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Sioux Survivor Game #5 2021-2022


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Picks for tonight

Round 2:

Vegas_Sioux – Hain, Gaber
siouxczech29 – Portz, Gaber
dakotakKid92 – Matteo, Hain
SiouxperSiouxFan – Jake, Matteo

SiouxperDave – Hain, Senden
Dirtpile – Matteo, Judd
zqglmtv – Matteo, Jake
Stack – Jake, Gaber
The Sicatoka – Jamernik, Ford
Siouxperior – Jake, Jamernik

Hawkster – Hain, Gaber
Reformed Gphr Fan – Matteo, Gaber

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On 12/26/2021 at 8:45 PM, dakotaKid92 said:

 Great googalie moogalie!  You're way ahead of the game, sfbaby. I thought I was late on my pick, but mercifully, I’m on vacation for a few days and just realized that Saturday afternoon is still days away ;) 


As we used to say on those spring break skiing trips, what day is it anyway?


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