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2 first downs compared to how many for GVSU?? UND's defense can't play bend and not break forever.

Hell, I'd take "bend and not break" for another half if we could just get something going on offense.

Maybe Wilson will get in for a series. Would have liked to have seen that early in the second quarter.

Is Roland still hurting from last week? He's been in and out of the game a lot so far.

On another note, St. John's is playing for the D-3 title game next week. They win today 38-10. What an impressive program.

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First half thoughts:

UND's defense is doing the job that they need too. They've been on the field for a lot of this game, but only gave up three points. That's huge.

Offensively we need to get things going. We don't look terrible, but when one play out of three is leading to negative yardage, that's not good. I think we need to rush up the middle more and pass more. We only gave up the one sack towards the end of the half. Our o-line is handling their d-line.

Special teams. We missed a field goal and are missing Lueck. I think this will really hurt us.

I'm thinking the second half might be a bit more wide open. I think only one pass was attempted for over 20 yards in the first half. Again, without Lueck this really hurts us. Our offense needs to keep the ball for a while and keep our defense off the field. We are not playing great, but we are in this game.

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