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  1. UND Football 360

    my employer could sue for this. My attention on Friday's is lackluster at best to begin with; now we are going to throw in a Friday afternoon reveal for me to speculate about?
  2. Improving the game day experience

    Well we cleaned up, but we for sure left the rig there overnight. I'm guessing they don't want me to drive after those games.
  3. Improving the game day experience

    right? try not to kill your phone starting early and leaving it on in the battery succubus that is the Alerus.
  4. Improving the game day experience

    do they not already? because this is another thing we did plenty last year
  5. Improving the game day experience

    Cool. We've never been stopped from going in earlier though.
  6. 2017 Attendance

    I really don't like when they use that orange with green.
  7. 2017 Attendance

  8. What do you think of the logo now??

    anything to get those lines moving, I say
  9. Fall Camp Updates 2017

    Bless you Teeder!!
  10. What do you think of the logo now??

    What I wear to the game has a lot to do with what I think looks good that day and, quite stupidly, superstition. I wore my green F'hawks shirt throughout the football run last year because they kept winning in it. Otherwise, some games I might have opted for my old "Sioux crew" shirt (which are still cool). If I hear a let's go Sioux chant, I'll chime in. If I hear let's go Hawks, I'll clap and yell too. I won't leave a guy/gal hanging on a Sioux yah yah either. I do, however, reserve my booing for opposing teams, fans, referees, scores from around the country that I don't like, Bob Kelley appearances on the big board (08-12 I can't help that), any mention of rival teams, commercials I don't care for, beer prices that are too high, lines for the bathroom that are too long, 2 beer limits, when the wrong little kid wins the dance off, when a guy beats the cute college girl in the intermission/halftime/timeout challenges, and when the arena plays dumb new music. But I do not boo our team/team name. On this note, we should bring back hissing. I've always heard of booing and hissing, but I never hear hissing. Let's hiss the heck out of people.
  11. Server change tonight

  12. 2017 Season

    You can get hurt in non contact offseason drills... I say if you have the horses, let 'em run. He's pretty dynamic returning them, I guess I just don't see why you'd shy away from such a weapon.
  13. What do you think of the logo now??

    There are plenty of hills to die on, I suppose
  14. What do you think of the logo now??

    I'm I was being facetious, but obviously it's quite bold, I mean, folks how many feathers does this bird have to ruffle before we give it its due as being controversial!
  15. What do you think of the logo now??

    Real interesting that the people who want to put the Fighting Hawks name on ice, don't want to put the logo at center ice. I guess that's what's called consistency in 2017. I can't keep up. I think the problem is that the fighting hawks logo is actually to aggressive for people, but I don't know anyone ready to sink their claws into that can of worms. I'm pretty bored today.