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If that's true...it'll certainly be nice to have him back. Unfortunately, it doesn't seem as if defense has been our biggest problem of late. Scoring 1-2 goals a game is not going to get us to the FF, especially with the inconsistency at goaltending we've had this year.

Who knows...if Hale does return, it might spark something in the team that really gets them going in the Regionals.

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After being out this long, he will certainly not be at full strength, but it is great news for the team. They've not been the same without him.

Even having lost 20 lbs, I'll bet he will still play excellent positional defense and lay some smack down with his hard checking style. I'm thinking the Sioux will be better with him in there.

Last night, there were LONG stretches of time where Duluth kept the puck in our zone. Hale will help ensure that doesn't happen out East.

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It's great to hear that David Hale is cleared to play. I do find it odd that a official of the alumni association and the AD, neither of whom are linked to the hockey team would make such an announcement. Being cleared to play and playing are a long way apart. Even to have David in the arena will boost the Sioux. I'll believe he's playing when it comes from the UND coaching staff. It's "Announcements" like that from TO and RT that create the BS that arose from Coach Blais not linking up to "No Class" Eddie Schultz on his radio show. I know that O'Keefe and Thomas like to keep in the limelight but releasing info on a hockey player's return to action based on being cleared to return to practice :) - C'mon

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From today's Herald:

It appears that junior defenseman David Hale will return to the Sioux lineup this weekend. Hale, who hasn't played since late January because of illness caused by a kidney disorder, has practiced with the team the last two days.

"He's ready to go and feeling well," Berry said. "It's a matter of him getting his legs and getting some conditioning in. You can tell in practice this week that he brings a lot to the table. Practices are more intense with him out there."

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