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  1. Kab

    2019 Season

    The best thing we can do is pack the Alerus and get behind the team. I’m sure we will have a few hiccups along the way but i’m Excited to get the party started. at least I won’t be cussing at Rudy this year.
  2. Kab

    Twins ?

    This manager has no idea how to use pitchers
  3. So if we win coin toss do we take the ball or test our defense first
  4. Kab

    Former Players

    Deion 3 tackles and 1 pass defended so far tonight
  5. It was on Washington and 32nd on S.E. Side
  6. We always liked Shakeys pizza
  7. Kab

    2019 Season

    Would still like to see a bus trip with boarding sites along the way in Minot, Bismarck and Williston or Dickinson leave Friday and return after the game
  8. The only hope is a summit with football and part of the big sky ndsu will leave in a heartbeat if they could go fbs, that’s why I wanted to stay in the big sky
  9. Kab

    2019 Season

    From Williston do you take northern high line route or drop down and take interstate
  10. Kab

    2019 Season

    6 hour flight from Bismarck and $500 each drive time is maybe 16 hours
  11. Kab

    2019 Season

    Are there any bus trips to games during the season? looking at the eastern Washington game. sort of hard to fly there .
  12. Fill the place with fans and the atmosphere will change keep the music volume at a tolerable level i thought the new fighting hawk added a lot last year
  13. Is the road by the country club too far south?
  14. It should be as far south as possible and extend to I29 with a exit the town will grow in that direction
  15. Kab

    2019 Season

    Any idea on how season ticket sales have been going? Haven't seen any advertising for tickets so what’s going on with the marketing Dept?
  16. Kab

    New GFK Terminal

    Many years ago before the oil boom we were talking with Mayor Koeser of Williston he told us he was looking at moving the airport about 10 miles out of town. He had a vision back then and it’s paying off. the Red River Valley needs a vision for future airports and it would be to put an airport at Hillsboro to serve both Grand Forks and Fargo and quit putting money in both the current airports, people will complain that it’s 35 miles from either town. Most metro airports are more than 35 miles from their suburbs. Most people in North Dakota probably have to drive over 100 miles to an airport. go ahead and call me crazy, just my 2 cents
  17. Kab

    New GFK Terminal

    I don’t know what the airport board does but they better be working with UND and airlines to get things going makes no sense that a two gate airport was built looks like a two bit town when you fly in Willistons new airport should have been gfk model how many flights a year does UND take out of fargo?
  18. Kab

    New GFK Terminal

    Salt lake and Denver are 2 musts for gfk Williston has several Denver flights a day lack of airport leadership in my view
  19. It’s best if those two drop hockey and we expand in the big10 or 12 and the pac 10/12
  20. Kab

    Grand Forks Economy

    Until we get more interstate exchanges building will be slow should be at least 3 new ones between grand forks and Thompson seems fargo has one very mile on 94 and more on 29
  21. Kab

    The Herald

    So the forum is going to be raising their prices at the same time this will drive revenue down maybe Schloss can post on Sioux sports without having to go to the forum or herald or not?
  22. This project is 70 to 80 million $ the legacy fund is averaging $50.5 million per month deposits this year so the project is about 1 1/2 months deposits. why can’t state or local agencies borrow from this fund and pay 1% interest. You would think this would be in the best interest of all of North Dakota .
  23. How is this financed and what is the interest rate, does anyone know
  24. State board meets tomorrow hooe they say keep going another black eye for UND doubt he would have liked the Ned school bring out on hold
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