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Sioux Survivor 2018-2019, Game #8

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Final Picks for tonight

Round 3:
siouxforeverbaby – Jones, Hain, Jordan
cberkas – Jones, Jordan, Jacob
minotsiouxfan – Jordan, Senden
Ray77 – Jones, Gardner, Senden
UND_Gina – Jones, Jordan, Gardner
Blackheart – Hain, Jones, Jordan
dakotaKid92 – Jones, Jordan, Senden
Siouxperior – Hain, Senden, Jones
axnecorl – Jones, Senden, Hain
Budwmn – Jones, Senden, Hain
nd jg – Hain, Jones, Bast
Stack – Jordan, Jones, Smith
zqglmtv – Hain, Jordan, Jones
siouxfaninseattle – Hain, Jones, Gardner
Scorpio – Jordan, Jones, Hain
BarnWinterSportsEngelstad – Jones, Jordan, Senden
Reformed Gphr Fan – Jones, Keane, Mismash
Ice Arena Man – Jones, Senden, Hain

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WooHoo!! Completely forgot about this.

zqglmtv, you got no chance. May as well not even bother  :p

I'll be back before game time with a pick.

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