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Fighting Sioux All-Decade Team: The 1980s

Dave Berger

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I'd take Garry Valk before Lee Davidson.

This is why I love topics like this; everyone has their favorite players and Sioux hockey memories. There was no way I was leaving out Lee Davidson and his 202 career points (one of only five UND players ever with more than 200). I could see Valk instead of Williams or Jensen, but for me, Davidson has to stay.

I'm sure there are other players I've missed, too. Feel free to let me know!


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Good idea Dave. We've got 6 months to kill before the puck drops ...

Jon Casey came within .01 of leading the WCHA in GAA 3 consecutive years. Only 1 goalie has accomplished that - Tony Esposito.

Belfour had 1 great year and was by far the better pro, but Casey was the better college goalie.

Taylor and Smail had only the one year in the 1980's, but it was a year where they made 3 years worth of plays.

Upfront, if I was really building a team (vs. an all-star team) I would put Dave Tippett and Gord Sherven up front somewhere. These are guys who made a living shutting down NHL stars after doing it in college.

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