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March Madness NCAA Men's Tournament


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Well NCAA snobs, you got your wish. You got rid of Wichita State by putting them in a loaded bracket (and don't think for a minute that was somehow unintentional or coincidental). Arizona didn't get that treatment. Neither did Florida. Heck, even Virginia didn't get that treatment. But I guess it's all about television ratings and keeping the Final Four a private club for the "big time" conference teams. I guess having Wichita in the Final Four last year and having Butler in back to back national title games was making the big boys just a little nervous. If they are so desperate to protect the big boys, they should split the FBS conference schools from the non-FBS conference schools and give each group a 32 team tournament of their own. Then they can showcase the "big boys" on CBS, TBS, TruTV and TNT and ignore the Hickory Stick U's of the world. Personally, I think that would kill March Madness forever, but don't put it past them.

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Undefeated Wichita loses to Memphis..........

Creighton gets run out of the arena by Baylor...........

Iowa St. takes down the Tar Heels........

Lots of upsets this weekend.

Wichita State lost to Kentucky...Iowa State was wearing home whites (3 seed) against the Tar Heels (6 seed) so that's an "upset" in reputation only...

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