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I have to agree with leaving Stroup out of the game if he isn't healthy. Win or lose they still have a good chance to make the postseason, and having him for the stretch run is important. That and the bye next week will help this very much banged up football team.

A win going into the break would probably help them heal a tiny bit..... :love:

I can't wait for this game, it should be a classic!

UND 31

Omaha 30

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Actually not much of a rotation, the UND band only went once when I was there, but I can't remember if that was '99 or '00. It wasn't a good experience as the NDSU fans booed throughout the entire performance and then the UND band was stuck at the very top corner of an endzone. IIRC Lots of the UND band members didn't really get much for food either as each section for NDSU was responsible for feeding instead of just have a big band mixer.

2000 was the last year the Pride went to Fargo. In 01, the NDSU band came up to the Alerus Center.

02 was Omaha, 03 was Mankato, 04 was Omaha again, and 05 was a non-marching trip to Mankato, because the Mankato band didn't want to be shown up again (since they only play pep band tunes, and don't march a halftime show). This year, as already stated is a trip to Duluth.

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Does anyone know if the game will be on at any of the Joe Senser's locations?

It should be. I've watched televised Sioux football games there in the past. But you should call today and make sure they are aware of it and will be putting it on a screen. And then get there early so you can sit near the designated screen.

Bloomington: (952) 835-1191

Eagan: (651) 687-9333

Plymouth: (763) 559-1990

Roseville: (651) 631-1781

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