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  1. Unfortunately, I agree with this. I'll be honest, this game doesn't look good for the good guys. Really just doesn't feel like this team has that special something that it will take to bring down the Bison. I don't hate anything we are bringing to the table, but I don't love it either. I still think this is a playoff caliber team if the OL continues to make strides and Otis can be Otis. Defense is pretty salty. I just don't think we have the dudes to keep up with NDSU
  2. I am still absolutely baffled he hasn't left for bigger and better things. He is scary good.......
  3. I hope your right. I'll tip my cap to the Bison in that regard. Their fans are compared to the likes of UND hockey
  4. Is anyone else worried that the NDSU herd will take over the Alerus and give them the home field advantage or am I the only negative one here.....?
  5. I would say that is correct. The fact that he didn't just choose NDSU right away shows that there was interest in UND. He also went to a couple UND games and on an official visit, while liking many UND related tweets. Why would he do that if UND didn't have a shot?
  6. I mean obviously we all wanted him in the right shade of green, but this is a case of NDSU not screwing it up. His dad played for NDSU. He should have a desire to play for them.
  7. After Zavalney committed to UND.
  8. I've heard the same thing. It's not hard to see where my fandom lies, but from the outside looking in it has been obvious to see that Entz isn't the coach Bohl or Kleiman is. He has brought a level of ignorance and cockiness that wasn't there before. I'll be honest, for as much as I dislike NDSU for the simple fact that's how I was raised, I respected the hell of of them and their coaches when they were in their hayday and they didn't even drive me that crazy because they were doing things the right way. That's not the case with the current NDSU program and well I believe we are all watching an empire fall because of it......
  9. That could very well be true. I know he came to camp and tore it up here
  10. Fact. Then he came to UND's camp and left with an offer. UND has shown their camp evaluation are much better than the school to the South. MooU tends to use their camp to make money, UND leans the way of finding more dudes.
  11. Funny. Two ND boys NDSU didn't recruit......
  12. Zavalney seems to have some clutch to him.......
  13. Take off the white accent and they aren't terrible. Make the shoulders black with numbers and they are ok. Still don't love them.
  14. FlinFlan80

    UND @ ISU

    How's Riviere looked this year? I feel like I don't know enough about him considering how highly touted he was coming in.....
  15. If the Spuds are soft, what does that make every school in Fargo? They would beat all of them by two scores.
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