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Coaching status/change for UND?


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It's an interesting rumor. Moving from the Lincoln head coach to a UND assistant would probably entail a noticeable pay cut, but it might be the right career move anyway. A resume that includes an NCAA championship, NCAA scoring leader, very successful USHL coach and UND assistant coach would be pretty impressive.

Anyway, it's probably just a little rumor.

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That would be the same as last your for us.  We brought Motzko in.  It is a great career move.  Your get to learn from one of the best ( Blaise, Lucia).

Well, at least Blais. :lol:

This was funny more than anything, but on Friday night during the Gopher game the gophers were down to mankato 2-1. They were on the PP almost right away in the 3rd period. There was dead air in the arena and I stood up and yelled "Hey Lucia, Blais would pull his goalie!".

I got a couple of angry looks from down in front of me in my section.

(Turns out he didn't need to pull his goalie, as they tied it up on that PP. I guess he showed me)

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StarzUND--Who did you hear this from? I also heard this from one of the Sioux announcers who knows Steve Johnson well. He did acknowledge that it was just a rumor, and questioned whether it was true given the salary that Steve Johnson makes as a coach and general manager. In that same conversation, I was told that Dean Blais is not leaving because he assured the parents of Zach Parise and Brady Murray that he was not going anywhere while their kids attended UND.

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- The Tech position is open.

- A DIII job just opened up out east because that coach just took over Clarkson.

- Some others will probably open around the country soon as well.

Could one of the UND assistants be looking to become a head coach somewhere?

Steve Johnson filling an assistant's role in Dean Blais' staff would set him up to become the head coach come the day that Dean does retire. (Blais' is currently negotiating for beyond his current contract which ends at the end of the 2004 season.)

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The person who started the rumor isn't exactly a reputable source. I know a few years ago there was an article in the Lincoln paper about the possibility of Steve becoming the coach at UND after Blais's contract expires. Isn't Hakstol an associate coach or something? Wouldn't it make sense for him to step up after Dean leaves? I haven't heard any recent talk about Steve leaving though. Personally I hope not, I realize that he's not going to want to coach Jrs his whole career but he's one of the most successfull coaches in the USHL and it would be very hard to replace him.

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