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First goal of the season ?


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OK, with the season rapidly approaching who do you think will be the first to put the biscuit in the basket ? The second part of this question is.... which freshman will get in the scorebooks first ?

Woooo, Whooooo!!!!!

First goal, Dunan

First penalty, Jones

First freshman in scorebook, Genoway

See ya at the tailgate!!!!!

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First even-strength goal: Duncan

First frosh goal: Vandevelde

First penalty: Radke

First save: Lamoreaux

First blocked shot: Bina

First power play goal: Oshie

First short-handed goal: Toews



Oshie and Toews have the potential to cause some opponents fits on special teams this year. I hope we see them together on the PP and the PK.

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1st goal/freshman goal and assists - forney from oshie and lee

1st penalty - jones, 2 minutes for rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrroughing

1st powerplay goal - toews from oshie and radke

1st block shot - darcy zajac

1st shorty - oshie on a breakaway from phil (yes the goalie) ;)

1st shot on goal - porter

1st HUGE it - bina

1st penalty by a 6'7 paul bunyan look a like - finley :silly:

1st shutout - IN PHIL WE TRUST

1st goal by a former moorhead standout - vandevelde

1st goal by a former shattuck player - toews

1st goal by a player with his first name that rhymes with gunter - HUNTER BISHOP ;)

1st real fight of the year - kaip

OK, IM DONE...........time for an other icy cold one

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