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Earl Strinden (1931-2022)


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Lived in Litchville, ND for a few years as a very young kid. We moved from Litchville to Linton when i was going into first grade. I spent quite a bit of time in Earl and Janice's and his brother Theron and Mavis's living rooms raiding the hard candy dish as a youngen. We essentially lived between them. Great family who did a lot for North Dakota and UND.

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The quintessential EARL at 4:05 from a quaint old NFL films story on the UND-NDSU rivalry.   I miss Rocky - is he still alive?

Mr. Strinden - we would never agree on politics but I always appreciated your dogged determination and dedication to UND.

Thank you for all the hard work - you have earned your rest and the gratitude of all UND fans.


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