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Any Live Video of the BG Game?

Finn flick

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3 minutes ago, Finn flick said:

Where can I watch this exciting UND game? We will win, of course so I want to see it. SB game streamed in sometimes but the biggest joke was that I got the UND Bison game from last year that I did not even select.  



ESPN 3 and WDAY extra

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1 minute ago, Finn flick said:

Yup..don;t see ESPN 3  in my Lineup but will call Bright House to make sure.  Thanks

ESPN 3 is an online streaming thing (WatchESPN App).  It won't be in your cable lineup.  It's free with most cable/broadband subscriptions though.

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13 minutes ago, Finn flick said:

Hooray...I got it after much searching with Bright House and the Channel is directly to the TV so don't have to Cast.  Comes on at 3:30 so may not get any pre-game.  It is not ESPN 3 tho. Pray for no injuries on either team. 

It is also on America Sports Network, which is probably what you are seeing in your Cable lineup.

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