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  1. Well we're out of the frozen four and the nc$$ is happy
  2. Well the NCAA got their money from fargo and UND is out so I'm sure that "conclusive proof" is good enough for them
  3. We need Tucker back, next year either him or Jost is captain and him and Colton are the first defensive pairing
  4. I can clearly tell from that pic that Hoffs skate is a centimeter over the blue line!!! :/
  5. And they could give a $HIT less if it was!!!! little10 ref: let's say it's offsides and hope BU scores, we don't want Ohio, if they win, playing the Sioux cuz the Sioux will kill them! other ref: I AGREE!
  6. Poolman or Poganski, maybe Jost with the C if they stay, Rhett, maybe Olson with an A
  7. Are they charging for parking?
  8. The coin picked the Sioux against BU but Duluth over the Sioux, but it doesn't matter cuz the Sioux are going to destroy the dogs!!!!! GO SIOUX!!!
  9. I don't know how to put tweets on here but I thinking it was Dave that tweeted the NCHC reviewed the hit and chose not to suspend pionk if I read that right
  10. Is that for home playoffs or getting in the NCAA tournament?
  11. I didn't realize we are that close, awesome!!!
  12. So Minny looses to pen st and moves to a first seed........makes perfect sense I guess
  13. So the key to win games is take out the other teams best players......GOT IT!
  14. I can't wait to hear the dogs get the $HIT booed out of them!!!!!! GO FIGHTING SIOUX!!!
  15. And they'll be deleted right away