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  1. BAT67

    2020 FB Recruiting

    Being a bison fan down here was not always Rose's we sucked for a while but it took the right coach and an administration behind him then hit on a few recruits and maybe transfers then it will happen. What I see from the outside is an administration not being able to see what needs to be done dont know the finances of und but maybe steal a few hockey bucks and go grab a coach or 2
  2. Did und throw a deep ball today?
  3. BAT67


    Question about the coaching do you guys think the school needs to invest more in football instead of throwing all there money at hockey and if they did they could get a top notch fcs coordinator or hi end d2 head coach to come. Also what does bubba and the asst. Make
  4. Is it just me but it looks like since freund got the oc job und has been more aggressive on north dakota players?
  5. that's where I have my problem with robbins story seeing as the players are randomly tested by the ncaa I just find it hard to believe if its rampant there is only one and it would be nice to see ndsu come out and say more maybe to try and put this to bed but I am sure they have a bunch of lawyers saying shut your mouth
  6. if it is so rampant in the locker room at ndsu why over the last 7-8 yrs and 100"s of players tested only 1 that has been found to of had an illegal substance.
  7. One thing I have been told is that what was taken is legal to a point but some how he got twice as much as is legal by NCAA standards
  8. BAT67

    2019 UND Recruiting

    Correct fort for sure and I think they talked to the Lennon kid out of west fargo but I dont believe an offer was made
  9. BAT67

    2018 UND Recruiting

    Should there be any concern with no quarterbacks in this group or is there enough on th roster to get through for 2 yra
  10. I was at the game last week and listened to the game today and that lb will rattelle is an absolute beast he seems to be all over the place one of the better ones around I would say
  11. BAT67

    2015 Recruiting

    As to your first question just like to see whats going on up north and some friendly banter back and forth have a lot of und fans that I am friends with so I hope that answers your question as for your second point I am not saying that that is the only reason is money I also said fit for the program I also do understand there are plenty of more reason I just stated a few I am not tryin to start anything here just try to add a few points or facts from the ndsu side of things
  12. BAT67

    2015 Recruiting

    I think it comes down to fit for the team and Bubba actually going after local kids nice to see even as a bison fan. also UND might be able to offer more playing time right away as for NDSU going more national I don't see that the recruits we have gotten this yr have been from the same areas as before. I have seen some posts and talked to a few people that some of the kids mentioned in your post were pwo targets for ndsu so its not like they didn't like just not enough to give them money right away. should be fun around here with bubba back. one question back do you think he is going to keep going after transfers as much down the line or is this just a way to jump start the program?
  13. ok I am curious who is your true number one running back or is it more or less by committee or just haven't figured it our yet also was kyle norberg switched from linebacker to running back?
  14. I have to first off say I am a bison fan call me a troll if you want but I enjoy good discussion about this and other topics on both boards. I don't understand why these 2 cant get together I can see both sides of the story but fellas lets just get this game done there are open dates and for anyone on either side to say we have moved on or don't need them who cares about that its god dam NDSU VS. UND one of if not the best rivalrys there was and could still be again. I think there has been enough blame to go around on both sides from the beginning when the game was dropped now its time to sit down and figure it out.
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