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  1. Tressel has pretty nice list of candidates for HC at Youngstown, JMU offensive coordinator and some P5 assistants in the running. https://footballscoop.com/news/update-at-youngstown-state/
  2. Probably USD's best recruiting class of their D1 era (on paper) we will see in 2-3 yrs. Real offers yes I believe, they could have been pulled due to position filled or many other reasons, kid has a lot of talent and his brother is on roster already.
  3. The Committee Chair listed all the things they take into consideration again this year, like years before that they use to determine host teams. I can't quote all of them but some were if they hosted before in playoffs, previous playoff experiences, game atmosphere, facility the team plays at, last thing mentioned was financial. No idea the weight of each but maybe not hosting had to do with number of seats empty during games and the look it gives on TV.
  4. Before the game SE Louisiana 7-3 and Nichols 7-4 and outside of bubble, after game Nichols goes 8-4 and get AQ and SELA 7-4 w/ a #22 ranking in the coaches poll which is one of the "tools" committee uses for at large, just adds another team to bubble. I figured a Nichols loss is what was needed.
  5. stonebreaker


    This year, with a 12 game season, you will need 8, 7 will get you a scrutinized consideration, and quality wins, not quality losses, just like previous 12 game seasons.
  6. I read it that based off last time stats, this game can only go better.
  7. stonebreaker

    2019 Season

    there are quiet rumblings inside the athletic dept. at SU of buy out if possible FBS game surfaces. will know more in couple weeks after SU Ath. Dir returns from national championship game. There is a informal luncheon with other AD's of the Big 12, which they are an affiliate member of in wrestling that could yield early 2019 meeting that could cause buyout of UND game. Nothing solid or in stone just rumblings.
  8. Still need to win next week and make the playoffs or these are all reasons(excuses) to just never make any changes to the current staff.
  9. Here is a link, I hope it works, with some playoff facts having to do with the MVFC and regular season records. Read, Discuss,Spin it how you want. https://valley-football.org/news/2018/11/12/valley-football-notes-nov-12.aspx
  10. I know for a fact Rudy is a high character guy and a good position coach. Do question his creativity as a OC and HC. Jury is still out on his recruiting. The two Minot High kids are going to be really good D2 players, watched them play HS, but were not D1 recruits. Not sure if schollies were used to get them but if they walked on I guess great, but if schollies were used that year, they should have been used on higher end gets if at all possible or juco spot fillers that were proven.
  11. Reading this thread is like deja vu of when Rudolph was at MSU Beavers. But in addition people were also concerned why kids that Minot should be getting or were getting were going to Dickinson, Jamestown, Mary? His offense was very predictable and scheming didn't match opponent, basically if his football team had the better football players, offense looked and worked OK, if players were equal or little less, adjustments weren't correctly made in the week before game or gametime. When he left believe it or not there were some sighs of relief. But if MSU would of known the problems they would have just hiring a coach period maybe they would not have wished him gone!
  12. OR does it make the year before an anomaly? Less injuries, less adjustments, less coaching up, less coaching leadership needed???
  13. Montana and Weber defense can be put into the "Suspect" category with both teams only holding Sac St. down, but UND defense is not suspect with secondary being able to handle what NAU brings for passing and NAU offensive line will not control what UND brings in front 7 consistenly which will result in little ground gain and pressured passing. UND offense while not high flying by any means gets enough extra chances with punts and 2-3 turnovers that they run with it to a 31-3 win and share of BSC championship. Just saying.... but that is how it should play out with no mental mistakes on UND's part.
  14. NAU is a one trick pony for the most part, and their pony is gone for the season so they are all out of tricks, also NAU doesn't play well on road, easy win for UND 31- 3 and share of BSC championship.
  15. Will from now on refer to these players as Muss recruits so if/when they fail will have the proper label to them. Goodness what happens if Ratelle makes NFL roster, Will Muss get credit or will we have to transfer label to Bubba!!
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