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  1. For anyone with local tv/cable access who's interested in seeing Schweigert play, WDAYXtra is carrying Century v West Fargo Sheyenne FB game tonight, 7 pm.
  2. Enjoy your continued input/insight, even if I don't always agree. MUCH appreciate a debate about qb skills, however prolonged, rather than the predictable political detour that ends so many SS threads.
  3. It appears he has/had an offer from Idaho, also.
  4. I assume Robert Jones, formerly of Denver, may be another big we are pursuing?
  5. I see in the Herald that Marilyn Hagerty is getting an honorary degree from UND. Does that come with any eligibility on the hard court? Asking for a friend.
  6. Hey, no great basketball mind here, and, like nearly all SS posters, I have absolutely no insight into coach's relationship with his players. But I think when you have roughly a quarter of your team -- and we're barely into the off-season -- jumping ship, you have to be concerned about the atmosphere and culture of the program. Now maybe UND has recruited an inordinate number of selfish "cancers" to its program, as some here seem so eager to suggest. Maybe it's the lousy weather or meager entertainment options of Grand Forks, or maybe this is just the "new normal" in mid-major basketball today. I think you at least have to look at your successful peer institutions in answering those questions. Down at NDAC -- granted, probably 4 degrees warmer on a January day -- I think they've had two players depart in the last couple of years, and clearly they have talent that might find a place at a larger program. I may be wrong, but I don't recall hearing of any players in the transfer portal at USD or SDSU. Maybe the rich culture and exciting night life of Vermillion and Brookings keeps them around? Again, I don't know the answers, but it appears there's enough evidence here to at least be asking some serious questions.
  7. 2 seats in section 113 (northwest corner) for Sunday. Face value ($89 each). Text 701 866-3872 if interested.
  8. Politics uber alles, I guess.
  9. I assume Leatherdale was projected at NG. Not a 20-21 prospect, but I presume/hope UND is looking closely at Lucas Schweigert from Bismarck Century as a 21-22 prospect. He was impressive in the state championship, both holding down the center of the D line and showing the quickness to get involved in a lot of tackles on the outside. For 20-21, I would think RB/LB Cade Garcia would be at least an excellent PWO candidate.
  10. So .... What's the status of the other four 20-21 commitments (3 women; 1 men) listed in the WIKI who didn't sign yesterday?
  11. Stop by SS from time to time to catch up on recruiting news, coaching hires, Hunter Pinke updates, etc. And then there's this. ... Just wondering if anyone has claimed the tin-foil hat concession here at sioux sports. Looking like a potential gold mine.
  12. Wonder when last there was a 36-point margin in a UND-AC basketball game.
  13. North Dakota basketball -- men's and women's --tough to watch much of the time these days.
  14. Per Twitter, it appears Mr. Buetow has signed on with the AC.
  15. Two seats in Section 114, near the isle, for sale. Face value. If interested, text 701 866-4075.
  16. Just for context for anyone who doesn't recall, UND 6-0 at home this year; just 1-4 when playing on the road
  17. 2 seats in section 114 available for sale both nights vs St Cloud. Asking face value. Text 701 866-4075 if interested.
  18. Close to isle. $35 each. Text 701 866-4075 if interested.
  19. Two seats available for BOTH Friday and Saturday nights vs Bemidji in section 114. Face value ($40 per ticket Friday; $49 per ticket Saturday). If interested, text 701 866-4075.
  20. FWIW, I don't believe he has any other D1 offers.
  21. I would hope we're not making early offers to "marginal guys looking to take whatever shows up."
  22. Pure (public) speculation, of course, but what's the purpose?
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