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  1. I heard Bentui might be coming back now that Ihenacho and others are entering the portal. Hope this is true!
  2. I agree. These vaccines are all in the trial phase until 2023-24 anyway. Everyone who gets one of the vaccines is a test subject.
  3. Wow...you guys believe in some big conspiracy theories lol
  4. The "Elite" doesn't care about any of us. They want population control and this is just another way of following through with it.
  5. I don't either. It's just funny how adamant him and others are about it. Like they have to convince themselves.
  6. What's funny to me is that he has to even say that NDSU has moved on from UND, like we NEED NDSU in order to survive the FCS ourselves. NDSU bolted to a higher division, because UND had started to gain momentum in the rivalry and was afraid of that and wanted to separate themselves from UND. To say NDSU and their fans have moved on and don't/won't see UND as a rivalry anymore, due to the FCS championship and FBS games, is laughable. Of course NDSU and their vans don't/won't want to see UND as a rival. We will always be one of their biggest threats to success. Sooner of later UND will catch up to them and then they will want to try bolt to the MWC to separate themselves from UND once again. To clarify...I am reacting to McFeely's article. I am not saying no NDSU fans still see this game as a rivalry game.
  7. Battle for/of the Red! Ties to the Red River Valley both schools are in.
  8. Looks similar to these Blaine Durward concepts for the Fighting Hawks logo. Maybe they are looking to implement them as the logo of the future? https://www.behance.net/gallery/34630947/University-of-North-Dakota-Fighting-Hawks-Concept
  9. He wasn't ready yet. I have been told he should be playing D2.
  10. I would have to say this season has been a bit of a disappointment, especially with how the season ended. Albeit, when you have that many new players on a team, it takes time to gel and learn to play as a unit. This team will be better next year as it's another year under Sather and the coaching staff. I think this coaching staff are setting up UND for the future and hopefully we see them in more conference championships soon!
  11. Lots of potential at the WR position for UND in the upcoming years that's for sure! Plus 3 more years of Otis Ball! LFG
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