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Kelley is new president


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UND: What will the next president inherit?

When President Charles Kupchella took the reins at UND in 1999, he inherited a school with 10,590 students and research expenditure totaling $40 million from outside sources.

Nine years later, Kupchella is preparing to hand over a very different UND to his successor Robert O. Kelley, the University of Wyoming dean who officially accepted the job Thursday.

Expenditures on externally funded research, for one, have more than doubled, to about $86 million. Student enrollment is up, too, nearly 20 percent to 12,559. And the school has invested close to half a billion dollars in new university construction, including shared projects, such as the city-owned Alerus Center, and donated space, including Ralph Engelstad Arena.

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Not necessarily Kelley-related, but I'm going to post this Mike Jacobs column here anyway. My favorite part:

The role of alumni is another area of disagreement. The other day, I heard a faculty member quoted as suggesting that alumni voices shouldn't be heeded because many of us wouldn't have been admitted under the university's new standards.


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From the Jacobs column:

Perhaps the clearest perspective about all of this came from Jay Fisher, a student leader. He acknowledged my theory of the divisions on campus, but he said there's only one that matters, the division between those who want to whine and those who want to work.

You whinin' or workin'? :silly:

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