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Duncan: Ref wanted to fight me


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Huh? :) Why would I do that?

i dont know, maybe because its a NBA story :angry:

funny though, wish duncan would have backhanded that ref..the damn refs always want more attention than players it seems. just blow the whistle when need be and thats enough in any sport! and besides dunca was just laughing and crawford flipped out..halarious :silly:

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it was happy wour 1 hour and 59 minutes ago.

I am waiting till thursday night working the over night shift all week and they frown on people driking anything but pop and coffee at work, hopefully Friday night I am crossing my fingers the races will happen this week. :D Left turn season coming right up.

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I see that Crawford was suspended indefinitely. Papa Shep are you paying attention. 3 words: No more Adam! :silly:

HA! Daddy Shep nor McLeod doesn't have the balls to do what Stern did. First off, it would admit that they don't have as much control or good enough accountability practices as they believe they do and it would admit that fact to the general public. Second, I don't think they truly are capable of seeing fault in their officials. Daddy Shep has the "Good ole boy" relationship going strong with these guys. Could you see Daddy Shep suspending sonny boy for anything?

With this NBA ref, there are two different stories. The one that Stern says that Crawford told him and the one that the ref told the VP of the league. If Stern is correct, and Crawford did indeed tell Stern that he made a mistake, then honestly, I think the reinstatement should almost be automatic for next season. If he remains bull headed saying he was right, then the NBA will lose one of its most experienced refs.

Oh, and by the way, replace Stern with either of the two dullnamic dunces and, if forced to take action, Crawford will sit out 1 month, maybe less. Maybe he'd miss the remaining regular season. Whatever it is, it would be a pitiful suspension if suspended at all.

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