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  1. I can't recall, when do you usually get called for relocation requests?
  2. I've had a food poisoning case that has lead me to Indian food aversion
  3. champagne taste
  4. Pics or it didn't happen, right?
  5. How many spots can you take up on your first come, first serve deal? Like at 7 am, is it just a big game of parking lot Risk where you take up as much territory as you can? We kinda buy stuff to fill up the spots we get (we request more adjacent spots every year). BTW, we have some cool stuff on deck this year, but probably no sushi chef again.
  6. Simple fact is, if we lose reserved tailgating spots, it's probably the end of my investing in tailgating gear.
  7. I would just google a seating chart for the Alerus, and call the box office at the Ralph. They will usually take the time to talk you through it. We talked with them extensively so we could get 16 seats together this year (8 & 8 on top of each other), so our tailgate group could stay together, so in my experience, they are very willing to work with you.
  8. The campaigns seem to be quite a bit more professional this year.
  9. Do you think it would be UND? or the Alerus management group
  10. What do you guys think of the mentioning of indoor pre-game stuff in the ballrooms? I personally don't like it, but that's a guy who bought a bread truck for outdoor tailgating. Do you think that'll play later in the year with the cold weather? I personally loved that November tailgate this year myself, but it did get a little packed inside our truck and tent from people trying to warm up.
  11. I don't hate it. And I'm not sure you are aggressive enough with the 1 hour thing
  12. yeah I get that's annoying. We try to buy more spots around us each year, because we have a couple adjacent spots that doesn't see too much use. We keep buying more and more crap each year, so we would love to snag those up.
  13. Personally, I'd be pretty pissed if they got rid of reserved spots. I get the concern, but I drive 700 miles round trip for each game. It's pretty nice to know where we'll be. Also, there are people who started coming to games after coming and tailgating with us. People kind of stop by and visit every week once they figure out where everyone is.
  14. Finally! Official hats for the bucket hat brigade
  15. I was able to navigate Utah's drinking laws at the basketball tourney towards a pretty good time. Plastic flasks don't show up on metal detectors