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2014-2015 College Hockey (non UND hockey)

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I don't care whether UND follows the gentleman's agreement or not but I think the whole thing is stupid especially if some are following the agreement and others are not. I would rather just do away with the whole gentleman's agreement and recruits are up for grabs until they sign on the dotted line just like they are in other sports.

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As there should be, 4-24-4 for a program like Wisconsin is inexcusable.   Grand Forks might get burned to the ground if UND ever had a record even remotely close to that.   Hell, it would be chaos

As annoying he is he has a passion for college hockey which is extremely rare in national coverage. This is the only reason I give the guy a pass. Melrose follows college puck for two weeks a year.

Yet, you never reveal your sources for information you supposedly have ahead of time.  For that matter, you never reveal the information until after the fact.  Hmmm, either you don't want to jeopardiz

It's articles like this why I am glad that BU didn't win the title:




Especially this quote:



He must have been watching a different game than I was.  UND was hardly the pretender in that game...they controlled most of the game after the first 5-8 minutes or so.

This just in, College Hockey News to change name to College Hockey Enquirer!

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Another kid from North Dakota is going to play D1 hockey. Jared Spooner from Bismarck has committed to Mankato. He currently plays for the Bismarck Bobcats. I had the privilege of coaching him on 2 AAA teams back when he was a squirt. Good kid who has come a long way with his game.

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