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  1. Geez, I hope so......I had it DVR'd with the pledge to myself that I'd never erase it.......and then mistakenly did!
  2. That would be wonderful!
  3. Mismash just scored.
  4. Amen to that!
  5. Is that actually true?
  6. Hey, sympathies to you the rest of her family.
  7. That's really the point I was trying to seems like unfinished business.
  8. Makes me wonder what his UND legacy will be......and what it could have been.
  9. This coming season or the year after?
  10. I saw 2 at West Acres at noon!
  11. Just so they decide right away instead of waiting late in the off season like some.....
  12. I hope they're snapped up by ND fans!
  13. Really!? 16 years too late. It would have made sitting through a 25-22 Miami vs. Tennessee game bearable (yes, baseball).
  14. I hope he's a very loyal individual.
  15. Anyone know what Gavin Hain's plans are for next year?