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This was THE turning point in D2 footbal in my opinion....NDSU came off as self-centered jerks and Rocky as a hokey dork (but he LOVES HIS TEAM :p:love: )!!! UND came off as a real team and GUESS WHO WON??? and who has WON since....good thing NDSU can dominate the NAIA as a division one AA team!!!! WOW - They are THE ND state university!!...ps...we play THE OHIO STATE in womens hockey this season and guess WHO will WIN???....how you doin' :D:D:D

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I have heard "Fire and Ice" talked about, but never seen it..... :D

It's a classic if you want to see Rocky as the cornball dork everyone thought he was...(complete with profanity, "bury me at the 50 yard line of Dacotah Field", and "Grampa Hager" references) The story relayed to me by Canuck is they originally planned to do it on the two Cheatham brothers (1 at UND/1 at NDSU at the time) - then they met Roger and Rocky and their, shall we say, contrasting personalities and changed their plans. Hilarity ensues :D:D Best part is the tearful Bison locker room after the game and Rocky saying...."just remember...we love you!" :p:love::D like a said...A CLASSIC :D:D:D

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i'm pretty sure you guys have an open invitation to visit fargo

What good would that do us? Done all we could in that building.

Of course NDSU wants to play, they got 54 scholarships. Real tough to come out and act big when you just added twice the depth you had the year before, and UND didn't. But, I suppose they feel confident they could actually win one. I suppose they would want the nickel then too, huh? Probably not, you got the Marker now :p

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i don't care if we play again, but this is not the sentiment of our athletic department

or at least wasn't last february when the rivalry ended

so...if YOU don't care...and (institutionally) decided to stack the deck..don't blame US for not wanting to play you in Fargo. I think UND should have pressed for a game this season UP HERE! Hey...you're big time now...but sucking air for decent games (nice 11,000 attendance for your last two --- OOOHHHHH d-one AA is REAL BIG TIME) I don't blame UND for not crawling on their knees to Fargo to play a "BIG OPPONENT" - Why should they?:D If you REALLY wanted to play us and, maybe, beat us to prove what a BIG TIME school you are...come on up the I boys....It would be a guarenteed sellout for us (cha-ching!) plus who gives a CRAP if you win because you're division one AA!! See my next post for UND's RATIONAL and SENSIBLE thinking this season....(something you dorks might want to try)


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Look at how UND's season is going (KNOCK ON WOOD) - If things go as hoped...UND will have the BEST SSI in DII at the end of the season - bar none! 2 Nationally Ranked DII non-con Opponents and 2 regional non-con wins + whatever conference record we come up with=VERY postive prospects for more home playoff games. Let me spell that out for out Bison friends who are UNFAMILIAR with HOME playoff games....best case scenario...a first round BYE then 3 MORE playoff games at the AL - hmmm...that would make 9 PLAYOFF GAMES in 4 YEARS...compared to d one aa ndsu's ZERO Playoff games (projecting NCAA eligibily into the future now...) in 15 YEARS!?! :D:):angry::angry::angry:


UND - back to Florence BABY!

NDSU - 4th place (holding their own weiners and licking their wounds) in the GREATWURST Conference

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:D:) BUT AGAIN!! This all has NOTHING to do with the original TOPIC thread....FIRE and ICE baby!! I notice a lack of NDSU comment about this most EXCELLENT (and accurate) short-documentary!!! c'mon...

Rocky: "The scoreboard can't and never will say how much we love you!" :angry: :angry: :angry:

otherwise I'll have to consider this thread:

Rocky (again!): "A VIOLENT MEAN-ASS WAR!!!"

ps - is MEAN-ASS even a word?? :angry::huh:

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The Sioux-Bison football rivalry is probably one of the best in all of collegiate sport. Always intense. Almost always close. Sioux dominated in the most recent years. Of course, that was not always the case.

Back in the mid-to-late 80's as I recall, the teams met in GF in November in the first round of the playoffs. Great game.

However, one needs to go back to around 1965 or 1966. Sioux were a powerhouse. Roger Bonk. Corey Colhour, or however you spell his name. Dave Osborn I believe. Jim Hester. Anyway, so were the Bison.

The Bison came to town with the teams ranked Nos. 1 and 2 in the country. I recall the Bison held the top spot. It was a beautiful October day, in a beautiful college football stadium on campus. Memorial Stadium was packed to the gills. Some said that there were well over 16,000 people in the stadium, and this was back in the mid-sixties. Endzone bleachers were packed. Sidelines were overflowing. Sports Illustrated was there.

As I recall, the Bison kicked a late field goal to win something like 18-15.

This is just one slice of the great history of one of the greatest college football rivalries ever. Maybe if the NCAA would make a win by a D2 school over an D1 school worth more points toward postseason worth more than a win over the Sisters of the Poor, the rivalry will begin anew.

Funny thing. The Bison are now the new Sisters of the Poor in Division I-AA. Relegated to years of obscurity, to go along with years of envy.

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