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Dallas Kopp


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1 hour ago, NoiseInsideMyHead said:

Saw on Twitter that Equipment Manager Dallas Kopp has passed away.

Got used to seeing him on the sidelines at the AC.


Ah that’s too bad. Nice guy and know his family pretty well. 

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Very sad to hear this. Dallas was one of the Phyed teachers I worked with at Red River High School in the late 70's when I was a student Teacher. He was terrific to work with. Dallas, Ken Towers  all the greats. RIP Dallas Kopp from a Canadian that will always remember you.

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20 hours ago, gfhockey said:

I remember early 90/ he was driving bus

he drove us in high school to red ray lanes for "PE" class....he took a left onto 17th from s washington by hugo's ....he had that large school bus doing about 41mph before we were even with the current day o' for heavans cakes.....me and my buddies we laughling so hard....if he didn't hit a red light at 20th i wonder what his top speed would've been when he would've turned at apollo to drop us off...

great great guy

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