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  1. Thank you very much...had no idea that site even existed!
  2. I know their is probably a thread on here already about people getting together to watch Sioux games, but I can't find it. I was wanting to know if there are any other Sioux faithful that live in the DFW area that get together and watch the games at a bar or whatever? Thanks
  3. Agreed. Before Ranger games they make sure to throw in the announcement "Welcome to Madison Square Garden, the most famous arena in the world."
  4. YES! Or the new Devils arena in downtown Newark. you wouldn't believe it unless you've been there, but that area is a sweet venue and has some great places to get tuned up! Should be a few years before they actually run it down again and lay claim to some sort of crime capital of the nation. The only main problem is that you are once again in Hockey East country and that absolutely sucks! By the way, Nashville would be pretty sweet too.
  5. I think the point that your reply was geared towards indicates that with less people having to fork out cash for airfare, you are more likely to see a bigger draw. Especially when you figure in the lack of college hockey anywhere remotely near Tampa. I realize that almost every college now has club hockey programs (they generally do not draw more than friends and family at the games) but if you place the F4 smack-dab (technical term) in the middle of college hockey heartland, you will see fans from more than the teams that make the F4; especially since you must buy your tix so far in advance! Don't get me wrong I, I would love to go see a Sioux game and then hit the links or vice versa, but the NC$$ has screwed it up once again!
  6. Whoever is saying that they don't want Big Joe around for another year is insane! With his size and potential to lead a young defensive crew, are you kidding me? Washington can't wait for Joe to leave UND and we have people pushing him out the door? Get real people! Professional scouts know talent and don't recommend guys being drafted for no reason (well except for Mike Piazza, but that turned out pretty good). Bottom line is if we hate to see our guys leave for the big money contracts; we need to embrace those that make the dedication to stay! I don't know what kind of character guy Joe is in the locker room, but I have read several articles or heard word of mouth stories about Joe going out of his way to sign a stick for an ailing fan and to be the first one to take a guy under one of his huge arms and give him a pick me up. Don't be surprised if Joe comes back and is wearing a big "C" (or at least an "A") on his sweater next year! For those of you who want Big Joe to leave, I would like to see you back on here 365 days from now eating crow!
  7. How about Phil Jackson, American Hockey HOFer Serge Gambucci and, the Purpurs?
  8. Good for you. I am so glad that you and the other respondant took in to account everything I said in my original posting! I made my assessment of JPL over his entire career and on trends in not only his play, but the defense as a whole. You guys are talking about two games! Did you just want to come on here and gloat about how fortunate you were to travel to Madison and watch the boys win a regional or what? Please do not make me go back and recount all of the "weak goals" that I made reference to and the other nights when we all sat back and watched the defense have a bad night only to watch JPL not carry us to a victory. If you want a prime example of a guy that can carry a team on a playoff run, and keep in mind that this pains me to no end to say it, but look at Alex Kangas at UM. That guy went on an absolute crime spree to get them through MSU and the Final Five. He (as a freshman netminder) put the Gophers on his back and tried to carry them to Denver....by himself! No Blake Wheeler dramatics required with this kid in the pipes! Like I said, I was not bashing JPL, just pointing out that he was basically an average at best Fighting Sioux goalie. Hell, do you know how many guys would give their left cherry to be an average goalie at UND? Not to mention JPL is a homeotwn boy done good. Nothing better than seeing the GF boys come up through the ranks and make the show. It only opens the door for the kids coming up behind them. By the way, one of my friends was telling me that Colorado is highly interested in bringing JPL in for a look-see. I cannot find a solid reference anywhere to support his claim. Anyone else hear the same?
  9. True, most teams have to wait longer than we traditionally wait for the next run at a national title begins! That's the beauty of Sioux hockey....we start all over again in October!
  10. I wasn't aware of any age restrictions on the NHL draft, but good to know, thanks for the info.
  11. FIRST OF ALL, THIS IS NOT A JPL BASHING, JUST A PERSONAL OBSERVATION. You can throw stats my way all you want, but me being more of an on ice evaluator and a big JPL fan do not believe that he was as good as statistically advertised. I think alot of his success as a netminder were due to solid defensive performances in front of him (of course what goalie doesn't thrive from solid defense?). It is very evident when the defense does not play well that JPL just lacks that little bit extra where he can win a game by himself. They have a saying that you can ride a hot goalie through a playoff run, but in our case I don't think JPL could have done that for us. He was peppered pretty bad Thursday night and was getting zero help in front of the net. Combined with his lack of prototypical size and propensity for some pretty weak goals, this may be the reason why he is still undrafted. Hope this makes sense to those of you with "hockey-sense" and I also hope that this one poor game does not prevent him from at least being drafted this year. On that note, good luck to all of the guys that will be leaving us this spring/summer and thank you for giving us another wonderful second half push!!! AND HAK ISN'T GOING ANYWHERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  12. Just check out You Tube and you will see a few hits from TJ. Most don't look at him as power forward type, but he has the strength to skate through just about anyone, especially guys at this level. Amazing power on skates and wonderful skills to boot. One can only imagine what him and Toews would have done with another year together...dare I say they would have rivaled some of the great duos to ever lace up in college hockey? I DARE!
  13. "Old time hockey....Eddie Shore..." Practice down in Riverside Park where champions cut their teeth on the ice!
  14. This year's bracket is more proof that the NC$$ is all about money over fairness. Three WCHA teams in one region and one in each other region? WTF? This is another blatant attempt to get us to knock ourselves out of the tourney before we reach Denver! The only thing I like about this bracket is the chance to play DU one more time. I would rather it be in the final/frozen four, but if we have to settle for Madison, so be it. Only one thing to do from here on...go out and bring it home boys!
  15. Has anyone seen the new commercial from the NC$$ where they show HC beat the Goofs? "...where David slays Goliath..." I believe that is what the voice over says during that portion of the clip. I for one would love to see us play the Goofs in the Final Five Championship game. UND/UM post-season games never fail to provide for some of the best hockey games you will ever see.
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