vs Union Friday & Saturday

    All have been sold.
  2. UND vs Union Friday & Saturday

    $15 each.
  3. UND vs Union Friday & Saturday

    Will take $20 each.
  4. So what does this mean for hockey jerseys? CCM was sold by Adidas in July. Will they go back to RBK (owned by Adidas) or will they be Adidas branded like the new NHL jerseys?
  5. I've got 4 tickets available for both nights against Union. 2 are in 301 and 2 are in 303. Looking for $30 each. PM me or text me at 701-429-1003.
  6. 2017 Attendance

    Agreed. My brother and I are going to tailgate, go to the football game and then let it ride into pregaming for hockey. Should be a great day!
  7. 2017 Attendance

    It's possible this could help things too. People might be more likely to want to tailgate/attend the football game as part of pregaming for hockey.
  8. Grand Forks Sales Tax Vote

    This is my thought as well. GF would still be lower than Fargo, Minot and Williston with the increase. It's not like we're going to be setting a record for oppressive sales taxes.
  9. Grand Forks Sales Tax Vote

    1.75%. So total combined sales tax with ND's 5% is 6.75%.
  10. No, it's ridiculous. If they have to charge anything it should be a nominal fee. Sorry, imasiouxfan!
  11. FYI - the Ralph allows you to buy a lap seat for children over 2 if they are going to sit on your lap. That might be a good (and cheaper) alternative option. http://www.theralph.com/guest-services/a-z-guide
  12. UND vs Minnesota Friday

    Tickets have been sold.
  13. UND vs Minnesota Friday

    I have 2 in 303 available for Friday. Looking for $150/each. Text me at 701-429-1003.
  14. I've got 2 in 215 row K. $20 each. PM me or text me at 701-429-1003