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Here is the response I got from @CC_Report:

Thanks for reaching out in terms of the polls and the change this morning. The issue isn't in regards to Quinton's totals, for the record. This morning, before a player's school made a push on social media, their votes were increasing at a rate that hasn't been seen yet from them in the fan vote. I'm not sure exactly how it was done, but their votes increased by a couple hundred in a matter of minutes. Not too sure if somebody was using some sort of code to vote on a consistent basis, which is why I created a new poll this morning. The votes from the first poll still count, they just aren't reflected in this poll. Also, in the online polls, social media votes aren't reflected as there's no way to add them into the totals through Polldaddy. That's why it says Lynn is ahead right now in the poll, but Quinton is ahead overall in the tweet sent out earlier. I tally those votes each morning and tweet out the updated totals so people are aware of the total number of votes cast and where each player stands. I hope that all makes sense. Made sense in my head but not sure if it translated out well in here.

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4m4 minutes ago

Thanks for the quick response! Appreciate the info.

3m3 minutes ago
College Court Report

Hope that helps to clarify the situation a bit, Quinton is still comfortably ahead, but Lynn usually makes a late week charge so it's not over quite yet!

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9 hours ago, siouxfan512 said:

Well, this process is becoming a joke. Q goes from leading to significantly trailing for the second time this week. It appears that someone from NJIT has found a way to stack the vote, and has done it again.

It appears Hooker is leading as of 8:00 am today.  They have a little blurb above the ballot box.

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On 4/4/2016 at 9:38 PM, dmksioux said:

Hooker is in the finals.  I know it's Frozen Four week, but hopefully UND fans remember to vote this week.



edit: link to where you can vote.  http://collegecourtreport.com/award-season/mid-major-player-of-the-year-fan-vote/


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