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  1. This jerseys though! They need to get rid of them. Players can’t handle being Hawks.
  2. You don’t get it Goon. They didn’t have a hawk on their jersey. They just had North Dakota. You of all people should understand how mentally changing and tough this is for those kids.
  3. If only he was trolling. He’s not. That’s he sad part. Would be solid if he was trolling
  4. Holy !@#$ I’m dying inside. I have been laughing for 5 minutes straight. This is exactly it. 18 guys who have never been part of the program as Sioux have decided “we’re not playing for this !@#$. We’re going on protest and !@#$ our futures in hockey because GOD DAMN IT, WE’RE NOT HAWKS!!!” holy delusional !@#$
  5. Wow my mom? Really people. I mean try to be a little more creative. I get most of you are really close to your moms and your farm animals but you're better than that.
  6. Well it wouldn't be anyone on a hakstol coached team. They'd find a way to choke at this too
  7. Well if anyone would know about he reservation it's someone who uses a racist mascot, no?
  8. As is too small here and head is too big. Tried to. Can't get my head in my ass
  9. Only redneck I've ever met that wasn't a drunk is one that used to be one
  10. How can you not troll idiots screaming fire hak right now.
  11. A UND fan making fun of someone's IQ from redneck central. That's rich
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