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2021-22 Recruiting


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I think this years recruiting class has potential for some very nice players but the problem is that they were not ready to take on full load to compete at division I level. The loss of last years transfers like Rebraca and Inhenaco left void in this team that couldn't be replaced. Rebraca loss was real hurt because you just don't go out find another player of his caliber talent wise and team leadership. I understand his situation UND didn't have the advance degree he wanted and he been using his basketball scholarship to get his education paid for. Second he's  getting chance to play at power 5 school starting plus getting high quality education. Inhenaco transfer i don't understand from basketball stand point because he would have been getting more playing time and he is playing for mid major school  after the transfer. The other transfers i don't think has hurt us and we probably have gotten as good or better talent back this year in this recruiting class. Sathers first year recruiting class is where he didn't acquire any top level recruit that was class of Danielson, Ramsey, and Urbonavicius and two of those three already gone from the program and are replaced in this recruiting class. The problem is that has left us with void of experienced players compete with for this year. I think Sather is going to be good coach but learning curve to moving division I has hurt us in presence and then add in covid 19 year hasn't help him in being able to recruit. But looking at teams in Summit this year i think were seeing effects of covid with exception of couple of programs who were able to keep veteran teams. I think his recruiting is getting better each year and you can see it each of his classes of recruits and i expect next years recruits to be even better but its takes time for these recruits to develop and learn how to win. The key for him now is to retain top recruits and start having success but with these new transfer rules it's going to be tough on small major programs when power 5 schools and large midmajors programs are using small midmajor programs like minor league system when they have need to just steal it away from these small midmajor schools.

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34 minutes ago, Hambone said:

Looks like we have an offer out to a D3 All American.  Looks to be a three point shooter (over 40% - and Trine's career leader in 3 pointers made if I read it correctly).

UND does need 3 point shooting so if she can get up to speed of D1 play she would be a nice addition for UND... if she commits of course. 

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