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  1. According to Jason Hajdu, Chay has signed with the Minnesota Wild. Good luck to the captain!
  2. Just read on areavoices that Hennessey is not and will not be in St. Paul for this weekend due to health concerns. Best wishes Tim, we are all hoping everything is alright, and you have a speedy recovery.
  3. Just throwing in my take: all teams have obnoxious fans. Because of the overall number of Sioux fans, we have more obnoxious fans that most - if not all - teams in college hockey. Lets not start threads bashing every other school's fans because their threads about our fans could and would be a lot longer, containing terrible stories of drunken idiots. Having said that, go Sioux.
  4. Here is the link to the National Marrow Donor Program
  5. These guys are a good team. The game they played against CC was very impressive. They played a balanced game where they brought it for 60 minutes. The only thing I am hoping for is this: TV timeouts don't hurt the Sioux's depth. Michigan's top 2 lines are solid, but beyond that, they cannot compete with our 3rd and 4th lines. If TV timeouts stretch the game, they will be able to rest their top 2 lines and keep them out as long as possible. If the game is close after 2 periods, the Sioux's depth and balance will bury Michigan in the 3rd. In their press conference following the CC win, someone s
  6. If you are referring to the KFAN/Kristo thread, yes I did. My initial post made clear that I didn't want to start a "lets bash-someone" thread. I tried to lock it so no one could comment on it, but couldn't. If you have a problem with me taking that down, you are welcome to your opinion.
  7. I understand the point of the post; I was just presenting a counter-argument. For the record, I agree with you; I would take Hak over any coach in the nation.
  8. The obvious thing that was ignored is the most important stat: national championships. Lets hope that all changes in 10 days
  9. This could be done with a picture of UMD's logo, but it would be funnier if it were Goldy: Picture of Goldy with caption: Minnesota: Land of 10,000 Excuses
  10. Not to be a stickler, but if you are going to offer "advice" it is wise to spell names correctly. It is FRATTIN (with an "I") not FRATTEN (win an "E"). Otherwise, fair assessment
  11. Have a hockey tournament Saturday
  12. I was just going to post this as well. They also seem like a special bunch of guys. Makes us all remember how much we take for granted
  13. Three seats for the entire weekend, Section 308, Row M, Seats 12, 13, and 14. Tickets are in Grand Forks; call or text at 701-340-6005
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