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1 WEEK CHALLENGE for SS members.................................

Im setting up a challenge for you to win a 1959 retro jersey. It will be XL #1. No exceptions


pm (personal message) me 5 players from the WCHA for this week. No more than 1 player per WCHA team and 2 Team defenses. The ss member with the most points after this coming weekends games will take home the jersey. everyone who ties will get thrown into a hat for the jersey...... winner will be announced next sunday.

example team to send to me


oshie - und

wheeler - um

rau - cc

lasch - scsu

shelast - mtu






goal = 3 points

assist = 1 point

hattrick = +5 points onto total


shutout = 6 points

1 goal = 4 points

2-3 goals = 2 points

4 goals = 1 point

5 + goals = o points

these have to be submitted to me by wednesday night. so you have 3 days to send me rosters. no exception after midnight g-forks time wednesday.

just wanted to do something fun for the ss members - submit 1 roster. you cant send one then send another so make sure its to your liking - include your ss member name, full name and email as well. title the mesage JERSEY CHALLENGE - GOOD LUCK


Minnesota State at Minnesota-Duluth

Wisconsin at Denver

St. Cloud State at Minnesota THEN Minnesota at St. Cloud on saturday

Michigan Tech at North Dakota

Alaska-Anchorage at Colorado College




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Thanks for the opportunity

after being a Sioux hockey fan for nearly 30 yrs I got my 1st Jersey for xmas - (does this become habit forming ? :D )

Yes it does become a habit. The only thing holding me back from owning more jerseys is my wife. 4 jerseys and counting.

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Everyone that ties will be thrown into a hat for the jersey. So if there are 10 ties but different lineups then everyone gets a chance that tied. I will conduct a system with another SS member to help me pick the winner. so far we have 18 entries so keep them coming if you want in and remember I WONT TAKE ENTRIES AFTER MIDNIGHT WEDNESDAY G-FORKS TIME.

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so whoever has the most points wins? or is everyone going into a hat?

YES, if one player has most points they win but if there are a bunch if ties which i bet there will be a few, all ties go into a hat and the winner then will be picked out.............

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scanning the nominess for the contest is see............we ended up with 67 entrees

rau have close to 60 votes i think.......lasch must have over 40 votes, oshie in mid 30's along with wheeler and trotter.......watkins, bina and trupp got 1 ;) kaip with a few...meyers from umd got 1 as well............vande velde a few............duncan around 20 or so...barriball and gordon with a few each for minny.....nodl, dey and roe capped off the rest of the scsu votes.............ruegsegger, rahkshani and bozak rounded out the rest of the DU votes.......turris and street got a few each for sconnie........bruess, berge and hanson got a couple from msu.....sweatt, kilpatrick and vallapoulaos got a few here and there for CC............mckight, kemp and sharp maybe 1 or 2 each for umd......clark got 1 for uaa....roleau and shelast a couple each........and for defenses, lets just say pretty much every player 2 of these schools..........UND, CC or DU...........1 uw and mtu...scsu, msu, a few umd's thrown into the mix as well.......

every team got a nomination!

thats my scientific breakdown, GOOD LUCK :D

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ah damn it. how come this wasn't closer to the top all the times i was in here?

is it still wed by GF time? ;)

sorry, snooze you lose ;) ive turned many more away, just fair to others who did it by wednesday midnight like it says in the rules :D

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I think Turris is going to carry over his play from the WJC and have a good series this weekend! Hopefully not too many people picked him because I would really like to be wearing a new SIOUX JERSEY!

there were a handful of turris picks so if he goes off for a hatty you may be in good shape..same goes fro a few others that werent picked that much. vande velde , bozak, rahkshanni ect............

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Are you planning on listing the scores when this all over? Just curious how everyone will do. Also, how many people chose Nodl and Rueggsegger? Thanks.


doubt ill have time to lsit every roster with every score. will list the top ones if need be. thanks

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