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  1. Guarentee they are still pissed off about not getting Klein and Bellquist.
  2. I agree with this. In my opinion, Vaughn and Mitchell have the best chance offensively to get their shirts pulled, due to those being two spots we are somewhat lacking depth. The only thing with Mitchell is he may be very similar Skokna, which isn't a bad thing, but would allow the staff to keep him at or under 4 games. I don't see any wide receivers having their shirts pulled. They were able to keep Cochran and Zavalney another year by not red shirting them and I believe they will end up playing a good amount with Maag and Boltman next season. Defensively, I would say Agyekum has a decent shot to not redshirt. His hips are quick enough to play D1 football already and well you can never have enough DBs.
  3. As much as I enjoy when UND is at the top of these lists, they are hard to put a ton of stock into. Remember, one of the highest profile recruits UND has brought in the last five years was Zeke Ott and well as unfortunate as it was, it didn't pan out. You can never truly know who will flop, get hurt, or transfer.
  4. All in all, I think in the end they will bring in a JUCO or Grad Transfer to be the starter. If that isn't the case, even though they are young, it still isn't a terrible situation. Competition is always a good thing and there hasn't always been a ton of competition at that position in the past.
  5. They also won two games they maybe shouldn't have this year and almost beat a Weber team on the road they shouldn't have came close to......
  6. Ya I am far from an NDSU fan, but I don't think the MWC is something NDSU wants a part of. That conference has really lost some clout if you ask me. Boise is your top dog and they are no where near the current FBS playoff format. This maybe gets NDSU some intriguing non-conference games and a gator bowl yearly, but that's not what Bison fans want. Let's also remember, there are more sports than football that would have to more over......
  7. In my mind, it really doesn't make sense for NDSU to move up to any conference, but the BIG10 and they know that. They also know that competing in the BIG10 would be incredibly difficult for them in all aspects of the move. I do see the argument for the MWC, but at the same time, even if they dominated that conference, which they possibly could, the ceiling there is low and they would never be National Champions ever again.
  8. When you put something out there like best "QB Coach in the Country" it is pretty black and white. If he isn't the top guy I would want on my staff to coach lead the QBs, he is not, in my opinion, the best in the country.
  9. His QBs have without a doubt been the best in the FCS. There is no argument about that. I think we often forget there are 130 FBS out there that have some legit coaches. I know I know "BuT tHe BiZoN bEaT fBs TeAmS", I still believe if he was that great of a QB whisperer he would be in the FBS or the NFL.
  10. After he is the HC, once Entz takes a better gig than what he has at NDSU.
  11. If he is the greatest QB coach in the nation, I'm quitting my job and going to coaching QBs I could easily make the top 100 list if he is #1!
  12. Well I am just saying click on your profile and go look at every single one of your comments. Literally every comment you post is negative. When was the last time you said anything positive about UND football?
  13. My opinion: Dosch is old. We talk about how being able to recruit plays a huge factor in this, well kids these days want to play for "cool" young coaches. Bubba knows he is the old "old" dude on staff and that his best days are behind him. He needs to set the program up for what he thinks will help most in the future, regardless of past experience at times.
  14. Why would you cheer for a team you literally have nothing positive to say about? That's like being a Browns fan because you know it will piss you off and bring negativity into your life. Unless you played for UND or have a child on the current squad, I highly suggest you find a new team to follow because there is a very slim chance this team ever lives up to your expectations.
  15. My initial though is here is where you plug in someone with FBS type experience. Similar to what we got with Pawlak (who is a great coach) we look to find someone who has been hanging around FBS programs in some coaching aspect and maybe even played for one.
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