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  1. Interesting read on UM situation in regards Penn State... http://missoulian.com/news/local/article_c2f89422-d534-11e1-815a-001a4bcf887a.html#.UA4Qzqaoblk.twitter probably fits here due to the potential implications on the conferences...
  2. Is this similar to when the Univeristy of Iowa painted the visitors locker room pink?
  3. Trying to get actual information is getting tougher all the time. These websites were offered on here to educate voters: speakupforyourlibrary.com or http://sayanythingbl.../tag/gflibrary/ Both are terrible sources of information. Bill O'Reilly or Rachel Maddow. All opinion. To get any information, you need to read between the lines. I guess this is why teachers were so disapproving of internet sources.
  4. So this is where the monthly phone calls for donations will be coming from?
  5. Just because it happens after everyone has gone to bed, it doesn't make the Toews goal any less special. Hope you all see the highlights with your morning coffee. He beats two canuck defenders while shorthanded and down one with less than three minutes to go in the third period. Eventually it gets back to him while on his belly and shovels it 5-hole!!!!
  6. Is it the building that is the problem? Is it no longer a sound structure? I'm not a frequent library go-er, but I used it frequently about five years ago. It's old and drab, but I don't know that that is worth building an entirely new facility...but I'd like more info.
  7. I'll be outside bartering with the scalpers at game time on Saturday. Fourth Frozen Four. Fourth time's a charm...
  8. Not doubting, but link to a source? Also: YES!
  9. This guy is a prime example of why you are able to ignore certain people's posts...
  10. Somebody started it by bringing up Bisonville. The creator of the thread had no ill will. It was brought up and instantly you appear. Its nice to have intelligent thoughts from people outside of UND fans, but until you start bringing intelligent thoughts to the spectrum, I'm not interested. All you do is bring up controversial topics and detract from the topics at hand. No thanks.
  11. Well said. They have both screwed up their futures we don't need to debate this any further. As for CAS1427 saying that this Bison player didn't end his career with this incident...his career as a ball player were over when he went to NDSU. Stay the heck out of here, dbag.
  12. This has far less to do with the NC$$ and ESPN having control of the bowl games, though the FOX Netowrk has controlled the BCS Bowl games for the last four years (the good ones from back in the day and this particular game), than it does the fact that UConn is a basketball school from with a decent football team in a bad conference that was guaranteed a BCS birth. They would not continue to create new bowl games (added TicketCity Bowl and Pinstripe Bowl in 2010) if they weren't making money. They were selected to play in the Fiesta Bowl. The Fiesta Bowl got Oklahoma because they get the winner of the Big 12 every year, providing that they aren't #1 or #2 and playing in the title game. The Fiesta bowl this year got the last pick of the at-large picks. They were stuck with Connecticut, as they won the final BCS Conference. Connecticut fans had to travel to Arizona to watch their team play while being a 17 point underdog. That is quite a long way to go to watch their team get destroyed. Its like Mich Tech fans coming to UND. They sold 2,000 tickets while they averaged more than 35,000 tickets at home this season. The night before, their men's basketball team was also playing their first home conference game the night before. If UND was playing in the Independence Bowl how many people would go to that instead of a home hockey game agains Mankato? The attendance at the game was 67,232 (93% capacity). Of the 35 games, 9 were sellouts. 6 were less than 2/3 capacity. In the end, they need to examine their collective bargaining agreement with their conference. The Big East got in the neighborhood of $18 million for the appearance.
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