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  1. I'm going for the Predators, the Hawks have to have some sort of relief after getting swept by them.
  2. NO, I want to like McDavid! It's Eichel I don't want to like so he can whine and dive all he wants
  3. I'm not waiting for a new logo and I'm not going to get used to it. And now a days anything we get is going to be generic cuz they would pander to all the babies that want to find something offensive in everything!!!
  4. I wonder if they'll need a safe space and a cup of hot chocolate if they see someone wearing a Fighting Sioux jersey? I have 11 jerseys, we can try it out!!
  5. Still never buying a Hawks jersey!!!!!
  6. That even hurts to look at!
  7. Nope, did not know that, haven't watched the news in a while, been watching the NHL playoffs
  8. HAAAA HAAAA LOL, something going on with United? I didn't get that one
  9. HAAA lol
  10. I actually would've loved to see him get absolutely demolished next season by one of our guys!!!
  11. Unless it's against UND I guess, sorry still really bitter about that
  12. That looked just off sides to me by a little
  13. Just saw that and immediately thought of UND BU :/, ours wasn't a goal and that was, WOW
  14. How funny would it be if pionk turns pro and runs through Miska in a game lol
  15. That's better!