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  1. Who in particular are you referring to? Cus it sure cannot be DAE.
  2. Both games this weekend were tough to watch from an offensive standpoint. It was made clear we have to find other scoring options minus Rebraca. There was way too much dribbling around the perimeter and not enough penetration. Ihenacho needs to look to score more than he does. He's very athletics and young, i get it, but he needs to start trying to get to the basket more. Free throw shooting definitely needs to be addressed as well.
  3. How has The Herald not reported on anything UND sports related in over a week??? The Forum has had a ton of articles and story lines they are reporting every day...
  4. They should let the schools implant their school colors for the "Valley" part of the logo like the Big Sky did...
  5. I think Mallory will do just fine. I believe she is the glue of the team. I've heard before the players respect her way more than they did Brew. It was time for him to go. Good luck to Mallory next season!
  6. Tough to tell as all I saw of him was in warmups which don't say much. Gametime conditions are when making buckets matters.
  7. I heard from someone around the BESC that Ramsey is a poor shooter. A gifted and athletic player, but horrible shooter.
  8. It was a goaltend, but the officials didn't call it. The ball hit the backboard before Rebraca quickly tapped it from going in. It happened so fast.
  9. Very true. Who is going to fill Marlons shoes next year?!?
  10. Brew NEEDS to go! He quits coaching any time the team starts to slide. He never changes up his defensive scheme during a game. A little zone against USD would have at least showed he was trying to be competitive. Has anyone noticed how he consistently takes out the hot handed player when they are on a roll? Borowicz was on fire against SDSU and he subbed her out. He does it all the time. Makes no sense. I don't think he knows what he's doing out there. I believe he still has one more year on his contract. Anyone think Chaves would buy him out of his contract next year?
  11. You must need glasses because Krueser got him with all of his body on that play
  12. I think Sather has won this team a few games this season with his coaching philosophy and play calling. Their team play and free throw shooting has obviously improved. Defense has also improved, but we don't have the talent to defend some of the better caliber players in the league. As for Moody, he was always a liability defensively and I heard he is looking to enter the transfer portal. I also heard there is some unrest within the team with some of the players not too happy with Sather. My guess is some of the players that were playing under Jones aren't happy with the increased structure an
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