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  1. Don't drink the NCAA cool aid. Leave the display name alone.
  2. If anyone should be fired it would be Fiason. He's terrible for ND.
  3. There sure were a lot of smug people on stage today.
  4. If the NCAA has a policy against NA nicknames then why can Florida/Utah get away with it. bull$%!#, the NCAA are hyporites/bullies.
  5. How stupid is Roughriders as their is a high school name already by that name in town. Leave the name alone, North Dakota is just fine.
  6. Seriously having Kelley pick a new name is bull$%!#. He has no ties to the area and when his term is done, he's bye-bye and could care less. I grew up in Grand Forks and have an investment in UND. Let's just leave it North Dakota. The bottom line is: Seminoles not hostile and abusive, Sioux hostile and abusive, bull$%!#! UND will always be the Fighting Sioux in my book. Sorry Hayduke did you graduate from the Ag?
  7. Seminoles not hostile and abusive, Sioux hostile and abusive, WOW? Enough said.
  8. Anyone hear of the Red River Roughriders. Stupid idea to have a college and high school named the same thing. RR had it first so enough said. The NCAA are hypocrites.
  9. How can the NCAA mandate us have a nickname. Seriously is there anyone out there that has any balls left. I hope Kelley and Fiason read this stuff. Two individuals from outside the state that will leave it soon have no stake in this.
  10. This is such bull$%!#. Sioux or just North Dakota. Do not force a name on us just because a couple individuals from outside the state what the name to go away. You CANNOT have the Seminoles that are ok and the Sioux hostile and abusive.
  11. Bullcrap, fire Kelley and Fiason. We don't need a nickname. You can still see stuff with North Dakota on it.
  12. Where I was sitting I couldn't see what was going on but I agree with the sign. I talked with the president a few weeks ago about the name change and he said the student's want a new name and logo. I asked him if he ever looked out at the arena and saw what the students were wearing. He's in lala land. I truly believe he has worked with the NCAA to get rid of the name! Long Live the Fighting SIOUX!!!!
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