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UND (2-1) @ Pacific (2-2) 11/20 10PM


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1 hour ago, sioux24/7 said:

UND heads out west to face Pacific. KenPom has UND at 244 and Pacific at 219 and predicts an outcome of 79-74, Pacific. Would be huge to go out there and snag a W, they absolutely boat raced us last year at the Betty. 

Hopefully UND goes out there with revenge on their mind. That was a good ole fashioned butt whooping at the Betty last year. 

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Pacific shoots 27% from 3- 39% from Field- 62% from the line..

Opponents are shooting 26% from 3- 46% from Field have shot 26 more FT's on the year.

Pacific getting outrebounded by 9 and TO's are pretty even.

Hopefully the boys can put together a good game tonight, very winnable.

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1 minute ago, GoodGood said:

I love when a commentary team has a random old dude who just cuts in randomly 

Northern Arizona I believe was always the best haha. I think he might have done the big sky tourney too or that was some other old guy. 

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Just now, gfhockey said:

Living by the three dying by the three, I’m afraid this game we are going to die by the three we are getting outcoached again

It's all comes down to rotations/lineups and defensive philosophy right now

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