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  1. I will never discredit a Strength Coach without a real reason too. However, I think part of it too is the change in how we recruit the OL. Under Knauf it was bringing in guys who already weighed 280-310 lbs and hoping it was good weight based on film. Whereas now, we tend to recruit the frame and potential, which adds even more pressure to the strength coach because it is his job to get the right weight added to that frame.
  2. Ahhh gotcha. I've been pretty critical of Entz, so I do need to cool it and back off. As much as I support UND, I will quickly say NDSU's dominant past had some phenomenal coaching.
  3. So you bench your captain, leading tackler, and pre-season All Conference/All American? Pull him aside and allow him to keep leading the way he has been. Don't make an example of that kid.
  4. They were fine there last year from what I saw. I think it's more so their DL isn't the force it used to be. Although, they are probably still pretty tough...... I do remember the Weerts kid was a highly touted recruit and Hankey is a walk on from small town ND, which I don't think Entz gives two craps about playing North Dakota kids anymore.
  5. Also, noticed they pulled the Hankey kid at MLB when he was not hurt and brought a backup in. That shouts panic to me.....
  6. That's my main thought. We aren't even skipping a beat there. I don't know if King is just a solid coach/recruiter, but that group is young and impressive......
  7. That and more. They legit talk about the guys who graduated. EVERY TEAM HAS PLAYERS GRADUATE. Then, they proceed to complain about guys like Cofield and Cox, who transferred. THAT MEANS THEY WOULD RATHER BE SOMEWHERE ELSE THAN THE HOLY LAND OF FARGO. My take on it, your coaches and players got comfortable, assumed your players are better than they are and now, you get what you get and get stomped by SIU.
  8. Snooped in on the Sunday Night Bizon Chat hosted by Izzo and McFeeley. Interesting to say the least. Excuses were flying and heads were being called for. The one comment that stuck out to me is how the reason UND looks good right now is that they didn't lose anything. I mean I get it NDSU lost some dudes, but isn't a programs job to always be prepared for losing dudes and, as for guys leaving for the draft or transfering, no one made them do that..........
  9. I would agree with you. UND's offense tends to break a lot of tendencies by moving players around on the field.
  10. Very good point. Plus, all the kids that choose to go play Juniors in other states! I do think that in the end it's the amount of time the East (Grand Forks specifically) focuses on hockey. Correct me if I am wrong, do many of these hockey players play anything else but maybe tennis or golf? No knock on those sports, but one has to wonder if those kids chose to play football, would GF football be more competitive?
  11. They don't prioritize hockey. It's like football, wrestling, or basketball in Grand Forks.......
  12. Thought the spread would be a little bigger than 7.5, but Vegas knows what their doing. That shows me people are already thinking the Hawks can compete in the MVFC, considering, after NDSU, SDSU is traditionally the second "powerhouse" in this conference. I completely agree with geaux_sioux. Looked like we were weak against quick game at times and, in my mind, I need to see us stop the run more than one game in a row to say that issue from last year is fixed.
  13. Good point, but remember UND is the inferior little brothers to the mighty NDSU. It is kinda funny how the one true freshman that opened eyes had a Dad play for NDSU and they didn't land him.........interesting.
  14. We have those, just in a different sport. In fact, I believe a good amount of them cheer for Bizon football. I'm not denying that fact that people love a winner.
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