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North Dakota vs. Ferris State


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I have never posted on this site before as i usually don't have anything really exciting to say.......but this tv/no tv for friday's game has me getting more wound-up every minute. I am still at work ( 2+ hours later that usual) waiting for a definate answer if the game is on or not. I enjoy listening to Tim Hennessey on the radio but would rather have it on tv. Ever tried to listen to the radio with the game on the dish? i wish it there wasn't such a delay....

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The delay is ridiculous. A couple of weeks back I was listening on the internet and another guy UND95 pretty much gave us play by play because we were running about four minutes behind on the net. Plus it was full of static. I have a better chance of going down the game and listening in the lobby to whats going on.

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I just got this email from midco

"Below is the statement we found on the Fighting Sioux's website.

Television: Friday's game has not been scheduled to be televised locally

as of Monday, Mar. 24, but that is subject to change. Please visit

www.fightingsioux.com for telecast details as they become available.


Best Regards,

Scott G.

Customer Service

Midcontinent Communications"

It came from questions@midco.net I think the more emails that they get the better chance that they will put it on. the email address I sent it to was different. mccomm@midco.net

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and i did a whole bucnh of errors too

sr - were you in a hurry when you wrote this? 'cause you have "errors" correct AND you used the proper form of "too/to/two" -- what's up? I'm getting used to decoding your stuff and then you throw a "curve of correctness".

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