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 I would like to highlight a few Grand Forks businesses that I have noticed have put a dent in the world I have personally run into that aren't well known (feel free to add).

When I was 18 (15 years ago) I started doing drywall and painting for Leftyzl's (siouxsports poster) uncle. I started to notice a drywall lift that was made by Telpro, and it was the the only lift available to my knowledge. Stamp with a made in Grand Forks, ND sticker on it. It was the "Cadillac" of lifts known to people throughout the World (along with their other drywall products).



I'm not sure, but I think they might have had a patent and lost it, (and market share) to other companies and cheap Chinese labor. What use to cost $700 is now available at Menards for under $200 from a different company. I really have no idea. Maybe they never had a patent and I have just noticed more brands as I got older. I know they use to have a warehouse on "Merifield Road." I thought that building was for sale. Did they move or go out of business? Idk. Looking at the Amazon account they are still in business.

While working for Leftyzl's uncle, we did a remodel of a guys place. I randomly saw the owners architectual drawings for his dream "garage/man cave shop".....and a few months later when I "went on my own" a guy called me up to drywall and painting for his new shop. It just happened to be the guy who was ready to build his dream garage. He ran/owned "Sure foot Corporation" http://www.duenorthproducts.com/ Back then I noticed the main product was those elastic strap on your shoes/boots spikes for walking on ice/snow. He was finally building his dream location. Loft for smoking cigars, poker table, projector for watching "the game", and black and white checkered floor for his toys below. Green and white exterior for "UND colors". (just off south University). Fast forward five years and I have now planter factitious on my foot and was researching amazon for relief and I noticed they have the #1 seller on amazon for "Manual Foot Massagers" http://www.amazon.com/Due-North-Foot-Massage-Green/dp/B002QEY6NK/ref=sr_1_1?s=hpc&ie=UTF8&qid=1443070978&sr=1-1.

And  finally again working for someone else I found myself working at PS Doors ((A proud UND sports supporter) finishing drywall and painting as they were once again expanding their manufacturing shop.  But this time it also just happened to be my best friends dads company since we were 12 years old . I've been watching this company almost close it doors before 1997  flood to a worldwide leader in anything door. ... While misconception believes they door residential and garage doors like any other company. They rarely do these as it accounts for less than 25% of their business. They mostly do "safety gates" and have numerous patents and are so busy shipping products all over the world they had not only built a new manufacturing plant in the industrial park but have had to expand multiply times recently to keep up with the demand. They have "flood safety gates" protecting anything from NASA to the Pentagon (Me: "Hey buddy, What's New"...."Oh I just got back from DC making sure the pentagon contractors properly installed the floating flood door).


And there's also ACME tools (another great sponsor of UND athletics). Who recently built a multimillionaire dollar distribution center in the industrial park to fulfill their even expanding enterprise (is it thanks to the success of Amazon?). But I have no stories as they hired other drywall and painters to do the work ;)


The Future of Grand Forks needs more business like this.  (My product: Mobile Mancaves prototype is 80% complete as funds roll in...stay tuned.)






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TelPro is still operating.  See TelProInc.com  

They have door hanger and overhead drilling products, among other things.

The Chinese infringed their patents on drywall, and not sure how it was infringed in the US.

Patents only hold for 20+ years so it likely expired now anyway.


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