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  1. Jerseys

    I just meant I didn't think it counted as barber pole. It has chest stripes and waist stripes, just like MTL.
  2. Jerseys

    If Ottawa's jerseys are barber pole, then so are Montreal's.
  3. Jerseys

  4. Jerseys

    Did you actually think this was a serious concept? I just swapped out red for green on the ugliest jersey I could find!
  5. Hockey Streaming

    Great Content NCHC.tv is the only source for watching over 140 live games featuring NCHC schools, complemented with great video-on-demand content, including post-game highlights, press conferences, full archived games, condensed games, unique features during each week of the season, and much more! As part of the partnership extension, NeuLion will commit resources to help broaden the reach of NCHC.tv and deepen the content offerings available to fans. The NCHC and its member schools are also enhancing various aspects of their live game production standards. -UNDsports.com
  6. Hockey Streaming

    including all home non-conference games, almost every conference game, exhibition games and all NCHC Quarterfinal contests -UNDsports.com
  7. Hockey Streaming

    How many und games do you usually get? With the league pass
  8. Hockey Streaming

    Alright then. Thanks everyone!
  9. Jerseys

    I like them!
  10. Jerseys

    I kinda like the shiny-ness...
  11. Hockey Streaming

    And what is it?
  12. Jerseys

    Good their is more than one! I'm about to (hopefully) snag a black toewser from LockerRoom sports.
  13. Jerseys

    I get it! no one else likes it!
  14. Hockey Streaming

    On nchc.tv, the package selection appears to have two packages; NCHC Annual Pass, and School packages, but that doesn't have a price/Choose Pass button. ???
  15. Jerseys

    is that an eye roll?