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Just wondering, who is your favorite Sioux hockey broadcast analyst (color guy). Choices can be from either radio or TV and from the past few years include the following: Steve Olson, Tim O'Keefe, John Bernstrom, Greg Lotus, Jim Scanlan, Jeff Bowen, Tarek Howard, and Jeff Bredahl. My top three are:

1. Steve Olson,

2. Tim O'Keefe

3. Jim Scanlan

Yours are....

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I have to say that I really liked Lotysz. I recall listening to him and TH after the Sioux were crushed by Denver during the Saturday night game back in December '05. The end of the game was a real free-for-all. Sioux players were frustrated by the loss and trying to pick fights. Of course Gwoz held Paukovich out of the end of the game and Lotysz saying that he wished they'd put Pauk in because "I hate that kid." Echoed the sentiments of all the Sioux faithful. :lol:

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Guys we are not talking about play by play guy. Obviously, T. H. is on every ones favorite list. I want to know who everyone thinks is the best color guy. Who is the best Sioux hockey analyst be it radio or TV.

every post but one says their favorite color guy, just a few mention a play by play to go along with him. o'keefe is the best

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I asked about Steve Olson early this morning..........no replies. Either nobody knows who the hell he is.....or they think he's not important enough to respond about.

Steve is a local guy, played as a Sophomore on Centrals 1984 state championship team which was probably the best ND high school team ever. He played junior hockey in Canada. Was a stay at home defenseman who wasn't afraid to mix it up and had some epic battles up in Canada. He was a recruited walk on for the 1988 Sioux and was the last cut on that team. He was an assistant coach for Red River for a few years and has coached youth hockey in Grand Forks for a number of years.

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