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  1. But don't expect respect in return. Your thesis is that a double standard exists. I agree completely. With that, I'm taking a two week cooling off period from the board.
  2. I'm one poster, one personality. I think that many fans get thrown for a loop when a fan from a rival team agrees with them or apologizes for making an error. I don't throw around apologies. I am sincere in my apology for posting smack earlier to day. Take it for what it's worth.
  3. I thought it was funny, but inappropriate. Those are not mutually exclusive characteristics. No, I didn't. They were as culpable as I was who also contributed. Nowhere did I state that the comments by Bison Dan were on par with those by others. On the first part, I agree. The latter is the same point as b and no I never made that comment. Your analogy is based on b and the latter part of c, which is a point I never made.
  4. Well I certainly cared when posted this: It's you being hypocritical by claiming that it's perfectly fine for Bison fans to post unprovoked smack talk and then claim a "double standard" when Sioux fans to respond to it. Apparently you don't think it's a big deal when someone calls you a hypocrit, hypocrit. (And did you quite caring about your claim after I provided seven points that refuted it?)
  5. this refutes your hypothesis that I had a double standard. the double standard accusation was explained on the first page of the post. I'll summarize for you. Bison Dan started some smack, others including myself joined in. Coteaurinkrat stated Bison go home. If had meant Bison Dan he could have certainly posted it. He could have also posted that the smack needs to stop, which would have been a signal to all involved. I pointed out that sioux posters had also participated and started the conversation about a double standard.
  6. Each tears apart your premise that I felt it was okay for Bison Dan and I to post what we did. With that premise gone your entire argument falls apart.
  7. apparently not, sorry you don't see it.
  8. And draw a picture is precisely what you did. Nowhere did I post that Bison Dan was justified in his initial post nor was I (or the others involved). //// The posts, including mine. have no place on ss.com. ///// I think there needs to be some room for criticism and levity. Unfortunately, I don't think that many posters can handle it (including myself earlier today). //// A little repartee is fine, but it seems like perfectly mundane threads, like the season ticket thread, get hijacked and ruined. //// In my recollection, Bison Dan only comes to stir the pot. //// QUOTE(redwing77 @ Aug 24 2006, 11:20 AM) * Is it ok to come to SS.com with the sole purpose of smack talking UND fans provided that there is something in the post that connects the smack talk to the topic of the thread? (IAB) In my opinion, no. //// QUOTE(redwing77 @ Aug 24 2006, 11:20 AM) * Sure, you've smack talked in the past, I have too, but I really think that if there is nothing constructive to add to a conversation, then perhaps it shouldn't be added? (IAB) Here on ss.com, I agree completely. //// (Sioux-cia) coming into a thread where the question at hand is clearly and seriously stated, to post smack should not be allowed. I don't envy the Moderator's job. This is a tough one. (IAB) I agree wholeheartedly with your post. (With the exception of me talking around the issue?) //// I don't know how hard you had to squint to take my message out of context, but that's precisely what you did.
  9. I have a couple of times and don't see it.
  10. Please let me know where I posted that.
  11. I don't think alumni and fans would allow that to happen.
  12. I agree wholeheartedly with your post. (With the exception of me talking around the issue?)
  13. And exactly what type of response did diggler, dlsiouxfan, and siouxfb expect? (A little double standard there, eh PCM? . And what kind of contribution was your punctuation comment to Bison Dan yesterday? hmmmmm?) I'll admit that is was misplaced, but the exchanges were humorous, in my opinion.
  14. And the original (missing part) QUOTE(PCM @ Aug 24 2006, 10:16 AM) * Just because you both succeeded in provoking Sioux fans doesn't absolve either of you from engaging in and encouraging smack talk. ///// I never stated that my smack succeeding (which it didn't do as the thread promptly changed to one about smacking standards) made it permissible. You asserted that I did in your original post. I disagreed and still do. I never stated that my post wasn't smack. Actually, I've posted the contrary repeatedly. I've also admitted that it was a comment that shouldn't have been made.
  15. In my opinion, no. The call is the moderator's. most don't. but think that witty remarks add to the conversation, especially among sports fans. i enjoy the give and take-however one can certainly go too far. I agree-depending on the tone of the board. Here on ss.com, I agree completely. For other communities, the atmosphere is different. I should add that I had pondered posting the same joke as Bison Dan for a while, but deferred as the was serious. Unfortunately, when the thread had taken a turn toward Smackville, I added some gas.
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