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  1. FlinFlan80


    I went last week and it was still really high, I would assume by the end of the week it will be easier to fish. I tried the South End by Adams Farm and there were a couple people fishing it, so maybe that is a spot to go back to as well.
  2. FlinFlan80


    Well hey I appreciate it regardless!
  3. FlinFlan80


    Awesome. I will test this out this week. Looks like my kind of place. Thank you. Would this be near Riverside Park?
  4. FlinFlan80


    Any piers in GF Like that? Would love somewhere to go for an hour or so after work and just cast away.
  5. FlinFlan80


    New to the GF area. Wondering where to fish the RR from shore?
  6. Nah man go look at all your post. You sh*t green and gold just like the rest of em.
  7. I'm with ya here 100%. I've heard from numerous people like 10-12 that he is not the type of person you want leading a program. Always feel for someone when they lose their job, but remember he is getting $80k as a parting gift and that is more than most make in a year.....
  8. My guess would be zero. I would guess those girls are ready for a change of scenery and most of them came for the school, chance to play D1, and overall feel for the school. I would be shocked if any of their number one reason to come to UND was Brew.
  9. I've heard numerous times that Brew was very tough to play for and not incredibly gracious towards his players. I'm far from a "everyone gets a metal" advocate, but in this day in agree athletes don't respond to getting ripped apart time and time again. Eyes were opened when Freidge left and I bet she doesn't feel too bad for the guy.....
  10. That is very true. Look at SDSU getting seeded this year......Anyone who watched them after their QB went did could tell you they weren't a complete team BUT they played in the MVFC
  11. I've said it for years. Top to Bottom the Big Sky is just as good if not better......look at the bottom teams in the MVFC they are far from solid......
  12. Agreed, as much as I like our current staff, I don't love the timing of this.
  13. In my mind it's the only thing that makes sense if he really wants to boost the draft stock. I think overall he is stupid for leaving with the amount of risk, but if he truly wants to prove himself go show you can stand out with the best.
  14. I'd make a venmo bet with anyone on here that he goes SEC.......
  15. So you did an internship and that still wasn't enough to get you a decent job? Sorry about that. In my mind, when you are "calling for someone's head", as you are, you are questioning his "work ethic, livelihood and well-being". I would say if you approved of the three previous in Bubba and his staff you wouldn't want them canned. They took over a program going no where and now it is going somewhere. I like where it is going and that's my opinion. I'm glad you have an opinion, but I tend to disagree and believe comparing a sport of football to a business in unrealistic.
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