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  1. Coaches are assigned regional areas for recruiting in most programs I have been around. It's not like the DL coach only recruits DL, the QB coach only recruits QBs, etc. You have an area you scout hard and pass along who can ball and who can't.
  2. I don't know whose fault it is that our OL is undersized. However, Knauf getting canned was a great move for this program. Literally, the only thing he had going for him was that he played for Wisconsin. There is a reason he isn't coaching anymore.....
  3. This is a solid post. I think all of the things said about Bubba are valid points. My thought is, despite the glaring downfalls, he has seemed to do a nice job bringing in a quality staff to support him (correct me if I am wrong). I feel like for the most part we have solid position coaches who do a nice job working with what we have and putting players in a position to succeed.
  4. I agree with you on that one. I can't help but think of how powerful our offense would be if we focused on developing the run. Our offense is above average-good there is no way around that. However, if the line improves and Skokna keeps rolling and we find a complimentary piece to help him out (no not McKinney, he is a nice gadget player, but not what we need) we will be just fine against MVFC defenses
  5. I would agree. However, that squad got snubbed of the playoffs and barely beat Drake and also lost to Idaho State, so similar results. Except if I remember correctly, they didnt have any if many wins against ranked opponents.
  6. Can I ask how you would recruit to Grand Forks when the school just down the road is better at literally everything? Better facilities, better fanbase, better tradition, etc. It's not like you just snap your fingers and bring absolute studs to a "hockey school".
  7. And after 5 years we have been constantly improving. To think of the Mussman years compared to know I think we have came a long ways. We still have a long ways to go, but I believe the improvements will continue to show.
  8. I've been reading all of the posts in the "post-loss" threads and I know it is hard to be positive right now, but some of the negatives being thrown out there are not well thought out. First and foremost, we played the toughest schedule in the country and could have easily lost only 1-2 games. The talent is there and we are a competitive football program. To start getting so nit picky that we say our WRs are below average is insane. They were the strength of the team and with how we use them, yes some speed to take the top off is nice, but in our current scheme we used the pass as a "run" meaning most of the time we aren't looking for the homerun. Now, I do agree our OL and DL both need size, there is no way around that. However, there is a complaint about every position group on the team in this thread. Goodness our coaches must be pretty damn good to finish with 7 wins with below average talent in every position group. Sorry this is pretty scattered, but my main thought is trust the process. Are we in a much better place now than when Bubba took over for Muss? Yes. Is Bubba the next Nick Saban? No. All in all though, he has surrounded himself with solid assistant coaches who have our program heading in the right direction. Remember, they are trying to convince 18 year olds to come to "beautiful" Grand Forks ND. It's not like they have the easiest job in the world. I want more than anything to turn our "Hockey School" into a "Football School" but these things take time. Trust the process and if we constantly improve I truly believe we will be a strong contender yearly in the "mighty" valley.
  9. I see coaches following new qbs on Twitter.............not looking good on the Colorado kid
  10. No five hour would not pass the test. These kids are warned about caffeine though.
  11. Ya know though Ben Newman didn’t sell him anything illegal. Illegal by NCAA standards, absolutely, but Newman made some easy money off that football team and by the looks of it is off other teams too. Supplements are a tricky game, it’s like Bison06 said awhile ago, safest just to stay off them.
  12. No one cares about what you think on here. When will you figure that out?
  13. Exactly true. I also got pulled out of bed once at 4 am to randomly pee in a cup. Really no way to dodge the tests.
  14. You have got to admit though someone was paying him to constantly be there, give his rah rah speeches, and, apparently, sell his goods. He already has ties to Kansas State which I find hilarious.
  15. Get a life? You are the one that spends your day on an opposing teams fan blog just to post comments like the one above. You sir are a waste of space. Why don't you call Ben Newman and have him give you one of his famous talks, pound a pre workout and hit the gym together.
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