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  1. I still hate it! To pc for me.
  2. Ugh, of course it's a boxing match, that's the only way Mayweather has a chance in hell to win. Good luck Conor!!! I'll be rooting for you for sure!!!!!!!
  3. Carful, you're going to offend and upset someone, but I'm 1000% with you!!!!!!!! GO SIOUX!!!
  4. I don't think it hurts boxing at all if McGregor wins. It's just 2 guys with different fighting styles that want to fight each other and I hope Mayweather gets his ASS handed to him!!!!!!!! Punch....run away.....punch.....runaway, I'm the greatest, BS, you're a little p*ssy!
  5. That's because they got their way and their tender feelings aren't hurt anymore. I wonder if they've come out of their safe spaces yet because it is alright to do that now.......I think
  6. Yes........the right decision was made for the left side so they'd stop crying about it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. I'm going for the Predators, the Hawks have to have some sort of relief after getting swept by them.
  8. NO, I want to like McDavid! It's Eichel I don't want to like so he can whine and dive all he wants
  9. I'm not waiting for a new logo and I'm not going to get used to it. And now a days anything we get is going to be generic cuz they would pander to all the babies that want to find something offensive in everything!!!
  10. I wonder if they'll need a safe space and a cup of hot chocolate if they see someone wearing a Fighting Sioux jersey? I have 11 jerseys, we can try it out!!
  11. Still never buying a Hawks jersey!!!!!
  12. That even hurts to look at!
  13. Nope, did not know that, haven't watched the news in a while, been watching the NHL playoffs
  14. HAAAA HAAAA LOL, something going on with United? I didn't get that one
  15. HAAA lol